Point of Return

First Advancement and Freila

ed back to you.




Standing atop a hill, I looked down to see Freila.

Freila was a northern city hidden in a valley between two mountain ranges sitting on a hill. The city shined brightly even in the morning with its large sprawling streets riddled with street lamps and large buildings. The lamps and lights in the buildings were on as the sky was completely deprived of sunlight due to heavy clouds and unrelenting snowfall. In the center, at the citys high point, stood an elaborate castle. Surrounding the city was a large castle wall about 20 meters high. All along the outside of the city walls was an unending chasm of ice and darkness as a sheer cliff of a ravine. Inside the ravine, small lights could be seen moving about.

As I got to the edge of the ravine, I saw moving wagons and carts along the side of the ravine. There were miners shoveling chunks of ice and stone and carting them to an elevator connected to the inside of the city from an alcove protruding from the castle walls.

Across from me was an expansive stone bridge large enough to fit two full-sized carriages. The bridge served as the only entrance to the Freila as it spanned across the ravine surrounding the city. Players in carriages and horses rode by me as I made my way to the city gates.

”Halt! Do you have permission to enter Freila? ” a guard NPC suddenly stopped me with a spear pointed directly at my chest.

As he said this, a prompt opened up in front of me obscuring my vision.


[Level Requirement: 10]


The prompt glowed blue before shattering.

”You may pass. ”

The NPC lowered his spear back to his side breaking eye contact with me and the large steel gates slowly swung open.

Immediately in front of me was a pedestrian walkway beside a road meant for carriages. Conversations with between players and NPCs could be heard all around me as the city was far more lively than Levendale ever was. I followed down the walkway with what seemed to be residential two-story buildings on each side of the road. Eventually, the road opened up to a large town square with a fountain three times as large as the one in Levendale. Lining the sides of the fountain were stalls of merchants and various NPCs.


[Freila Commercial District]


The prompt briefly appeared at the center top of my vision before fading away.

I decided my next course was to get in touch with Nightingale. I sent him a message asking him to meet up with me in the commercial district. Before long, he responded.

”Shin! I see you made it to Freila, I went offline for a while to do some research on the game so Im still level 11. I figured this was good anyway so the gap between us is lower. ”

”Ill meet you by the fountain in a few minutes. I got some spicy news to share with you. ” he continued.

While waiting, I took a look through my item pouch to take inventory of what I collected. There wasn anything notable aside from bits and pieces of generic monster loot and a few amber lustres. I took my loot to a nearby merchant stall and sold them for silver coins.

An armory shop across the road caught my attention so I took a look inside.

The layout was almost identical to the one in Levendale. This time, an NPC stood manning the front desk. I browsed their wares along the back wall and a piece of armor caught my attention. It was far more expensive than all the other armor pieces but well within my budget due to the amber lustre exploitation the other day.

It was a heavy black coat with cut open sleeves for the users arms. The length was about down to right below my waist if I were to guess. The coat came with a black fur hood. I inspected the coats stats.


[Ominous Fur Coat]


[Specialization: ANY]


Strength: 58 | Agility: 70 | Intelligence: 42

Attack: 32 | Magic Attack: 32

DEF: 152 | MDEF: 260

[Skill Effects]

[Life Regeneration I] – Slowly recover your health over time while in combat.

[Cold Resistance III] – Become immune to cold temperatures above -15°C

[Required Attribute]


(?) – Offensive attributes of this equipment are reduced by 30% when equipped by a Savant


These stats were far higher than anything I was currently wearing and it didn replace any of my existing equipment as this was an overcoat. It wasn even enhanced. The stats were incredibly high for a piece of equipment with no required attributes. I figured that was the reason for the extremely high price tag. Whoever crafted this must be lucky or talented.

It seemed like [Proficiency II] decreased the stat reduction from wearing equipment as a Savant. I can only assume that this number will continue to go down as I reach higher tiers. This motivated me to strive for even more levels.

I spent almost all of my silver purchasing the coat and immediately put it on before heading back to the central fountain in the commercial district.

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