Glenda walked into the institute and a wave of peace washed over her. It always gave her peace to be here more than anywhere else in the galaxy. Funny how far she had come since those days eons ago. She still woke up gripped by pain and terror at what she had lost, but coming to the institute daily was like a balm to my wound. Although the wound in her heart still festered but somehow working in the childrens institute was glimpsing salvation for her desolate soul. She could never be able to forgive herself for what had happened, even death had not given her rest. But in dying she had found herself reborn in this world as an orphan.

It was a completely different world from the one she came from. It was a great shock when she woke up and found herself in the body of a six year old orphan on this planet called Oria, whose parents had just died fighting for the galactic federation army in distant planets. The shock of finding herself in a world which seemed completely different to blue star not only in terms of technology but also in the genetic makeup of carbon beings here was enough to keep her in numbed shock. This was of course mistaken for grief by the guardians who were put in charge of her until Glenda came of age at twenty one years old.

Because Glendas parents had been martyrs for the galactic federation, she would receive a huge sum of com

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