ess, while the wind whipped the tree leaves into a frenzy.

In this moment, the world had become very quiet.

“You will have friends.
As long as you work hard, you’ll have everything.” Wen Yao suddenly spoke.
“Zhi Wei jie, I believe you’re a good person.
God won’t let good people down!”

She was met with a mouthful of chicken soup[1].

Even the way she was addressed was changed.

As a good person that God let down for 26 years, Lu Zhi Wei froze for a moment as her smile got deeper.

“Alright, I’ll work hard.”

At night, Lu Zhi Wei blew dry her hair as she watched her laptop screen while sitting on the sofa.
It was time to attend the “Sang Wan Ci’s works” preparatory class.

Magazines, interviews, advertisements and endorsements, movies and television shows, everything was included.

As she watched, she made notes.

After two hours, she had a general understanding of Sang Wan Ci.

Sang Wan Ci was a very strong-willed person.
Others could negotiate with her on anything, but they absolutely could not make a decision for her as she hated that sort of feeling.

Lu Zhi Wei could understand, not many people on Earth would be willing to accept it.

But it was just that plenty of people couldn’t be as free as Sang Wan Ci.

She was young, she was capable and she had a backbone.
She also had the courage to reject what she didn’t like.

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In the system’s original script, the original male lead, Qiu Luo, was a man who loved to help his girlfriend make decisions.
The two of them had quarrelled over it many times.

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Qiu Luo clearly didn’t hold the same values as Sang Wan Ci and they weren’t a match.
Even like that, they could still become the top couple that everybody envied?

Was the script really correct?

She prodded the professional who was online.

Lao Wu turned on his mic as the sound of pouring water entered her ears.

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

“What are you doing?”

Lao Wu: 【Making coffee.】

Lu Zhi Wei was shocked: “What, you actually drink stuff!”

Lao Wu: 【Nonsense, I’m a human so of course I drink stuff.
What are you making such a fuss for?】

Lu Zhi Wei was even more shocked: “I thought you were some high-tech robot!”

Lao Wu: 【…… Wake up, that sort of toy is super expensive and the technology is complex.
Right now, it can only be used to be security guards and follow simple commands.】

Lu Zhi Wei: “Such as?”

Lao Wu picked up his cup: 【Like catching rule-breaking administrators and punishing them.】

Lu Zhi Wei was even more curious: “What sort of punishment?”

Lao Wu tsk-ed at her ever-increasing questions: 【Where did this curious baby come from, stop asking questions about the system.
Spit it out, what did you come to me for?】

Lu Zhi Wei held in her curiosity and stopped asking.

Lao Wu had said before, the system and the world were secrets not to be revealed, even to the host.

But there were exceptions, it just remained to be seen if she could draw this “exception”.

Back to the main topic, Lu Zhi Wei brought up her doubts about the male lead.

Lao Wu calmly said a sentence after hearing it: 【The protagonist halo covers up all flaws.】

The lead of this world naturally had to be the most successful person, whether it’s their family background, looks or more.
Everything had to be perfect.

Although there could be small flaws with their personality that might result in small problems, but it wasn’t a big issue as the halo would cover up these flaws and magnify the lead’s own excellence.

Lu Zhi Wei furrowed her brows: “So they don’t love each other, but the halo.”

Lao Wu: 【You could say that.
More accurately, the halo magnified their attraction to each other, so they love each other more.

【As long as there’s love, people can change, they can even give up their lives for the other person.】

Lu Zhi Wei’s brows knit even tighter: “But is that really fair to them?”

Without the protagonists’ halos, would they really still like each other?

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Did anybody ask them if they were willing to be with each other?

Why was it that just because they were the leads, they had to be together?

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【Fairness doesn’t exist in the world.】

Lao Wu poured his coffee, then turned around to look at the person on the screen who was in a daze, staring off into the distance.

【It’s the same everywhere.】

—— And it’s especially harsh on you.

Lao Wu slowly sipped his coffee.

He realised that Lu Zhi Wei had a good, kind heart.

Even though she had been abandoned by the world before, when she stood at the top of the world, she was still willing to consider other people’s feelings.

How could a person like this not be liked?

Lu Zhi Wei suddenly put down her notebook and leaned back: “Then if I refuse to do it now, what would happen?”

Lao Wu calmly blew on his coffee: 【Then wait for bugs to appear and the world to descend into chaos.】

Lu Zhi Wei’s curiosity was stoked again: “What sort of bug?”

Lao Wu thought for a moment then said: 【For example, stuff that doesn’t belong in your world will appear.
It might not just be one or two.
By then, you might see stuff like ——】

【The boss fighting little monsters.

【The lead of tragic young adult stories entangled with the lead of a ghost movie.

【Mechas and immortals fighting in the sky.

【Anyway, it’ll be a mess, primordial chaos.】

After he finished speaking, Lu Zhi Wei didn’t move for a long time.
It seemed as if her eyelids were the only part of her body that was still alive.

He didn’t call out to her, lowering his head to sip his coffee.

After a while, Lu Zhi Wei said something only a villain would say.

“…… Sorry, I kind of really want to see what you just described?”


Lao Wu slowly put his cup down.

【Can the male lead be more honest and not try to take the villain’s script, thank you.】

[1] 鸡汤 – Literally chicken soup, think of it like, chicken soup for the soup.
Encouraging words etc. 

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