Glen learnt everything with such determination and perseverance that it often left her tutors in awe. Mary, one of her guardians, would often say, ”Child, you have to learn to take a break. ”

”I will Mary, I will, just as soon as I finish these. ”Glen answer was always the same. It was as if she had rehearsed it over and over in her brain. She knew that the other girls in these classes thought she was to nerdy and not worth making a friend but it did not matter to her. She was not interested in being friends with children, to her, these courses were a way to redeem her salvaged pride. She would never forget the way those people had laughed and mocked her behind her back. Cinderella Glen, whose fairy God mother did not visit. My God, she could still feel the sting of shame burning through her. And now that she had the chance to learn from the best, she would grab it with both hands. Besides, with all the rush and speed she was going at, maybe just maybe, she could outrun those horrible memories.

This bodys parents had arranged the full load for her, it was a pity that she passed away to soon. Maybe the family of three would reunite. That was the only comfort she could give herself. She had to learn everything, from how to dress, carry a conversation, how to manage her assets, art appreciation etc. it was like they were being groomed to be society wives. But Glen did not care what the purpose of it was, it was not like she would be getting married ever. She had been there, done that and had the wounds to prove it.

By her sixteenth birthday, Glen had finished everything there was to learn in that school and that was how she got in touch with the institute. As she grew older, her previous life memories began to be more and more clear. The pain was too much and the daily nightmares were of no help. Mary got concerned and booked her an appointment with a psychologist. At first, the would sit for long hours and Glen would not utter a word. She was not stupid, how could she tell this man she was reborn. But with time, the memories became more and more frequent, little things would set her off in tears, the desperation got to her and she told the doctor that she had started having glimpses of a past life from her dreams. She told him everything in the hope that somehow she would find a salve or consolation.

After a few months of visiting the doctor, the psychologist got in touch with the institute and a volunteer position was offered to her. It was with the thought that she would be able to heal by being around these children. It was the institute that showed her that light of hope. That salvation was possible for a damned soul as hers.

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