Pride in one piece


Pride was a otaku from earth.He was a Orphan.But being orphan did not make his sad instead he always tries to live his life to the fullest.

In the last years of his highschool life one of his friend recommended him to read manga,novel and watch anime.He was also bored from studying so he decided to give it a try and see if its interesting.

As a result he became addicted to anime,manga and novel.He mostly likes fighting type anime and mangas.The fighting type comics that he loved the most was baki.

Yes baki was his favourite comic.But if you guys think that he is a fan of baki hanma then you are wrong because he is not a fan of baki but rather he is a fan of yujiro hanma.No how many time he watch this guys strength all ways amazed him.So,he became a fan of yujiro hanma.

Inspired by yujiros strength pride decided to start training and become the strongest and discovered that he has great telent for fight even though his physical strength may not be the strongest but his fighting instinct was great.And like that beside being a otaku he Also became a MMA fighter.He also won MMA Championship.

One day on his way back from gym he was thinking which manga or anime should he watch when he reaches home.

Pride thought while tapping his chin : [hmmm which one should I watch?It has been sometime since I watched one piece….ok lets go with one piece]

while nodding his head he decided that he will watch one piece.He was walking on the side of the road while think about comic,manga and animes.Suddenly,he saw bright light coming behind from him.He quickly turned around around to see what is it….then he saw two bright lights coming toward him at fast pace.

Before he could even react he got hit by the two bright light or we could say truck-kun~….After getting hit pride flew fifteen meters away from the place he stood before.

Pride was all covered in blood.He felt like he was losing his consciousness but he knew thats not the case rather he was about to die.Everything was becoming dark little by little.

Pride : [What the fu…..]before he could complete his sentence he died.

when Pride died the door of the truck that hit him opened and man came out who was wearing truck mask.You can red blush on the mask as if he was drunk.He was truck-kun~

Truck-kun Yawned~ and said : [ Working after drinking is really hard I really should stop drinking before the work]

then he walked toward Pride and took out a book which had different picture in every page.Then he took out a pic from one of the page started to match it with Prides face but after a few minute he began to start sweating from head.Because the picture did not match with pride which means he got the wrong person.

The book in his hand was death book which has the picture of the people whom needs to die.His job is to make sure that they are dead but today he made a mistake and killed the wrong person.So,he started to sweat.

Truck-kun~taught to himself : [If Goddess of reincarnation learns about this she will kill me…..what should I do?what should I do?what should I do?]

Thinking about Goddess of reincarnation he got panicked because he was scared of goddess of reincarnation for her ruthlessness.

After thinking for sometimes a idea got into his head and he shouted : [ Yes thats it!! I can transmigrate this child into a world that he may like and he will become happy ]

Suddenly a beautiful womans face came from right side of truck-kuns~ shoulder and said to truck-kun with smiling face : [WOW!Truck-kun you came up with such good plan~~]

Then Truck-kun~nodded his head with pride while saying : [Of course its good plan after all I was the one who made it hahahahhhh…..]but then stoped laughing and slowly turned around while sweating purposely and when the face of the woman came into the view of Truck-kun he started to tremble and shouted : [Goddess of reincarnation!!!!!!]

Goddess of reincarnation said to truck-kun with a smile which did not seem like a smile at all : [So,truck-kun it seems that you did your job with great responsibility~~]

After saying that she slowly started to walk toward Truck-kun.

Truck-kun panicked and tried to explain himself but everything was in vain and after 30 minute we could see truck-kun laid on one side of the road all beaten up~~

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