Kasperine sat across from a guy with long locks and a pair of attractive eyes but her mind was black. ”Did she really have to do this? Was it that necessary? this was the only thing that popped up in her head once in a while.

”So I heard that your family is cursed. ” The guy said in his deep voice.

KAsperines upper lip lifted in an annoyed manner but she fixed it before he noticed it. That is a very good way of initiating a conversation. I am impressed. She said it in her heart while her face was like a blank slate.

”Yes, ” She said in a monotonous tone.

”So is it true? ” HE leaned n forward for some gossip. The way he was looking at her made it seem as if she was some weird creature in the museum. His gaze was blank and it seemed as if the guy thought his question was not stated in a correct manner so he repeated himself.

”I mean, Is it true that you will die if you don get married before your twenty-third birthday? ” his tone was oddly delighted, he seemed to be looking forward to seeing if it was true.

”This is giving me literal chills. I mean if you don get married ot me you will die, it is just like some fairytale. ” He said excitedly making Kasperine rethink the decisions that her mother made for her.

”You look oddly excited to see me like this? Does it feel that good? ” She couldn hold back her discomfort and said it to him.

”No, I didn … ”

Kasperined slammed her bad on the table and glared at him. ”If marrying you can save my life! Then I would prefer dying! ” She got up and left the restaurant. KAsperine was a well-known beauty, The youngest daughter of the Richi family made her boundlessly rich and her parents had perfect genes but all this wouldn matter when you have a very short-lived life.

The Richi Clan was the oldest family in the country and they were almost treated like a national treasure at this point. Their existence dated back a few hundred years. The family-owned many businesses and were wealthy without bounds but there was a tiny little problem with them. They had a curse upon them. It was said that an evil spirit names Cersie cast a spell on one of the families that no daughter will ever be born to them ever. And if by chance she is born she will not live past her twenty-third birthday unless she is married.

To many people, it was something not very serious but to the people of the Richi they always wanted a daughter, After five long decades they had a daughter born in between them and now that they had one they wanted to keep her alive at all cost but because of the curse, it was impossible to get her married as in one way or another the groom would never appear to the wedding. Kasperine had lost all hope and was desperately hoping that her birthday never comes.

She got back in the car and started to stare out of the window with a heavy look in her eyes.

”Stop by the jewelry shop, ” she said to the driver.

”Yes, my lady. ” the driver replied.

”Cersie… ” She muttered under her breath. ”Cersie, Cersie… Why did you do this? At least I deserve to know the reason. ” She took a deep breath and pursed her lips.

Let us not lose hope I still have ten months and that is a lot of time, I will make sure to find the love of my life and marry him! And we will like a great life. She patted her chest and took a deep breath.

”We have arrived, Lady. ” Said the driver to which she opened her eyes and looked at the building. ”Okay, You can wait here, I will be back in a moment, ”

She got off the car and fixed her dress before walking past a display of jewelry. She opened the door of the shop and stepped in. There was a guy behind the counter who looked up when she walked in.

”Hi, I am here for an order I placed some time ago. ” She stood at the counter and asked.

”Yes, I remember you. Your order is ready but I would still need a receipt. ” HE said.

”Yeah sure. ” She rummaged through her bag and took out her wallet where she had the receipt. ”Here. ” She handed it over to the guy and he entered the info into the system before heading back into the back to retrieve the order. Kasperine looked around while her lips were pursed. She tapped her foot on the floor.

”Here it is. ” he placed the box on the counter for her to see. It was a cream-colored box, she opened it and felt her heartbeat become rapid. The necklace had turned out a hundred times better than she had wished it to be. It was a pink cherry flower carved out of pink jade, The flower was then secured with thin white gold that shines like glittering stars.

”Do you like it? ” He asked.

”Yes! I love it! It I beautiful. ” Her voice cracked when she spoke of it. ”We are glad that you like it. ”

”Oh! Celen will be so happy to see this. ” She mumbled. Celen was her best friend and also her sister-in-law. It was her birthday tomorrow and Kasperine decided to surprise her with a gift like this.

”Are you a designer by any chance? ” asked the old man.

Kasperine looked up and nodded at him. ”Yes, I am. ” She replied.

”You are one talented one I would say. ” He said.

”Thank you so much, ” His gaze softened as she replied. ”I will be leaving now- Thank you again. ” She clenched the box and tucked it in her bag before turning around to walk out but something told her to look at the display window and she did. The sunlight was entering through the glass and directly hitting her eyes. She narrowed her gaze to see outside but right then the window shattered. A guy in black stood outside the window with a gun pointing straight at her as if aiming to kill her. Her feet froze and her breath paused.

”No! ” She mumbled as a piece of metal pierced her skin and became one with her body. His hand grabbed onto the flesh where the bullet had penetrated and felt it starting to burn. ”Ack. ” She gave out a painful groan and her breath which seemed to have been stuck came out like a tired sigh. Her fingers trembled and warm blood started to trickle out of her skin. The tearing pain ended when the bullet came out of her back causing her limbs to get limp and she fell to the floor.

”This is a robbery!! ” The doors were burst open by men in black and they shattered every glass they saw and started to pull out every single piece of jewelry.

Kasperine lay on the ground staring at the ceiling as her breath shortened. The pain in her body was unbearable and yet she barely made a sound.

This…This is just like I dreamed, I died like this in a dream. she thought inside her head while her pain started to go numb. It wasn new, it was just like deja vu.

Is this how I die? I still had a lot of time to find my husband. Why am I dying like this? Cerise?!! Are you seeing this? I am dying even though it is not the time yet. She called out to the one and only omen of bad luck with desperation because she thought he had tricked her into thinking that she still had a chance. This is so unfair! Please let me go! Take back the curse, Please. her tears broke out and the pale dead body was left with no warmth except for the tears in her eyes.

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