The street of Auburn City was instantly filled with people going home when six oclock strikes. Figures of five students hurrying to catch a ride are quite comical if weren for the fact that most people are also doing it. Most can help but curse as they were pushed aside and failed to force themselves in, but for those that did, they are in relief as they are cursing the hellish ride of a delightful mixture of scents.

Aliyah breathed heavily as she tried to catch her breath while watching the bus drive away, cursing her Christmas tree-like appearance and the heavy object for slowing her down. ”Urgh! Please…Im so tired. Ha…why of all people do I need to carry this… ” She snaps her head toward her friends who are also carrying big bags on their own.

Aliyahs face darkens as she remembers the reason why shes carrying these heavy things with her. ”Im gonna remove their name when I pass this **ing project! ”

”Go…girl…ha…this is so heavy! ” One of her girlfriends, Mela, complained. She carefully placed the big bag on the ground as she slump herself to the side.

Mela glanced and examined the contents carefully, ”You made these on your own? No wonder you look like a zombie, ” She can help but comment as she saw the various handmade props inside. She shows it to their other friends who frowned and cursed,

”What? Girl…you
e attempting suicide; where in the hell are your groupmates? ” Precious enquired, a deep frown on her face. Group projects are tasks that you cannot possibly complete on your own, especially with a short deadline; they are hectic and stressful, especially when attempted alone!

Pig teammates are worse than a bothersome opponent. ”Right, its annoying to say this, but you can come to us for help, yknow? ” Sherlene added. ”You should notify your professor; you can just let them be graded using your work, girl; the Aliyah I know isn a pushover. ”

Aliyah let out a long sigh. Shes actually tried to tell the professor many times but theres always something that gets in the way; a meeting, class bell, someone calling her, the prof. is busy and so on. She texted and call her group mates many, many times but they always have excuses and reasons every time!

One got her sibling in an accident, the other is having his fathers funeral, one doesn even appear and attend school and the other said shes sick! Tell her what shes supposed to say that except saying; okay, but please help when you
e okay, or have time. She really has become a pushover.

”I tried, but fate keeps stopping me plus, their reason is…acceptable. What can I do? ”

”Even so. We
e all struggling. They
e struggling, I understand, but did they even try to help out a little bit? I mean, Im not invalidating them or anything, but…look at you girl! We
e not even in the same class or campus, but I could totally imagine you dozing off and the prof. scolding you. ” Sherlene looks at them. Rebecca, who is normally quiet and unresponsive, agreed with her words.

”Sherlene is correct; the deadline is in three days; what are you go

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