pensation enough to spend several lifetimes over as in dying her parents had secured a high resource mineral vein for the federation and had left all their belongings to their only child. Her parents had been pathfinders whose work was to find resources across the galaxy and sell them to the government. As Glenda came into contact with this new world she marveled at how intelligent these aliens were. At first she thought she had gone to the future but as she got in touch with the history of the worlds in this galaxy she realized that she had come to a completely alien world. There was no connection with blue star humans apart from both being carbon beings and having similar evolution processes. It seemed that this place was eons of time ahead of blue star.

The technology was so advanced that one could implant intelligent systems into their own brain, of course this was all very expensive and only a privileged select had such access. It seemed class distinction existed everywhere. For the next ten years, Glenda kept to herself as she grew and followed all the instructions her parents had left to her guardians. It was really no hardship for her as she was not a child and learning what her parents had arranged for her kept her from thinking of the mistakes of her last life. In this way she learnt all the feminine courses arranged for her by her parents.

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