To an onlooker, something like “primordial chaos” was like a brushstroke from a god.

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The stuff that Lao Wu described, it was clear the attraction they had on Lu Zhi Wei.

She believed that it wouldn’t be just her who wanted to see it, every human would be curious!

But she was just saying it casually.
If the world really ended up like that, then what difference would it be compared to armaggeddon?

She nestled on her sofa, feeling for the first time that she really was a hero saving the world.

This term, she had only ever seen it in television shows.

It was funny, a small transparent entity could one day become the saviour of the world.

She wouldn’t even dare to dream of it.

Seeing her fall silent, Lao Wu calmly said: 【Aside from primordial chaos, there’s another type of bug.】

Lu Zhi Wei blinked and adjusted her sitting posture slightly.

Then she heard Lao Wu’s calm voice saying ——

【It’s more people becoming like the old you, transparent.】

Lu Zhi Wei was stunned.

Looking up from beneath his eyelids at the screen, Lao Wu: 【Even like that, you still refuse to do it?】

The answer was clear, Lu Zhi Wei was not someone like that.

She was strong, kind and optimistic.
Even if you wrote the villain’s script clearly and placed it in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to play the role of a villain.
She just wasn’t born to do it.

Lao Wu had clearly grasped his point before daring to tell her about this bug.

As Lu Zhi Wei came out of her trance, her gaze flickered to the empty space as if she wanted to see the person on the other side.

“So you knew from the start why I was like air in the past, right?”

Lao Wu swirled the coffee in his cup gently, his eyes clear: 【Yes.】

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Lu Zhi Wei pressed on: “Why?”

【Secret.】He said again.

Crawling up from the sofa, Lu Zhi Wei asked: “So if I can draw that “exception” you mentioned, can you tell me why?”

She was optimistic, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t care about her past.

She gave up questioning her past because nobody would be able to answer.

But now that someone who can answer has finally appeared, how could she give up?

To her, she had to understand her life.
She had to understand her happiness and her pain.

Otherwise when she leaves, she wouldn’t know what she had lived for in this life.

【Yes.】Lao Wu said.
【If you draw it, I’ll be able to tell you.】

The simple answer lit up Lu Zhi Wei’s fighting spirit like a match on firewood, burning even brighter and stronger.

She was going to do missions, to stop the bug from appearing, to accumulate mission points.

—— She wanted her answer!

Lao Wu reminded her: 【You’ve already accumulated four mission points.
One more and you can draw a prize.】

Hearing it, Lu Zhi Wei got up and picked up her notebook: “Revise!”


《Questioning Deity Sect》’s production team was effective.
After the auditions, the cast was quickly announced.

Lu Zhi Wei successfully got chosen as the little junior sister, and she signed the contract with the production team, with filming slated to begin in the new year.

Before she left, she probed: “Has the female lead been decided?”

“It’s been decided.”

“Who is it?”

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“Sang Wan Ci, the contract is all signed.”

Hearing that, Lu Zhi Wei relaxed.
As long as the female lead was Sang Wan Ci, she wouldn’t have to worry about not having a chance to advance the plot!

But those were two different matters.
Getting a happy ending with the female lead was one thing, becoming a top acress is another.

While Sang Wan Ci was working hard for her career, she had to work hard for her career too.

As her manager, Wen Yao put in all her effort to find shows for Lu Zhi Wei.

It didn’t matter if the roles were big or small.
After all, she didn’t have the right to be picky right now.

But she never expected to be pulled to a certain ancient drama to be the female lead’s maid.

And it was even a scheming palace maid.

Reportedly, the original actress suddenly got too arrogant and refused to continue acting in the role.

The production was underway and the director was rushing to find a replacement who was similar.

After Wen Yao heard this, she immediately sent over Lu Zhi Wei’s resume.

The director was satisfied after seeing it, even feeling like she was better than the original actress, so Lu Zhi Wei had gotten the role.

