He Yuan opened his eyes to an empty room. The walls had a metallic tint but that was all. There was really nothing else in the room, not even a bed… Or a door for that matter. He rubbed his head as he stood up from the hard floor. How did he get here? He remembered falling asleep in his comfortable king sized mattress last night so what was this?

A very handsome, smartly dressed man with long silver hair and silver rimmed glasses suddenly poofed out of nowhere and He Yuan could barely hold himself back from screaming and moving away. The man frowned in obvious disdain at He Yuans reaction.

How unlucky. How on earth did he get bound to such a coward?

He Yuan gulped when he noticed the man did nothing but stand and stare at him in disgust. ”Who… Are you? ”

The man sighed and flexed his wrist. ”Well others might refer to themselves as systems but I like to call myself an assistant, an indispensable helper of sorts. In summary, Im your indispensable assistant. ”

He Yuan frowned. Assistant? He would have been able to remember if his company was hiring but there was no such thing so who was this man?

The man ignored He Yuans look of confusion and went on, ”Basically, certain souls are selected after death, randomly if I may add so you don get cocky, to join the Grand Neutral Cause otherwise referred to as realm balance- ”

”-Wait, wait, what? Dead?! ” He Yuan asked with wide eyes. Was this guy crazy?! How could he be dead? He remembered sleeping in his bed last night and he didn have a terminal illness or any form of sickness at all, so what was this idiot saying?

”Ah, the classic denial phase, ” The man said with mock pity. ”Okay lets see, give me a moment to go through your files to see how you met your obvious demise. ”

Pfft! The man burst out laughing when he saw He Yuans file. ”Really? How could you be so unlucky. Make sure to keep a distance of five feet and above whenever you
e around me so I don get infected with your bad luck. ”

”What kind of idiot installs a chandelier directly over their bed? ” The man scowled when He Yuan grit his teeth at the insult. He was really doomed. This was his last chance at a host and if this guy fluked things then he was doomed for total annihilation. Sigh~

He Yuan legs gave in when he finally registered the mans words. He was dead and in such a dumb way too. He wasn aware of the moment he left the world, he just did and yet he had f*cking caused his own death!

After a long time of silence, panic and despair, He Yuan found his voice and shakily asked, ”So what next, why am I here? ”

”Finally. ” The man groaned. ”First of all Im called 888 and I am, as Ive earlier stated, your assistant. Since you were randomly selected, your job is to right certain wrongs that disturb the balance of assigned realms. ”

He Yuans brows knit in confusion but 888 continued on anyways. ”In these realms, or worlds if you may, a select few are unfairly advantaged causing a rip in the balance of the world. ”

”So your job is to tear down their advantage thereby letting the world siphon back the insane luck that naturally belongs to it and restoring balance. What heroic deed! ”

He Yuan bit his lips. ”What do I get in return? ”

888 scoffed. ”At this stage you
e still asking for a reward? Is living not enough? Listen carefully, your reward is eternal life and thats it. So are you in or not? ”

He Yuan stared at the hard floor. What material was it even made of? He could choose to reincarnate but he had to admit, he was scared. Reincarnating meant that hed would lose all his memories and he didn want that.

A reincarnated you was no longer you no matter how you looked at it. You make new memories, new decisions, grow up in a different environment that reshapes you, hence, reshaping your thoughts and your moral values. He Yuan really didn want that.

Living forever seemed like a good deal to him. He gets to keep his thoughts and ideals. Whatever forever entailed, he could figure out later. The most important thing was that he remained himself, the him that he recognized.

He Yuan stared at the panel that popped up before him and resolutely clicked on accept. Before his eyes, his body began to dim significantly until he was a tiny wisp of soul.

His eyes widened and he looked to 888 in panic.

888 waved dismissively. ”It is to be expected that you would end up like this, you were a soul when you came in but you did not notice because your body was fair

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