”Jiejie? lets eat breakfast first, don sleep with an empty stomach, ”

Zhang Wang Lei loudly knocked at his sisters door, he needs to do it since hes sure that his sister is dead asleep. Sighing he decided to just barge in. Yanking the unlock door open, which his sister probably forgot to do, he took a deep breath before shouting loudly;

”Hey! Wake up! I know you
e tired but I don care…joke! Stand up, put some food in your stomach. Your ulcer will flare up and mom will nag me about it! Im going to pour boiled water to you! Stand up or I will drag you out! ”

He shaked his sisters hard and slightly bounced on the bed. ”Dare….do it… ” A small, hoarse voice came out from the rolled blanket. Zhang Wang Lei smirked, you think I wouldn do it?

He crawled around the bed looking for her foot. ”Okay, you think I wouldn dare to do it? ”

Grasping the cold feet, he dragged her out of the bed using half of his strength. Because of this his sister fell from the bed with a loud bang.

Zhang Mi remains unresponsive for a few seconds before reacting, ”Ugh!…ZHANG!WANG!LEI! You asshole! Im gonna rip you to shreds! ”

Feeling his sisters anger, Zhang Wang Lei decisively ran to the kitchen laughing at his sisters angry face. ”What?! You said go do it! Now you
e getting angry at me? Im just following you!! Hehe… ”

He smiled and sat on his seat. Hes gonna start eating and dash after so his sister will wash the dishes. Zhang Wang Lei can help but think of some memories of the past, Shes like Gaby…both sleepyhead and has an ulcer. Munching the food, he can help but praised himself.

”Mm…Im really a good cook. The eggs a little bit salty but its fine. ”

Zhang Wang Lei continued to eat until he saw his sister marching to the table. Gobbling the food hurriedly, he drank the water and milk in a few gulps. Smiling as he put the dishes to the sink and ran to his room. ”Jiejie, you wash the dishes! Ill be going to school, love you! ”

He brushes his teeth and washed his face. After that he took his bag and went out. ”Ah, drink your medicine. Mom will nag for sure. ” He said loudly while putting on his shoes. Standing up, he examined himself in the big square mirror in the wall. He looks good. Zhang Wang Lei thinks that if he adjusts his hairstyle, his appearance will surely give out a different vibe.

”Ah, Xiao Lei! Buy some paper towels before going home. ” Hearing that, Zhang Wang Lei frowned. ”Why me? Do it yourself, the store is just a minute walk away. ” He said focusing on his hairstyle again, but hell still buy it later anyway.

With his hairstyle combed to the left, he looks like a School President stereotype. If he ruffles it a bit and combes it backwards, hell look like a gangster. ”Ha…why the hell does my face look like this? Before I wished to have an angular jaw, now that I have it, It seems so wrong… ”

Sighing, he opened his bag and took out a bottle of cologne. Softly spraying it to his neck, wrist and chest. He stopped spraying when hes satisfied. Zhang Wang Lei sniffed himself, nodding as he smell the fragrant smell from his body.

Zhang Wang Lei opened the door and reached out to the left upper frame of the door for his set of keys. The movements are swift and natural, he closed the door and sauntered to the elevator. He hurriedly entered the elevator and was pushing the floor button when he remembered something.

Hey, do I have friends? I mean Zhang Wang Lei?

[Yes. I told you to check his memory carefully and not just watch it. He has a big circle of friends but only 3 people whos close to him.]

Hm. Should I text them? I now remember, his super close friend is a student in the next class right?

He took out his phone from his bag and opened it. He opened his inbox and texted his friend. Zhang Wang Lei paused for a second, thinking about what way he should text the other, casual? formal? with or without an emoji? He gave up thinking and just check the previous conversation to mimic how the original chat. Examining it, he nodded and typed a message.

ZWL: Oi Where are you?

He didn expect an immediate answer, Zhang Wang Lei hoped he manage to sound like the original owner, So he was about to put it in his bag when it vibrated; It was from the friend that he messaged, Li Shiyu.

LS: home, why are u absent last Thurs and yesterday? I went to your classroom but you
e not there. I Can contact you

The elevator dinged. Zhang Wang Lei glanced up before looking at his phone again, walking out of the elevator while typing.

ZWS: Headache I stayed at the clinic, Jiejie insisted for me to stay home for a day. Confiscated my phone. Did you have breakfast yet?

LS: Not yet. I took a run and went home, i was about to cook

ZWS: Lets eat together, Im still hungry

LS: Should I bring food or just buy?

ZWS: Bring

LS: k

The conversation ended and he put it back in his bag. He solemnly rubbed his tummy, thinking how hes still hungry. As he exits the building, he realizes something. Which bus does he need to ride? Should he go back and asks his sister? or text Li Shiyu? Wait, he should just ask Bella.

”Bella, what bus number do I need to ride to school? ” Zhang Wang Lei asks in a low voice while walking to the Bus stop. He almost trips and fell when he heard Bella snicker and snort, for all he knows, those two actions don mean any good thing about him. Bellas probably insulting him. But why? hes not doing anything!

[Host, please review the original memories carefully. Carefully.] Oh, right…he should do that. Reviewing the memories…carefully.


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