ing to you? ”

She shook her head and held her breath, not moving an inch. Seconds later, the pain began to subside then it was gone. She sighed slowly. ”Nothing. Happens all the time. What is it? ”

Gabriel skeptically looks at her before pulling her to bed. She stared at Aliyah for a few seconds then sighed, combing her hair. ”Sorry…I…I can do anything…but! I managed to salvage a few books! When I got there mommys already burning the books…sorry, ”

Aliyah shook her head and gave her sister a thin smile before lying in the bed. At least (G) she managed to bring back some of her books. Aliyah glanced at the books her sister laid beside her. Its pitifully smaller than her original collection. Closing her eyes, another streak of tears flowed down.

”Aliyah… ”

All her life she always prioritized her parents, especially her mothers, opinions. She was always called a bright child, a good daughter, a Great sister, and a loving friend. She loves those titles, it was not forced on her or whatever, its her choice. She always felt that she NEEDS to do this, that, or so on. She felt obligated.

Aliyahs not complaining or anything, shes quite content. Her life was sailing smoothly, although there are a few obstacles like her mothers strictness and religiousness, she was fine.

Well, that was until she turned 15. She fell in love, so bad. That was her first love. It was supposed to be okay, to be alright since shes a teenager booming with hormones and emotional fluctuations. The thing is, she fell in love….with a girl.

She was so scared. Especially when that person starts to pursue her. It was implanted in her mind that what shes doing is a sin, something that is against nature, an abomination.

But eventually, that person managed to open her mind. She introduces her to the world of yaoi/yuri and bl/gl, it helps her to widen her view. That this thing is normal and so. They got together secretly, well secreted to her parents, for 2 years. They broke up due to some reasons.

She thought she was lesbian because most of the time she liked girls, turns out she can also like guys. She found out she was bisexual. She got into a relationship with 2 guys, both are legal.

”Sis…Im already an adult, why does mom still do this? I don understand… ”

Gabrielle sighed. Even she cannot answer that. Just imagine she, a 26-year-old woman, still lives here. Shes aware that their parents are really strict. Its part of their culture, she guesses. ”Haa…just leave! I wanna sleep! Go away! ”

Aliya stood up and pulled her sister. Pushing Gabrielle out of her room. Aliyah is pretty tired and just wants to sleep, she gets really sleepy whenever she cries.

”Haa… Argh! Whats wrong with books? Im an adult! ” Jumping to her bed. She continued to mumble. Cocooning herself, putting a bunch of pillows all over her. Closing her eyes, she slowly drifted to sleep.

Huk! Frowning, she pinched her chest feeling a stab of pain. She held her breath and then felt her pain ease up. She sighs and continues her sleep. Dreaming of countless scenarios and romances in her head.

[Beep! @##$$$#¥¢¢ ¢♪`€•={€£¢€|#$#¡]

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