Sirens wailed up and down the streets but not a single hint of pedestrian life can be seen. Tall skyscrapers cover the stars creating a sky of glass and steel. Shin Leung was just another number among the masses in the system locked inside the box of a ”luxury ” apartment.


e looking at an unprecedented impact among all communities at every level. ”

”Hemoxythra has spread far faster than anyone expected in the last two weeks. The World Safety Organization believes that it will soon be classified as a pandemic in a matter of two to three weeks. ”

”Thats right Sophia. The WSO recommends everyone stay indoors and await orders from your local and national government. ”

”Stay tuned for more information at- ”

The television was suddenly turned off. Shin quickly turned around and found his mother with a remote from the kitchen.

”Looks like we
e going to be in some trouble aren we? ” Shins mother said playfully.

”We have this months rent covered but next month is going to be a struggle, ” replied Shin with his head resting on his hand.

”Today is my last day in the office. Ill be back quickly tonight before dinner. I just have to pick up the essentials from my cubicle before I can start working from home.

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