ices you can have in the system mall.]

What is the system mall?

[Let me introduce you to everything at your disposal]

Immediately, a screen lit up in front of Glen. It had two buttons from left to right written, mall and space.

[The mall is for purchase of any items using karma points, sometimes there are discounts on offer, I will of course inform you. The space is for storage of things only provided by the system and has a body nourishing spring that is good for you and the baby.]

Is there anything that I can use for my grandma, she has had two strokes in three years. Glen asked full of anxiety and expectations.

[This mall is mainly aimed at mothers and babies, but sometimes, there are surprises, I will keep out a lookout for you. Host, please enter the system space]

Glen was a bit disappointed, but she soon cheered up, there was always a chance right. At least there was hope. So she pressed the space button. And entered into a completely new world. The space was not endless, just the size of one hectare, it had a glass sunroom, full of nice smelling flowers inside and 10 unknown fruits on a tree tree outside. And a warm spring near the sunroom. The rest were just large warehouses used for storage of things bought in the mall.

What are the strange fruits on the tree for?

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