QTS: Match breaker System!

Bella, The Breaker.

etting blind because of its brightness, Aliyah could feel something urging her to touch the light. A side of her tells her that touching it is the rightest thing she could do.

[ Can you feel the pull? ]

Aliyah dazedly nodded. She wants it…she has to have it…No. Whats happening to her? Why did she want to own that ball?

[Thats the pull. The reason I chose you and the other soul is because of it. The pull means we
e compatible to be bound. You have the qualifications to work with me.]

Aliyah clutches her…wait—shes getting transparent! And a little bit jelly…is she dyi—wait shes already dead.

[Oops. We
e running out of time. Ill speed-run my introduction. I am Bella, the Match breaker system. My purpose is to aid the host to break couples apart. Why? Well, its because of the probability. Probability can be said in simple terms as the Worlds Favor. Enough probability can make you either the main character, side character, female or male lead! Even villains and ness. The task will require you to break the couple who make the worlds probability unbalanced.]

”With that only reason? ” For some reason, Aliyah felt like the voice shook its head and tsk.

[No. My job is to stop a future disaster that can be too impactful on the future of the world. For example, a protagonist can marry this person because their children will bring chaos or be the bearer of a curse. Or them being together will invite a calamity or a disaster.] Aliyah somehow gets it but should she agree? What will she get if she agrees to it? Breaking a couple isn that the same as being a mistress?! Its a sin! Its bad.

[ Ah ah ah! You
e not going to be a mistress or other woman, well its your choice, The system is not pushing you to be so. What will you get? Something that you desire! Or needed. If you refuse, you can go on to the judgment and see if you will reincarnate. Oh, additional information. Too much probability can destroy the world because the blessings are being monopolized by one or two beings. In this job, you can be a man or woman! Or anything! Isn that amazing? Its one of the fujoshi grandest fantasies! ]

Shes a fujoshi, thats tested and proven. But there are things that are better to remain in fantasy! …Is it true she could be a man? She will have a lighsa—Stop! No..no…no…y..yes?—No!

[ What no? Say yes! This is something that will benefit the two of us. You get what I want, Ill give you what you want. I think one of the worlds is…omegave—wait! No touch! You
e agreeing if you touch me!]

Aliyah eagerly touches the light. Lets get this binding done! ”Hey Bella! Lets do this! ”

After finishing the sentence Aliyah was engulfed by pure light before disappearing. Bella, the system, was dumbfounded. Thats it? It just takes one word to convince her? Just what is this omegaverse?! With a firm mind, Bella mentally scheduled to visit system Xecs and Ytxis to ask for more advice, their advice is so effective!


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