QTS: Match breaker System!

First world is easy,

”Prepare for a surprise quiz! ”

A middle-aged womans stern voice spoke as she walked straight to her table. She frowns when no one answers her while she is busy looking at her logbook. Looking up, a class of boys and girls in their own world greets her, as if her presence is nothing more than a random object.

She took her long wooden ruler out of her bag while squinting, then tapped it against her desk. The kids jerked back and took attention of her after the loud bang.

”Go back to your seats! If I count to three and all of you are not in your proper seat, Ill show you what a flying ruler looks like! ”

The students hastily strode to their seats, pulling their seats and taking out their book.

”Hmph! Ill call for an attendance! ”

The loud voice of the middle-aged woman cut Aliyah from her stupor. She focuses her hazy sight on the figure in the center. Where is she?…A school?

”Wu Hebi! ” Ahh…the voice reminds her of her strict teacher back in her second year. The same way of speaking and tone, harsh and strict.

”Qui Qan! ”

”Wei Heilan! ”

A series of presents and names eroded her ears. Her hazy sight slowly regained its clearness. A woman in her late 40s stood in the center, looking in a blue logbook while casually moving her green-colored pen.

She was wearing a peach teacher uniform with a big I.D dangling on her chest. Those black stripe pants are definitely the same as her teacher back in the second year, her box glasses highlighted her thin arched eyebrow.

As her eyesight shot from clear and blurry, a loud strike of a wooden ruler hit her table. Her soul almost left her body in pure shock.

”Mr. Zhang! What are you daydreaming about! Are you deaf? I already called you 5 times! ” Hearing the loud and old voice of the teacher, Aliyah can feel her skull splitting apart. It was so painful she thought she would pass out, shes not speaking figuratively here, she means literally.

Bella whats…ugh!…damn my head..

”Mr. Zhang, care to tell the class the context of your dream? ”

Aliyah can really comprehend what shes saying, shutting her eyes and with a pained expression, she pointed to her head. ”Im sorry, miss…I can understand… ” Aliyah massaged her temple and the back of her head.

Mrs. Chen raised her eyebrows seeing the act of one of her students. Looking at her student closely she can tell hes not acting, aside from that the young man is one of her active students in class and rarely makes a mess.

Aliyah massages her head despite the pain, her head feels like being hammered by three people. She looked up and stared straight into the teachers eye, come on look at me! Im in pain! She thought as she frowned, feeling another wave of pain. Just what is happening?

”Can you stand? Ming Wang, help him and take him to the clinic. Faster, as I still need to teach. Ill write an excuse for you, student Zhang. ”

Ming Wan, Zhang Wang Leis seatmate, nodded and helped him. He slowly lifted him Zhang Wang Lei and balanced him, putting his left arm on his shoulders.

As they exit the room, a series of loud smacks and stern shouts could be heard from the room. Ming Wan silently sighed, he, fortunately, can avoid the impending doom and possibly be excused from the quiz since the clinic is located on the next buildings ground floor while they are on the fourth floor.

Should he slow down a little bit? But this Zhang Wang Lei is heavy. His body looks so thin and scrawny but he actually weigh heavier than he looks.

”Hey, man. Can you walk a bit? I can carry you… ” Ming Wan whispered. Aliyah frowned and tried to walk, albeit his center of balance is off, he managed to walk barely. It took quite a while before they manage to go down.

As they exits the stair and arrived at the ground floor, Ming Wan paused, his eyes squinting at the figures of student coming to his way.

His eyes widen when he saw the familiar face he knew, its the student council! He reflexively want to hide when he saw the student body making rounds but remembered that he was permitted and taking a classmate to the clinic.

”Student, where are you going? ” The female in front, the student president asks. Ming Wans face twitched before nodding and answering her, ”Im sending a classmate to the clinic, uh…can I first.. ”

Seeing the students awkward face, The president, Lin Hua, smiled gesturing to the other student behind her.

”Sheng, can you help them? The guy seems heavy, ” The guy Sheng walked and held the other student, earning a painful groan from the other. Lin Hua and the other bid them, seeing them off with looks.

”Hmm, lets go. I got a text that someones trying to cross the wall, ” Lin Hua spoke as she leads the group to exit the building. She can help but massage her head, her headache is getting worse minute by minute. She needs rest, badly.

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