“Sob, sob, I really thought I was going to die, huff, huff.”

Yul was panting, sweeping his startled chest.

Mikael, who had rescued Yul dramatically again, sighed in relief as he looked at Yul.
This time he was holding Yul, with Lucky on the floor.

Yul, who had put his hand on his small chest for a while and took rough breaths, raised his head and glared at Lucky.
His large, round eyes narrowed sharply.

Of course, it was only by Yul’s standard, and in Mikael’s eyes, there didn’t seem to be much of a difference.

“That little thing, that, I raised it with so much love and it doesn’t even know, Lucky what Lucky, more like bastard[efn_note’]Lucky’ rhymes with ‘saekki’ (bastard), this thing!”

Yul looked towards Lucky and cried sorrowfully.
Lucky tilted his head no matter what Yul said and just cried, ‘Biii— Bii—’.
Then, Yul seemed even more angry, waving his wet arms and clenched his fists tightly.

“Where did you learn to talk back?! You punk, you can’t do that! Uh? This little, do you know how much I raised you with love!”

[Biii— Biii—]

“What! What!”

[Biii! Biii!]

“Even if you cry like that, I don’t know what you’re talking about! Don’t cry cutely! That’s a foul!”

There was meaningless conversation between the two in which no communication took place.
It was Mikael who grew tired between the two.
It was the first time he felt this since he was born into the Orlov family which was said that he was so powerful that he could do everything he wanted.

Besides, he never knew that a person could grow old and tired in such a short amount of time.
It was because of these two little guys.

“Mikael, Mikael.
I was surprised. Heuk, I was so surprised.”

After arguing with Lucky for a while, Yul buried his face in Mikael’s sleeve as if giving up and complained.
Thanks to this, Lucky’s saliva dripped onto Mikael’s clothes, but Mikael didn’t care.

Instead, Mikael carefully picked up Yul and brought him near his face.

Yul, who was lifted by Mikael’s hand and went right up to his nose, was still busy trying to overcome his shock.

Lucky’s bite didn’t hurt, but it was terribly startling.
He thought his heart was almost gone.

“Where are you hurt?”

“Sniff, I’m not.”

Then let’s wash up.”

“How do I look right now? Am I very dirty?”

“Like a mop.”


Yul bit his mouth at the resolute remark.
He expected him to say he looked scruffy, dirty, bad-looking, or any other negative response, but he didn’t think he was going to say he was like a mop.

With his mouth pouting with sadness, Mikael stroked Yul’s wet hair.

“It’s okay though.”

I’m like a mop, who are you to say it’s okay? Yul, who was told he looked like a mop, grumbled inwardly, but his soft touch eased his mind a little.

“Let’s wash up first.”

“Wash up?!”

Yul exclaimed in surprise.
Needless to say, after he possessed the doll’s body, he hadn’t washed once.
If anything got on him, Mikael gently wiped it off with a wet handkerchief, so he was always clean.

Doesn’t that mean that he would have to be done as laundry since he was a doll? Bewildered, Yul shook his head.

“No, I won’t wash! You don’t have to wash me!”


And he said earlier that it was okay to be a mop.
This contradictory human being.


Yul glared at Mikael with eyes full of resentment.
Mikael just shrugged lightly even as he saw those eyes, and didn’t take a single blow.

Mikael took Yul and headed to the bathroom.
All the way, Yul was struggling with his small body, making a fuss, saying he didn’t want to.

“… Whew, do you want to wash up, or become Lucky’s meal?”

“I’m going to wash up! I will wash every nook and cranny!”

In the end, when Mikael, who couldn’t stand it, threatened him aggressively, Yul quickly accepted reality.

It was better to become some laundry than to be the dragon’s food.

Mikael took off Yul’s wet clothes.
However, the wet clothes occasionally adhered to the cloth body, and the head was so large that it was difficult to take off the top.

“Be gentle, be gentle, it hurts!”

At Mikael’s rough hand, Yul exclaimed like he was dying.
But being so delicate and meticulous did not match Mikael’s personality.
Even though he said he was being careful, things didn’t go his way, and he became increasingly annoyed, and without realizing it, strength entered his hands.


Yul’s shirt was torn.
It was torn long from his armpit to his side, leaving a large hole.
Yul was shocked to find that his only one piece of clothing had been torn, and his jaw dropped.

“My clothes, my clothes! There is only one!”

“I’ll buy you at least a few sets of these clothes, so stop whining.”

At Mikael’s words, Yul widened his eyes.
Shouldn’t he start by saying he’s sorry if he tore someone else’s clothes? There was a rush of anger, but this time Mikael reached out to Yul’s pants.

“I’ll take it off!”

He hurriedly spoke in case it would be torn again, but Mikael was faster.
Fortunately, the pants didn’t have any big snags, so they came off easily.

Immediately after the pants were removed, Yul realised.

Until now, he knew that he was living in no underwear.

I wasn’t wearing underwear…

Yul stared blankly at the pants Mikael had dropped.
He was wearing only pants, no underwear under it.
Yul was shocked by the truth he had just realised.

However, the shock did not last long.
It was because he realised something even more shocking.

“Ahhh, don’t look!”

In any case, Yul was naked now.
Even though his body was not a human body, it was nothing more than a rag doll, but the soul contained in it was a human being.

The thought of a grown man showing off his naked body made him feel ashamed and unbearable.
Yul crouched down as much as possible and covered his important parts…

“N- No, I- I don’t have that thing!”


Mikael stopped at Yul’s cry.
He was so stunned by the words that he froze.
So what did you expect to have on this body? He couldn’t understand it at all.

Meanwhile, Yul fell into shock again.
In his head, he also knew that he possessed a doll’s body, and with common sense, there couldn’t possibly be such a detail on a doll that children played with.
So, if he thought about it rationally, it was natural that he doesn’t have the pepper, but it was hard to accept because the thing he should have on his body didn’t exist.

Yul carefully looked at his body.
Its body, made of light apricot-colored cloth, was nothing more than a ball of cotton.
Then Yul scratched his cheek shyly.

“Oh, yes.
There can’t be such a thing on a doll’s body.”

Yul, who quickly accepted the reality, said softly.
Then, Mikael burst out laughing as if it was ridiculous.

Either way, Yul regained his senses and looked around the bathroom.

Even the bathroom was so luxurious that it sparkled all over.
The white marble floor was lacquered everywhere, so just looking at it made his mood ease.

Yul stuck out his tongue and looked around the bathroom.

Like a bathhouse, there was a huge bath in the middle, and there were a couple more small baths around.

The colour of the water in each bath was strangely different.
Some baths were emerald green, some were just clear water baths, and some had a pale orange colour.
As they got closer, the scents were just as different as the different colours.
The fragrant smell from everywhere made him feel a little bit better.

Yul looked around the bathtubs with a satisfied expression on his face, contemplating where to dip his body.
Then he found a worthy bath, and his blue eyes lit up.

There was a small sized bath that was exceptionally low and shallow.
Before Mikael was able to stop Yul, he plunged into the bathtub.
Then he stretched comfortably in the bath, admiring the perfect size for himself.

How does it fit my body? What is this place to wash? It’s so small and cozy.
Perfect to be a foot bath… Wait, foot bath?

Yul, who was immersed in the hot water, pondering what the purpose of this small bath would be, suddenly hardened at the thought that came to his mind, and then he jumped up from his seat.

“Mikael, Mikael! What is this for..
Oh no.
Don’t tell me! Don’t answer me!”

Yul, who compared the size of the bath around him and the one he was in, jumped out of the bath, horrified.

Urgh, I soaked in the footbath!

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