QTS: Match breaker System!

Charles Evan, The protagonist.

[You didn ask.]

Zhang Wang Lei glared at the empty air before him. If he could, he would shout to the top of his lungs and berate this system. Before he didn know why the Mc in the novels wanted to beat up and strangle their system, now he kinda understands it.

How would I ask? I don know what to ask! He grumbles while following the movement of their Foreign language teacher. He doesn hear nor understand a thing so, hes pretending to listen, in that way, the teacher won single him out and scold him.

[…My fault. I understand, forgive me. Ill give you a free spin ticket. Please check your inventory.]

What spin wheel?


[Ding! Would you like to proceed with the tutorial?]

Damn, Bella! Zhang Wang Lei gritted his teeth before mentally saying yes. Theres an available tutorial! Great! He needs to calm down, anger, annoyance and any negative emotions are bad for the brain and heart.

A green transparent screen showed up before him, there was something written in a language that he was not familiar with but can understand. He looks around and makes sure that its only him who can see the screen, even his seatmate just glances at him before looking back at the board.

[Match breaker System — Implanted Codename: Bella. Day of Creation: (Gregorian Calendar) 26th of June, (Universal) First Generation, Second Batch.

Purpose: Maintain the balance between the World Favor and the receiver through breaking. Maintain the survival and balance of a plane by severing the root.

Current Host — Soul code: G3301

— Last Official name: Aliah

Status: Active — On Mission ]

Is this supposed to be a tutorial? This is more like an information dump. He tried to say next or skip if he could go to another screen which it did.

[ Please pick the information you want to know:

+System Interface (Hosts Menu, Gallery, Inventory, System Store, Progress Report, Quest Board, Rules)

+Mission (Plot, Origin, Character sheet, Mission Detail, Authority Level, Power stones, Shards, (Power stone insufficient, Authority Level Insufficient))

+Unavailable (Power stone insufficient, Authority Level insufficient)

+Soul (Reincarnation, Candidacy, Soul Picking, Culling, Transmigration, Rebirth, Agents)

+System World (Management, Admin, (Power stone insufficient, Authority Level Insufficient), (Power stone insufficient, Authority Level Insufficient),(Power stone insufficient, Authority Level Insufficient))

+Unavailable (Power stone insufficient, Authority Level insufficient)

State the name and the page you want to know]

Zhang Wang Lei stared at the screen in a daze. This many… Wouldn it take too much time to learn all this? And some information is barred from him to see due to his Authority level and power stones.

System Interface — Gallery

The screen diminishes and disappears. Zhang Wang Lei sat in alarm, what happened? He looked to his left and found that his seatmate was looking at him weirdly. He smiled before turning away. A minute later, another screen showed up, this time in violet color. It has the word Gallery written on top with a large bold font and 3 folders under it.


Folder 1 — Reward Gallery

Folder 2 — Book of names

Folder 3 — Memory Folder ]

The other two folders are grayed and locked aside from the first folder. He stated the folders name making the screen go blank before multiple rows of boxes appeared. He didn get earlier why this folder is named Reward Gallery, but he now somehow gets it.

The Reward Gallery resembles a phones photo gallery, there are only 2 pictures inside it. A round pair of clear glasses and a notebook.

[I can see it! (Glasses of truth)

Type: Accessory

Grade: Low

Use: Its a pair of glasses that can see through lies and deception! Do you feel like they
e lying? wear it! Do you feel like its not the same person? wear it! Do you feel like they
e hiding something in their body? wear it! Wear it and youll know!

Additional: Charm+2 ]

[Write on me and Ill keep it! (Diary)

Type: Stationary

Grade: Middle

Use: Scared that someone will know you
e secret? don want others to know your plan? Want to write or doodle? Use it! A diary that only you can open, only you and you! Never-ending pages so that you can write forever! Do you want to tear a page out to send secret messages? Fine! Write using the Penn and send it away!

Additional: More effective with the Penn and Tash]

”Mister Zhang! I hope you
e listening to me and not daydreaming about some girls! ”Startled, Zhang Wang Lei almost stood up and shouted Yes!. He gulped and saw his teacher staring daggers at him, making him avert his gaze and lower his head.

”Huh, Zhang Wang Lei go and answer the question on the board or Ill give you a counselor visit ticket. ” He hastily stood up and took a chalk from the chalk box before glancing at the board. Damn! When did they learn history? Why is it asking about the origin of the language?! He doesn know a thing.

He looks back at his teacher, whos looking at him with his arm crossed and an impatient look. ”Go on. Answer it as much as you can. ” The teacher sighed and spoke with gentle words. With that, Zhang Wang Lei confirmed that the teacher won give him any trouble if he answers at least two of the questions on board.


[This has noth—]

It has something to do with you from any angle you look at it! Come on help me, Bella! Aren you a great system?

[….The answer in number 1 is Old Irish, It was derived from the word Cland—]

As Bella lists out some answers, Zhang Wang Lei automatically writes them on the board while taking mental notes in case their teacher asks for some explanation. ”Good. Go back to your seat. Make sure to pay attention next time. ” Zhang Wang Lei bowed while saying sorry before going back to his seat.

Okay back to the system.

The contents of the folder are sufficient for him to understand the gallerys purpose. Though he is intrigued by the other folder, he lacks the necessary authority and has to let it go for the time being. This is going to be a bit long, and I don have time to learn all of this…. Zhang Wang Lei paused before giving up and asking Bella to provide him with summarized information.

[Alright. Lets begin with the missions, which can be accessed by saying Mission Screen. I will personally deliver the plot to you, but you can review it later on this page. The character sheet is a profile of the important people around you; it includes the mission target and people who may affect your mission; however, the amount of detail depends on your authority level or power stones.

Origin is more like a history page, where you can find old information about the world you are in. Of course, not every piece of information there is for free.] Bella paused for a moment allowing Zhang Wang Lei to digest and think about the information. After a minute Bella continued,

[Authority Level refers to an agents level of authority. The information and resources available to you are determined by your level of authority. Depending on how high or solid your authority is, your access will improve, and the stores and products you can manage will also improve. Authority is useful not only in the mission world but also in DREAME. Power Stones, on the other hand, are widely accepted as a form of currency. You can use power stones to buy something with high value You can even buy a royalties dark secrets or information using one stone since One stone is already precious. ]

Zhang Wang Lei nodded, not only to Bella but also to the teacher who was asking if they understood the lesson. He could grasp the idea from its name only and the information is sinking into him a bit. Since the class is ending, he should have enough more time to study the system.What about the Shards?

[Hm, Shards are shards. You could collect shards to build something, like a plane- a world plane or- insufficient Authority. Thats all about the mission page, would you like to move on to the next one?]


”No need. ”

”Hm? ”

The sound of the bell playing interrupted the discussing teacher, letting out a sigh, the teacher look at the packing up students and said some things, ”Lets see each other this Friday. Ill have Miss Ling give you the exercise later, Ill be collecting it next meeting. Class dismisses! ”

”Goodbye teacher! ”

The whole class greets goodbye as per the class presidents lead, the teacher wave his hand goodbye and left the room. Zhang Wang Lei let the crowd disperse before also exiting the room, he exclaims in surprise when he saw Li Shiyu waiting for him.

”Lets go, Im so hungry! ”

”Me too, but let me swing by at the bathroom first, ” He needs to check something interesting first. Li Shiyu groaned but also followed Zhang Wang Lei, he just wished that there will be seats left for them when they get to the cafeteria.


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