[You are Zhang Wang Lei, 16 years old, a 2nd-year senior high school student. You are currently in a novel world, called My Lost Moonlight. You are stationed in the third episode where the protagonist and the female lead will meet. The protagonist is an exchange student from the sister school abroad. His name is Charles Evan and hell be your classmate.]

Aliyah nodded and continued eating the sunflower seeds she found in her pocket earlier. She just recovered from the transfer of memories, it hurts a lot. She grumbled earlier about how there was no warning about the transfer, it really shocked her and now shes kind of scared to receive memories again. So, so the story is already in the 3rd chapter…wait! Bella said something about the mc and FL meeting shouldn she stop it?

[No. Their meeting is inevitable, you cannot stop it, or at least not now. You just have to make sure that they will not be together and develop a deep bond. As this is your trial world, the plot is not something complicated so, Im expecting you to achieve it.]

”Okay if you say so. Anyway, I want to know the plot and the reason for the match breaker, if theres any. Wait, how would I know if I completed the mission? ”

She requested, adjusting her position in a more comfortable posture which is to lean on the headboard with a pillow on her back.

[I can state the plot but the reason…I cannot. You don have enough authority to assess this level of question. You need to level up first and upgrade your authority, even if I know it and share it with you, it will be automatically censored or erased from your memory….but I can give you a vague idea about it.]

Wow, thats harsh? She shrugged. Aliyah actually pretty much guessed it, she reads countless manhwa, webtoon, manhua and novels, its a common trope for the system to be quite strict and mysterious—aye! Speaking of system tropes, can the system act like a spicy system?

”Bella, do you ha— ”

[I won . Please be aware that the system you are familiar with and this system is different. I can say that we are not from the same agency or motherboard. Do you still want the plot?]

Ow? Hahaha…Aliyah pouted and nodded. So, Bella belongs to the category of professional and ethical system, hmmm…thats good right? But most of this type are tsundere…. And Bella can read her mind??


[This is a Teenage love story. The story started from their first high school meeting until their adulthood. Charles and the female lead, Lin Hua met as an exchange student and as the 2nd year representative. Lin Hua is tasked to take care of 3 exchange students, Charles is one of them.

Simplifying, they start as strangers to clubmates and then become club partners because of it. Slowly become friends to best friends. Just so you know, it was Charles who caught feelings first. They got together in their third year of college. Broke up on their 4th anniversary and parted ways. Met again when they become successful, challenges again, and so on. In the end, they end up together. Clue for the reason; One of them woke up their awareness.]

Aliyah bit her lip, thats shorter and more simplified than she expected and the reason, is it that bad? And a Novel world? What does that mean?

[It is what is. Novels, books mostly myths and legends are records of history from a specific point of view. Most don realize it but even you might be living in a novel world. Lets say that the novels or stories that people write have a high chance that its a history or memory being transmitted.]

”Thats confusing and enlighting at the same time… ” Does that mean, that she already has a story written out there and many people are reading it? Thats….cool and terrifying at the same time.

”Hm, Okay…Wait, should I volunteer for the tour and stuff for the exchange student? I mean this bo— ” Aliyah shut her mouth when she saw the curtain being opened. Her heart pounding so hard that she can imagine it ramming in her ribcage.

”Student, are you okay? Is there a student with you? Tell them to leave you and go back to class if they
e not sick. ”

When the nurse opened the curtain and saw that the patient was alone, she was about to preach to the other student. What? Who is he speaking to? Suspicious, she searched the area for a possible cutting class student but found none. Furthermore, this student is the clinics sole patient.

”Ah..hehe. Sorry if I startled you Nurse, I was just talking to myself, as I always do… ”

”Is that so? Okay…rest for a while then drink this pill so you can go back to class. ”

Aliyah nodded and took the pill. Saying a few words to coax the nurse. Seeing her reluctantly leave, she heaved a sigh of relief. ”Thats close, ” She almost peed.

[ You can speak with me in your head.]



