’t let me go, will you give me something to eat?”

Yul pursed his lips.

If he was going to live in captivity anyway, he should eat for now.
Of course, he had no intention of staying here forever, but he decided to think about the escape that could not be done right away later, and solve his hungry stomach first.

“You eat too?”

“Surprisingly, I am hungry, so I will eat.”

At Mikael’s questioning words, Yul responded bluntly.

Of course, it was surprising that he still had an appetite in that body and there were some things that he didn’t understand, but anyway, he was starving, so he had to eat.


I will tell them to prepare.”

Mikael only called out his name, but Levi seemed to understand immediately what he was trying to say.
As expected of the main love interest.
Looking at Levi’s back as he left the room, Yul stuck out his tongue.

“Were you really human?”


I was a real person.”

“What did you do?”

“That… I was a graduate student…”

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“A graduate student?”

“A slave… No, I was a student.
You can think of it as an academy senior.”

Yul almost explained that he was a slave without realizing it to the man who didn’t seem to know what a graduate student was, and corrected himself.
He even added an explanation so that Mikael, who lived in the “Red Prison” worldview, could understand it.


Park Yul.”


“No, Yul.”

“Yuri… from the name, you must have been a commoner.”


Yul, who was about to say no, quickly bit his mouth. Yeah, Yuri or Yul, what did it matter? What was the importance of a name in this case right now?

“Yes, that’s right.”

Yul, who suddenly became Yuri, nodded his head in resignation.
He felt like he was going to lose his name after losing his body like this, so just when he was about to let out a sigh, he heard a knock.

“It’s me.”

Levi’s voice came through the door.
Then the door opened and Levi appeared pushing a three-tiered cart.
The closer the cart got, the more delicious it smelled.

Yul‘s eyes lit up, forgetting that he was depressed.

It was no wonder, considering that he had gone hungry for three full days.
It was a miracle that he didn’t starve to death.
Luckily, he had a body made of a piece of cloth, so it must have been fine that he had not drank even a sip of water.

Although Levi took the food out of the cart and spread it out one by one on the table, Yul was at a loss for food.

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This was because the table on which the food was placed was far from the drawer.
Yul whined as he struggled to crawl out of the drawer.

“Ow, it’s hard!”

Climbing up the drawer compartment the size of his height was no ordinary task.
In the end, Yul, who failed a couple of times, threw his temper.

Mikael, who was silently watching the scene, grabbed Yul’s head.


Yul screamed at the merciless touch, but Mikael pretended not to hear it and ignored it.
When he put him on the table, Yul groaned and stroked his hair with his short arms.

He stomped to show that he was angry, but he only stomped away a couple of dust on the stuffed doll.


The petty tantrum didn’t last long.
It was because Yul’s eyes returned to the feast that spread out on the table.

Yul rushed towards the nearest bread.
Yul took a full bite of the bread, leaving a tooth mark the size of a little fingernail on the bread.

“So delicious!”

As the saying goes that ‘hunger is the best sauce’, it was delicious to Yul, who had been starving for several days, when he took a bite.

Starting with bread, Yul busily ate the prepared food.
He tearfully picked up a grape that he had not been able to eat before, chewed it little by little, and took a small teaspoon with his whole body and took a sip of hot soup.

Mikael watched him silently.

First of all, the doll didn’t seem like an evil spirit, so he decided to keep him, but he was still suspicious.
He found it difficult to fully believe that a person had become a doll.

He seemed to be hiding something, but Mikael was slowly going to get to know what it was.
So he couldn’t let him leave as easily as he requested.

More than anything else, when he thought about how he had trouble sleeping at night because of this little doll, he wanted to tease and bother him.

Moreover, seeing him move with that small body, saying what he was going to eat… Well, he thought he was a little cute.

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