Pride in one piece

CH-2 : Truck-kun and Goddess of reincarnation~

One Piece

Sea Calendar 1499

It has been few months since Gol D. Roger was executed and the great age of pirates has started.

Right now in a island on the east blue a woman was holding a baby boy in her embrace.The woman looked like she was in her forties while the child looked like he was four or five months old.

The woman was dressed in marine cloths.Her name was Tsuru.Yes,she is a Marine vice-Admiral also known as great staff officer.As for the child in embrace was the sole survivor of a island which was slaughtered by a group of pirates.

Well it started like this:Tsuru came to East blue for some work.After finishing the work she was on her way back to marineford but on the way a marine reported to her that a pirate crew of 9 million belly has started to slaughter the people of a small island.

As a marine of Justice she could not ignore this.So, she ordered the marines to sail toward the island.But alas by the time they reached the island everyone was killed.In the fit of anger tsuru killed the pirates.

Then she ordered the marines to search the whole island for any possible survivors even though she knew that the chances of any possible survivor was close to zero.

After one hour the search came to and end no survivor was found except for one child.A marine came to Tsuru while holding a child in his arm.

Tsuru took the child from him and placed the child in her embrace.The child was a boy whom looked like four or five months old.He has short black hairs,bright red eyes,dimple on the both sides of his face etc all in all the child was very cute.

Looking at the cute child who was looking at her as if he was surprised her heart melted and she thought while smiling at the child : [what a poor child.Just few months after his birth his parents was killed]

Then she let out a sigh and thought : [Even though i want to take care of this child but i can not….the great age of pirates has started and beacuse of which i will also become busy.So,I can not take care of him.What should i do?I can not just leave him all alone]

After thinking for some time her eyes suddenly lit up as she thought of a person to be precise she thought of woman named Rebecca.

Rebecca was a marine commander whom worked under her for five years.But latter she was internally injured by a pirate and her stranght or Battle power.So,she left marine and decided to get married and live a normal life in island.

Right now Rebecca lives in east blue on a island named neko island with her husband.Tsuru decided that she would she would ask Rebecca to take care of this child.

Then she looked at the child who was still looking at her with red eyes as if he is surprised,then she said : [don worry even though i can not take care of you,I know a good person who will take great care of you.As for your name looking at your eyes I think pride should be good name for you]

Baby boy or Pride after hearing tsuru came back to his sense and shouted in his mind : [WTF!!!Did i really get transmigrated into one piece? ]

Yes,as you can see our protagonist is a transmigrated person….

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