Shin and his mother, Julia, have been mostly living by themselves for the last four years. His father was often away on ”business trips ”, too busy to be around with his family. Shin, in his first year of university, did not get to experience much of college life before having to move to remote learning online as a result of Hemoxythra.

”Sure, no problem. ”

Julia, facing the door waved back to Shin without looking and closed the door with her other hand. Shin got up from the living room floor and paced back to his room. The dark ambiance in the room is only disrupted by the occasional flash of lights from outside his balcony window. The computer turned on and the room was lit up by the light from his monitor. Shin sat down in the office chair and let out a sigh before clicking on an icon on his desktop.

[Mythos Online]


Upon clicking the start button, the fans on the PC started whirling and a device to the right of his desk begins to glow with a soft white light. Shin leaned backward and straps the device over his head.


[Downloading Update…]


[Continue connecting to Mythos Online? Y/N]


Little did he know, this was the beginning of the end for society as he knew it.

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