shed to Yul.

It was just that Lucky looked very small compared to the dragons seen in the media.
Lucky was bigger than Yul.

As Lucky rushed to Yul, Yul ran away subconsciously.

“Ahhhh, don’t come!”

My Lucky, cute and precious Lucky is a dragon! Of course, dragons are so cool! It’s nice because it’s cool but! But don’t run away at me! I’m scared!

Complicated minds crossed.
Yul busily ran away with short legs and avoided Lucky.

However, perhaps because he was a dragon, even though he was just born, Lucky was running incredibly fast.
In the end, it wasn’t long before Yul was caught by Lucky.

“Mikael, Mikael, help me…!!!”

Lucky pressed him down with its front foot to keep him from moving, and in an instant, he put Yul in his mouth.

Up until this point, Mikael’s eyes were filled with astonishment, who had been furious at the fact that Andrei that bastard had handed a dragon over to him.

Looking back at Yul’s urgent call, the sight Mikael saw was that one of Yul’s arms, which it could not swallow, was pitifully protruding out of Lucky’s mouth.

“Damn it, Yuri!”

Mikael cried out Yul’s name and grabbed Lucky.
Tickling its neck, Lucky shook his body and opened his mouth wide.
Mikael did not miss the moment and quickly took Yul out of Lucky’s mouth.

Fortunately, the newborn Lucky’s teeth were very small and blunt.
Thanks to that, Yul didn’t seem to have any injuries.
Mikael was relieved and lowered Yul to the floor.

“Uwahh, sob, sob, I thought I was going to die.
Hey! Lucky, you, how did I raised you! How could you do this to me, oh gosh, oh gosh!”

Although there were no injuries, the trauma to him was considerable.
Not only Lucky’s saliva, but also Yul’s own tears, Yul, who had become a mop in a moment, sat down on the floor and wept loudly.
Meanwhile, Lucky looked at Yul and flicked his long tongue.

[Bii, biii—]

“What! Do you think I’ll let it slide if you cry so cutely? Is being cute everything?! Huh? Fine, you’re cute! That’s right, you did your job! But don’t eat me! I’m not food, I’m your dad!”

Yul reprimanded Lucky sharply.
Meanwhile, Lucky agitatedly struggled in Mikhail’s arms, waving his smooth tail around, as if wanting him to let go of it.

“Sob, I’m slippery.
It’s uncomfortable!”

Yul nervously wiped the liquid that soaked his body and wept.
Lucky was also busy crying mournfully with ‘bii— biii—’ as if saying to let it go.

Mikael let out a long sigh.
It was so rowdy on both sides for different reasons, he was losing his mind.
He used to have a quiet room, but he couldn’t accept how he had two noisy creatures now.

“Don’t bite, don’t swallow, don’t eat! I’m not food, I’m your dad.
Okay? Lucky, say it.


“That’s right, that’s right.”

Yul, who was not able to let go of his affection for Lucky even with his mop-like appearance, spoke to Lucky who was being held by Mikael.

He briefly knocked on Hell’s door, but that didn’t dissipate the love he had for Lucky, which he had been waiting for day and night.

Yes, it’s a dragon after all.
Dragons may be like that.

Yul thought so, and soothed his surprised heart.

Meanwhile, Lucky also became very quiet.
It didn’t wag its tail or writhe.
Instead, it tilted its head, blinking its large emerald-colored eyes.

It was so cute that Yul clutched his chest.

“Huhu, I’m really being patient because you’re cute.”

Yul muttered, feeling wronged.
In any case, Lucky gave a long yawn and rubbed its face with its paws like a cat.
Lucky, who began to be obsessed with grooming, seemed to have lost interest in Yul.

“I think it’s a bit more relaxed now.
I think it would be okay to put it down.”

Yul, relieved by the sight, said to Mikael.
Mikael was still worried, but as Yul said, Lucky seemed to have calmed down a lot more than before, so he carefully lowered Lucky to the floor.

Lucky sniffed and wanted to smell the carpet on the floor, then turned around to catch its own tail.

“What, you are so cute.”

When Yul fell in love with its appearance and muttered to himself, Lucky stopped moving, as if it knew he was talking about itself.
Then it looked at Yul.

What was this feeling of déjà vu? It was looking at him like that before…

“Ahhhh, Mikael, save me!”

Yul was bitten by Lucky again.

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