The drama was called 《Phoenix》, and it was about the female lead who was known as the living reincarnation of Zhuge Liang.
As the male lead’s military strategist, she devised winning strategies from thousands of miles away and watched the founding of a dynasty before making the worst decision in her life —— entering the palace as the new queen.

She grew tired of life in the palace, requesting the male lead to let her leave and retreat into seclusion in the mountains many times.
She was rejected every time as she watched the male lead walk further and further down the road of becoming a despot.

Indulging in women, executing loyal ministers and ruining the lives of the common people, that man was no longer the same person from before.

After failed attempts at persuading him, the female lead who cared for the world could no longer stand it.
She hardened her heart and decided to kill the male lead, proclaiming herself as emperor.

When Lu Zhi Wei got the script, she couldn’t help but exclaim that this strategist jie jie was incredible.

If she couldn’t leave, then she stayed, killed the despot emperor and took the throne herself.
She completely fulfilled the “I can I up[1]” principle.

—— Awesome, too awesome!

It’s just……

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She looked at the strategist in front of her, then silently lowered her head.


Really good.

Nobody told her when she arrived that the female lead was Sang Wan Ci!

She quickly pulled up the original script and confirmed that 《Phoenix》never existed in the original timeline, feeling speechless.

【Most honorable high-ranking system administrator Mr.
Lao Wu, hello.
Please look.
The female lead has already gone out of the plot twice.】She covered her face with her hand helplessly, doubt on her face.
【Did you guys give me the original script and not fanfiction?】

If not, why did the female lead keep on refusing to follow the original script?

Isn’t it ridiculous?

Lao Wu: 【……】

He begun to contemplate in silence, his gaze flickering between the two protagonists.

His eyes stopped at Sang Wan Ci many times, it was like he hated not being able to drill into her mind and check it to find the problem.
Why didn’t she follow the script?

After considering it for a moment, he calmed down.

It must be because of the male protagonist halo.

The protagonist halos are attracted to each other, thus causing them to meet each other again and again by chance.

—— No worries, it’s a small problem!

Sang Wan Ci felt it was surprising too.

Why was it she was always able to meet this person?

This was a crazy devoted fan?

Was she really her crazy devoted fan?

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She frowned.

Forget it.

Lu Zhi Wei thought about it.
Since she could bump into Sang Wan Ci here, then she could progress the storyline, it was a good thing.

After thinking about it cheerfully, she took the initiative to greet the other: “Teacher Sang[2], hello.”


Sang Wan Ci replied calmly, without any hint of enthusiasm or coldness.

Until now, she still didn’t know what the person in front of her was called.

Almost as if Lu Zhi Wei had heard her thoughts, she opened her mouth again: “I just realised, I haven’t introduced myself, I’m really sorry.

“My surname is Lu, the same character as for deer.
I’m Lu Zhi Wei, I’ll be looking forward to your guidance, teacher Sang.”

Lu Zhi Wei……

Sang Wan Ci nodded lightly, indicating she had remembered it.

Lu Zhi Wei turned away and went to greet the others with Wen Yao.

It was at this time, a black van pulled up and a handsome young man got out.

The male lead for 《Phoenix》, a popular rising star, Ying Xi Ze.

As she looked at his face, Lu Zhi Wei’s eyes went up subconsciously.

It was red.

The sign of a supporting character.

—— The second male lead of the original script had appeared.

[1] 我行就我上 – This is Chinese internet slang, the full and original sentence is 你行你上 不性别哔哔.
You might have seen translations of it being “you can you up, no can no bb”.
This basically means “if you can do it, go ahead and do it.
If you can’t do it, then shut up.” So in this case, I can I up is essentially saying Sang Wan Ci’s character had the ability to do it, and she went ahead and did it. 

[2] 桑老师 – Pretty common way of addressing someone more senior than you in the entertainment industry.
Some people will call them 前辈 or seniors, although this is typically used for people who are older.
老师 or teacher is a term of respect for a colleague and can be used even if the other person is younger. 

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