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Two figures sit quietly eating at one of the schools farthest gazebos. Both were preoccupied with their food and didn say much. They only slowed down when the food was running out and they were about to finish. Despite the fact that both are seated, one can tell the difference in height. Zhang Wang Lei cast a glance at Li Shiyu, who was busy munching on every dish on the table; when he first saw the teenager, he almost mistook him for the scary security guard he remembered if Li Shiyu didn call him.

The other is tall, nearly six feet tall, and quite chubby. In his last life, he met people who has the same build as him, they were usually scary looking but has a heart of a teddy bear. Li Shiyu looked up to him, swallowing his food before speaking,

”Hey, you know… ” Zhang Wang Lei tilt his head a bit and asks, ”What? ” Li Shiyu grinned and moved near which made him move back, this action caused Li Shiyu to roll his eyes but still spoke with an intriguing look. ”The exchange students are coming today! I heard there are 4 of them. ”

This made him blink, thats it? He thought Li Shiyu was going to share some scandal or gossip to him. ”3 actually. ” He said, correcting Li Shiyu.

”All of them are for— wait, you knew? ”

Zhang Wang munched his food and swallowed it before speaking again. ”Yeah. Who doesn ? The whole school is literally announcing it. ”

”Ah, well, Im just saying. Heard there are 2 girls and 1 boy! ” Zhang Wang Lei scrutinized him. Is this a normal reaction? From the bodys memories, this is not the first time the school hosted an exchange program. The reaction from the exchange students news before was pretty mild, but now, it feels like a child seeing a monkey for the first time.

”I know. Im not like you, just finish up. The class will start at 7:30, I don want to be late! President said Ms. Wang is on leave and the substitute is Sir Pang! ” Zhang Wang Leis sentence earned him a gaze of pity from Li Shiyu. Li Shiyu pats his shoulders like offering condolence, ”Oh shit. You
e done, bro. You
e done. ”

”Yeah, so hurry up. ”

Zhang Wang Lei only glared at him, Hurrying him up. He has to arrive 5 minutes earlier or else, say bye-bye to his merits. Sir Pang or Pang Lu is a very notorious teacher in school. Hes old and already in his late years.

He was notorious for using corporal punishment before it got abolished for the seniors and notorious for deducting 5 merit points every minute you are late in the latter generation. Hes also one of the strictest teachers inside or outside the room, so its not shocking that many students fear and avoid him.

Li Shiyu ate as if ten horses were chasing him. Pieces fly everywhere, and he devours the food in less than a minute before standing up. ”Arm dwone hurry yup! Yow so wunlucky! ” Bits of munched food flew to Zhang Wang Lei, who exclaimed and stared at the other. ”Damn, eat first and don shower me with your saliva! ”

Zhang Wang Lei grimaced before walking away. What a pig. He looks around and watches as students pass him by, they
e either by pairs or by group, people walking alone is rare.

”I told you! That exchange student is sooo handsome! I felt my legs getting wobbly… ”

”Uhuh, I heard theres a TRH! (Tall, rich and handsome) Ugh, theres even a Bai Fumei! (Pretty white rich lady). ”

”I hope they
e in my class… ”

Wow, the topics pretty hot,

I turned my head away, he have no time to gossip. He glanced at his phone and checked the time.


Theres still time but unfortunately, his main classroom is on the next buildings fourth floor. Who raised the idea of them eating at the gazebo? Ill strangl—wait, its him. Fudge. ”Hey! Wait up! Wait this father, you unfilial son! ” He looks back and saw Li Shiyu running after him with a playful look. He chuckled and shook his head, playing along with him.

”Whos your son, you pig! ”

”Keuhuk! Unfilial son! ”

He stops and grimaces as Shiyu reenacts a person spitting blood. (Ls)His eyebrows furrowing and his face contorting while holding his chest and dramatically falling to the ground. Sighing exasperatedly, (ZWL) faced Li Shiyu and squatted in front of him.

”ah, father! Please look at this, this is my compensation for you! ”

Zhang Wang Lei showed him his right fist. Using his left hand that is moving like opening a jack-in-the-box. His index finger slowly rose. Zhang Wang Lei slapped his middle finger on Li Shiyu while laughing.

”Do you like my gift? Hahahahaha! ” He spun around and dashed towards the stairwell. As if he were a ninja, he dashed down the stairwell, avoiding the students. He was about to hit someone because of his speed and trajectory, and he couldn stop right away.

”Ugh! ”

”Oh shit! ”

His hand pulls the person in closer, causing them to stumble. He rapidly assessed his surroundings and turned his body around to avoid falling down the stairs.

The two breathed rapidly their hearts beating hard and fast. Thats so close! One wrong move and they would fall down! Zhang Wang Lei sighed in relief. He just died and almost died again! He wouldn run again on the stairs ever! ”Fuck, Im sorry! Oh god, Allah, buddha! Im so sorry! ”

”Y-yeah…Horses…I thought I was going to fall, ”

He looked at the unlucky person who almost died with him. It was a man. He has a square face and sharp jaw but he has soft features, soft upturned black eyes, a small refined nose, and pale bow-shaped lips. Strangely, his features and structures fit like a puzzle. He feels…

[Ding! Quest complete: Meet the protagonist. Please refer to the gallery for the rewards.]

What? what quest? When did he have a quest?! And this guy…

”…protagonist? ”

”Ha? ”

[Ding! 2nd Quest: Befriend the protagonist! Rewards: I saw it, I copy it skill 1x, lets cry drops 1x]

A quest to befriend the protagonist? What the **? Zhang Wang Lei slowly moved his head to stare at the confused young man in his arms. ”….ah, lets be friends? ”

Protagonist: ???

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