Thoughts like ‘What’s going on?’ and ‘It’s fucked up’ crossed his mind.
He couldn’t even figure out what had happened to him, but one of the most primal human instincts, the sense of ‘being fucked’, was activated.

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“Calm down, calm down.
It doesn’t hurt even if I pinch myself.
Thank god.
I’m still not drunk… Wait, no I can’t pinch myself!”

Yul, who had been trying to calm down, realised that he could not pinch his cheek because he did not have a finger, and fell into panic again.

He looked around, but the cotton dolls that looked similar were sitting next to me in a row, and there were no clues he could get.

Yul, who had been staring at only his bare hands in vain, got up from his seat.
He had to do something, whether it was looking in the mirror to check his condition, or figuring out where he was.

“What, why so high?!”

Yul’s hasty steps stopped after a few steps.
Because he realised he was on the shelf like the dolls opposite him.
As he tried to go down the ledge, he felt as if he was on a steep cliff.

Come to think of it, not only the chairs and tables in the room, but also the doors that could be seen from afar were huge.
It was as if he had come to a giant country.
If not, he had become a child.

“No way… No.”

Seeing the stuffed animals all around, Yul soothed his ominous thoughts.
It was because he thought that he had become a doll himself, while being among the dolls at the same eye level.

“Yeah, it can’t be.
Let’s think about how to get down from here.”

Yul glanced down at the bottom of the shelf and swallowed dry saliva.
He’d have to do something once he got off this ledge, but if he just jumped off it directly, he would at least have a fracture.

Yul had been in trouble for a moment, but his eyes lit up again.

“Ow fuck, it’s hard…”

Yul made a painful sound and dragged the doll the size of his body next to him and dropped it on the floor.
The stuffed toy was spread across the floor with a small thud sound.
Seeing this, Yul resolutely nodded his head.


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After dropping one doll, Yul grabbed another doll.
Yul was thinking of making a mattress by stacking the plush stuffed dolls on the floor.
The dolls were scattered around, and it was a strategy that came from the idea that it would be a hundred times better to fall on a bundle of cotton than to fall to the ground.

The, two, three, four… ten… He piled up so many dolls on the floor that he couldn’t count any more.

After dropping the last doll left on the shelf, a doll mattress that was thick and even looked safe was completed.

“Whew, Park Yul, you can do it!”

Although the safety device was made, the height of the shelf was still very high.
Although the fracture could have been avoided, it was terrifying.

Yul pounded his chest at his pounding heart.

Calm down, heart! Don’t overreact!

“Okay, run.
One, two, three…”


Just as he was about to say ‘ready’, the door burst open with a light sound of bells.
Surprised, Yul stood still as if frozen.

“What happened here? Uncle, Uncle Vander!”

The person who opened the door was a pretty handsome man with reddish brown hair.
The skin of the slender man was on the white side, and his eyes were bright green.

And… He was very big.
Or so compared to Yul.

The chairs and tables, which looked just big, also looked just right for the man.

Seeing the huge man, Yul instinctively felt it.
The fact that he should not move.
It didn’t seem like nothing good would happen to him.

“Uncle Vander, are you there? Did an earthquake happen at night?”

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The man gathered up the strength that Yul had mustered, picked up the dropped dolls one by one, and placed them on the shelf.
Yul was devastated to see that, but fortunately he didn’t do anything stupid by screaming in front of a man who was ten times as big as his body.

“Levi, are you here?”

Uncle Vander, the dolls all fell, why is that?”

“What? No, what happened?”

“That’s what I was asking.”

The door inside the opposite shelf opened and a middle-aged man appeared.
A man with reddish-brown curly hair, like the man called Levi, appeared to be in his mid to late fifties.
Like Levi, Vander didn’t look Korean.

Vander, Levi.
A very exotic name came and went in Yul’s mind.

Levi, Levi… It was an unfamiliar name from somewhere.
Yul narrowed his eyes and fell in thought.

‘Levi, where have I heard that?’

“By the way, Levi, I heard you are busy these days because of the Archduke.
How are you?”

Yul’s eyebrows deepened at Vander’s words as he was cleaning out the dolls that had fallen with Levi.
Levi, Grand Duke.
All the terms were not unfamiliar.

It was very strange.
He didn’t know if he had only seen it in fantasy novels, but he didn’t recognise it from reality.

“Don’t even get me started.
Every night I go to sleep and pray that tomorrow doesn’t come.”

“But how do you have the time? You came all the way here.”

“I’m here today because of the Archduke.”

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“Did the Archduke have any interest in dolls?”

“What would a person like him be interested in?”

Levi shrugged lightly at Vander, who had been joking around and laughing out loud.

“Well, the Archduke Orlov is not interested in anything.”

Archduke Orlov… ?

The moment he heard the name, Yul’s eyes widened.

Levi, Archduke Orlov.

As the names of the two were recognized together, a forgotten memory came to mind.

Before Yul became a living dead as a graduate student, he devoured many fantasy novels while he was a college student when he had some spare time.
Yul, an omnivorous fantasy reader who read this and that at random, came to read a fantasy novel with a rather manic title called “Red Prison”.

Although it had a 19+ label, he had already read a variety of fantasy novels and read 19+ fantasy novels too, so he started reading the book without much expectation.

But it was a novel where two men have a liaison with each other!

One of them was literally a crazy son of a bitch.
So, Archduke Orlov was that crazy bastard.
Yul later found out that such a bastard was called ‘yandere’.

Of course, Archduke Orlov was not a madman to begin with.
Just a little cold and talkative, he started showing signs of madness when his aide told him he was going to quit his job.
Then, from the moment he realised that he liked his aide, he became a ruthless maniac.

It was not enough to break the other party’s healthy ankle and tie him up, he even starved him to death.
Even when that person ran away from Archduke Orlov after much effort and went to the Emperor, who usually cherished him, he caused a rebellion.

That love interest was the man in front of Yul, Levi.
That is… So, this world that Yul was in now was the world in the novel “The Red Prison”.

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He was able to actually experience the dimensional shift that he had read many times in many fantasy novels.

After realising the reality, he was rather less confused.
At least he was fortunate enough to know what kind of world this was.

First of all, he should not get involved with the two main characters, Archduke Orlov and Levi.
Looking at Levi’s face, it seemed that the Archduke had not yet realised his heart and had not yet gone mad.

What happened after the madness was not for him to know.
Sorry to Levi, but he was originally created as a pitiful character, so… Yul could only leave him to be resentful to the writer for writing that way and find a way to return to his original world.

“The time has already come.
Uncle Vander, I’ll take this one.”


‘Huh? Hey, this crazy… !!!’

Despite his promise not to get entangled with the two main characters, Archduke Orlov and Levi, Levi quickly picked up Yul.
In an instant, Yul in his hand struggled subconsciously.

“… Uncle Vander, didn’t this just move?”

“Aye, how can it be? Levi, you are tired.
How can the doll move?”

“… Right.
The doll cannot move.
I must have been mistaken.”

They apparently called Yul a ‘doll’ twice.

Surrounded by numerous dolls, and the fact that his hands were soft balls of cotton, he vaguely wondered if he had become a doll himself.
He had tried not to think about it because he didn’t want to accept it.

But now he had to admit it.
The fact that he possessed the cotton doll from the damn novel “Red Prison”.

‘What do you mean I’m… a doll.
Moreover… A doll in a novel with a yandere male lead…’

The words that his friend Changhyun had thrown out from somewhere seemed to echo.

‘When you are reborn, I will pray for you to be reborn as a doll.
You must taste the pain of being pulled out.’

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