After the policeman and the busybody—Murong—had left, the question was still twisting in my mind: Who killed Haozhi?

Why did not I realize that he was shot in his head?

My heart hurt whenever I thought about him, the scene we talked on the phone, and the life we had lived together.

Why did I still miss him all the time, even when he had betrayed me?

How great would it be if he had not died?

I thought about it as I walked out of the room.
Somehow, I came to the downstairs of Haozhi's home.

I inadvertently found there was a letter in the mailbox.
The address on the envelope was for a distant city.
Surprisingly, the recipient was me, and the address of the sender was Haozhi's home, and the sender was Haozhi.

The letter was returned by the post office because the address was not clear and therefore the letter could not be delivered.
The return date was yesterday.

Was the letter that Haozhi had written to me? He wrote a non-existent address and calculated the time when the letter would be returned.

I immediately opened the envelope and there was only one sentence in the letter: The place we first met.

Those were the handwritings of Haozhi.

I thought that he must have left some important things for me at the place where we first met each other.

Haozhi was so thoughtful that, although in his prediction it was me who would read the letter, in the case of the unexpected situation that it was read by others, then that person could not figure out the place where we met for the first time.
It also safeguarded a stranger reader from peeking into our secret.

Soon after, I came to the cafe where I met with Haozhi for the first time.
On the back of the table we had sat at, I found another letter. It read:

Jing'er, when you see this letter, I am no longer by your side.
But please don't be sad.
I have said that our calls every night would never end and we would always be together. 

I assume that you may have already received the insurance benefits.
Seven million Yuan should be enough for you to spend in the rest of your life.
I feel very comforted that you can live your life the way you want.
Although I have gone, I have no regret.

Meeting you is the luckiest thing that has ever happened in my entire life.
It is the happiest thing in my life to talk to you on the phone and live with you.

Although it did not last too long, I have never forgotten it.

Even at the end, I still think this way in the depth of my heart:

I love you.


After reading the letter, I burst into tears.

It was another cold night.

Haozhi, I loved you too.
Every night, I caressed your face and gently kissed your pale lips, just like you used to caress me and kiss me.

You were right; we will be together forever.

After closing the box and the refrigerator, I went to the table and added the last sentences of the poem I had written last time:

Cold moonlight,

Cold night.

In the dark moonlight night,

I miss you.

At two a.m.,

The phone rang.

“Divide half of your sorrow to me.”

You said it before,

And you promised that calls would not end.

Nevertheless, can you keep your promise?

You said that we would live together,

You said that we would be together forever,

Being together forever is the agreement between us,

And I will never forget it until my death.


The phone rang again.

But at the other end of the phone,

You did not even say a word.

Is it you?

I know,


You said nothing,

But I heard your words.

“Do you miss me?”

You used to ask me this a lot beforehand.

I do.

I miss you so much.

I am not lonely,

You are always by my side.

Open the box and I will see you,

The head of my lover.


(The End)

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