Point of Return

More Than Just a Retrieval

r appeared right in front of my finger and the shortbow flew straight into the grip of my hands.

Instinctively, I had to try it out on the quiver and arrows as well. To my surprise, it worked! However, only a single arrow was floating in the space between the arrow and myself. I inspected my equipment once again and found the accidentally equipped stack of arrows in one of my equipment slots.

”This could be useful… ” I murmured while canceling [Retrieval] dropping the arrow on the dirt floor.

I put the remaining 3 skill points into [Retrieval] and continued to experiment with my new skill deep into the starry night.


[Character Page]

[Nickname: [Shin] | Level: 9 | Specialization: Savant | Profession: Manufacturing]


Strength: 15 | Agility: 15 | Intelligence: 15


[Savant Skill Tree]

[Swift Strike LEVEL: 1/5] – Dash a short distance forward and attack enemies with your equipped weapon with 110%/150%/190%/230%/300% of your attack power.

[Retrieval LEVEL: 4/5] – While your equipped weapon is not currently held by you, call the weapon back to your hand so long as its within 3/7/12/18/25 meters of you.

[Efficiency LEVEL: 1/5] – When consuming a resource or ammunition, there is a 15%/20%/25%/30%/35% chance that the cost will be refunded back to you.




I opened my eyes to find my hand in front of me with my shortbow resting beside me. The campfire was extinguished and I was greeted with the morning chirps of the birds flying in the cloudless sky above me.

I must have fallen asleep after using all my energy experimenting with [Retrieval] and a full day of training. I never thought about the passage of time too clearly until now.

”How long has it been since I started playing? ” I thought to myself.



I brought my haul of loot back to Levendale, rented a room in the guild hall, and loosened the strap off my Zero VR device for a moment to reveal part of the real world in the upper half of my vision.

A prompt appeared.

[Mythos Online: Disconnecting in 10 seconds…]


Shin scanned the computer screen in front of him and noticed the Mythos game launcher had a large timer with ”15 hours ” in orange font color. The clock on the computer read [10:32]

[Mythos Online: Disconnecting in 7 seconds…]

Shin put the device back on


I didn realize how hungry I was until now. One last errand before I take a break from the game. I paced down the wooden stairs of the guild hall finding the bar was as lively as ever. These guys were drinking alcohol at 8 in the morning. I guess I can judge them considering Ive been playing online for the past 17 hours more or less.

With my shortbow across my back and dagger to my side, I made my way down to the NPC merchant street and sold the miscellaneous loot like goblin loincloths and dull goblin daggers as a small recharge to my silver pouch. I also obtained 10 amber lustres from the goblins as natural drops. I kept these as I could foresee myself using them for any rare equipment I find in the future.

My vision became slightly hazy as I sluggishly walked back to my room in the guild hall. This must have been an effect of dehydration or hunger I thought. My first reaction was to immediately take off the device and take care of my real body but I needed to try something first.

I took a drink from a glass of water resting on my bed shelf to see if it had any effect on how my body perceived thirst. I felt refreshed, but my vision was still as hazy as before.

I came to the conclusion that drinking and eating would affect my immediate feelings and thirst and hunger but obviously won resolve the need to eat or drink in real life.

With this newfound information, I took off my headset to make myself breakfast.

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