Woah! Cool

[You should rest first and go home.]

Aliyah nodded and lay down. Shes going to sleep, she really doesn want to go back to class. Wait, she got up and drank the pill first before laying down again. Now, lets rest and sleep.


”Student, student, student…wake up, the day is over…student… ” Aliyah was shaken until she felt her consciousness return. She sat up groggily and stared dazedly at the person beside her. ”Student, the day is done; go home and rest; you
e still a little warm; take this pill and go home. ”

Holding the pill in her hand, she went down and stood up, blankly looking at the things in her hand then took her black bag to the edge of the bed. ”Go. The school is closing already, Get better. ” She needs to walk…

Aliyah walked down the empty corridor like a zombie, nodding blankly. Her brain is still hazy and up in space right now, and her body is only moving based on muscle memory.

When she comes in a daze, shes already standing in a line and has no idea why. She looks around, perplexed, and realizes shes in a bus stop. What brought her here? Was she not sleeping? Did she, in fact, sleepwalk?

Again, deep in her thoughts, her body moves on its own and rides the bus. Shes already sitting in the middle part, where is she going? What the heck? Why is her body moving on its own?

[Its muscle memory whos unconsciously doing that. Your mind is just not present. This is the daily routine of the body owner, so don be surprised.]

Wow, she did that? Amazing.

Before she knew it, she was pressing the stop button and preparing to exit. Seeing this, she went along and got down decisively. Her feet pull her into a luxurious apartment. Wow, is he wealthy (ZWL)? This apartment looks upclass, she exclaimed as she walked down the expensive-looking hallway.

[He belongs to an upper-middle-class family so don be surprised. His father owns a restaurant and some franchises. Don worry, you are living alone for now. Zhang Wang Lei lives with his sister but shes at work from 16:00 – 4:00.]

Oohhh, won she notice some changes? I mean based on some glimpses, they
e pretty close, no.

[Then don act OOC, although we
e not prohibiting you from going OOC, we discourage it. More trouble will come and youll suffer.]

Aliyah tapped the card in the elevator then boarded it. The buildings quite strict. Tapping her card again, the elevator automatically presses the floor to her card belongs to. She sighed and looked at her reflection. This is the first time shell be seeing her appearance.

Whew, shes pretty tall. In her previous life, she was considered tall. Aliyahs 179 cm and had a physically fit body despite all the stress and frustrations from college life. Aliyahs current body is probably—ah, wait she remembers, Zhang Wang Lei recently took his BMI for physical education. Hes 185 cm and weighs 61 kg.

In all fairness, Zhang Wang Lei is quite a looker. Hes not the type of handsome wholl shock and leave you amazed but the type who you will constantly look after one glance. He has this certain type of charm that will attract you.

”His hair is really black, wow! He has hazel eyes, I used to lament why I don have these eyes…its pretty. Is this what heart-shaped lips are? My lips are thin on the upper, and plump on the bottom. Its naturally rosy? Dang… ”

She continued to admire her current appearance until the elevator dinged and the door opened. She stepped out and let her feet do the magic. Aliyah passes by four doors and stops at the second to the last door.

[You should start referring to yourself as Zhang Wang Lei to avoid problems.]

Inserting the key and twisting the knob, she opened the door and entered. A warm and cozy condo greeted her. The place shows signs of two people using it. Two slippers, two types of clothes and products. She sighed. Looks like the sister already went to work.

”Well…made sense. I should do that…but its pretty uncomfy ha…i think i should practice a bit? ”

Removing her shoes, she put them on the shoebox and swapped them with the gray home slippers. Aliyah entered the place and went straight to the couch. Slamming herself down. Staring at the ceiling, she bit her lips. Its pretty overwhelming. She died, got transmigrated, and is now a man.

”This is going to be quite hard. I should get used to it…Bella said that the first world is easy, right.. ”

Because from now on, Shes not Aliyah Jasmine Quinto but Zhang Wang lei, a second-year senior high school student. A passerby in a novel that needs to break the couple apart.


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