she wasn’t easily tricked or fooled.
As if if someone fooled her today, five hundred men in suits would be storming their doors tomorrow to “enquire” on them.

And from Lu Zhi Wei’s limited knowledge, with her identity, she really could find five hundred men to deal with people —— or more.

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t want to be enquired about, but being honest and saying there was an electronic system in her body sounded even more like a lie!

So she could only muddle her way through.

“Mm…… In everybody’s daily lives, it’s not like your legs don’t suddenly go weak, right?”

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The two of them looked at each other and time felt as if it was being stretched.
Even the seconds became long and arduous.

In the silence, Lu Zhi Wei felt like she was being too ridiculous and that she was going to be “enquired” about.

Everyone was silent.

Sang Wan Ci’s silence was the enquiry of five hundred men tomorrow.

Tough, it was too tough.

A transparent existence trying to be a good male lead was too tough.

She was hanging in silence with Sang Wan Ci when the system suddenly appeared to break the tension.

【Mission issued: Tell female lead Sang Wan Ci the following lines “you’re a bit freakish today.”, “freakishly good-looking.”】

【Time limit: Six minutes】

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

Ah, this oily smell that’s wafting through the air.

It’s hard.

Her fists were hard.

In the past, I only knew you were a king of electricity, I never thought you dabbled in oil fields!

With this occurrence, she would only have met twice with Sang Wan Ci.
Saying such lame pickup lines on the second meeting, is there a hole in your brain!

Was the original male lead Qiu Luo such an oily person?!

【This is too oily!】 She complained.

Lao Wu blandly reminded her: 【You still have to do it, within six minutes or you’ll be shocked again.

【Do you want to kneel on one knee in front of Sang Wan Ci again?】

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

She rather not.

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Or else Sang Wan Ci would probably really equate her with a mental patient.

But she still wanted to fight back, so she asked: 【Can’t you adjust the level of punishment?】

High-ranking administrator Lao Wu: 【I can.】

Lu Zhi Wei suddenly saw hope: 【I really think that saying this stuff the second time we met is a bit too ridiculous.
As my mommy fan, aren’t you planning to rescue me?】

Lao Wu said righteously: 【Yes, I’m not planning to.
Because I’m a career fan and a CP fan.
To get you two into a CP, I’m duty-bound.

【Hurry up, grown-up kids should know how to create sweetness on their own!】

Lu Zhi Wei: 【……】

Sheesh, what a career fan and CP fan!

She was speechless!

Sang Wan Ci had finished her silent contemplation and thought that Lu Zhi Wei did make some sense.

It seems like she was the one who misunderstood her that day.

Since it was a misunderstanding, she should apologise.

She was just about to open her mouth when Lu Zhi Wei’s voice floated into her ear, a bit of awkwardness audible: “Miss Sang, you’re a bit freakish today……”

Sang Wan Ci: “?”

She didn’t understand: “Freakish how?”

Lu Zhi Wei pressed her lips together tightly, her heart lurching.

“Freakishly good-looking.”

Sang Wan Ci: “……”

She silently took two steps back.

【System decision: Mission completed.

【Mission points +1】

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Lu Zhi Wei’s heart was tired.

Look at this person taking two steps back……

Qiu Luo being able to flirt with a beauty like Sang Wan Ci using such oily lines was bloody outrageous!!

Lu Zhi Wei tried her best to salvage the situation: “That…… I saw you not talking, so I wanted to lighten the atmosphere?”

Not daring to look Sang Wan Ci in the eye, she quickly continued: “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.
Wishing Miss Sang a successful audition, bye bye!”

And she even added a line: “I will always support you, work hard.”

Sang Wan Ci looked at her back as she was fleeing and raised an eyebrow.

—— What a strange girl.

Zhang Xian Rui had just returned in time to hear Lu Zhi Wei’s “I will always support you, work hard”, so she asked Sang Wan Ci: “Your fan?”

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Sang Wan Ci didn’t know whether to shake her head or nod, she could only say: “I don’t know.”

Zhang Xian Rui was followed by the director of 《Questioning Deity Sect》.

Seeing Sang Wan Ci, her eyes filled with happiness as she was left speechless.

—— This was the female lead she had in her heart, Qiao Jing!

Sang Wan Ci sat in the car, reading the script.

Zhang Xian Rui was beside her, scrolling through Weibo as she asked casually: “Did you clear up the misunderstanding with that girl?”

She added another line out of curiosity: “What misunderstanding did you two have?”

Sang Wan Ci nodded her head lightly: “The first time we met, I thought she was a scammer.”

Zhang Xian Rui: “?”

Sang Wan Ci flipped a page: “Because her legs went weak, she accidentally knelt down on one knee.”

Hearing that, Zhang Xian Rui laughed: “Maybe she was lying to you.

“Her legs weren’t weak, nor was it an accident, she’s just your fan.

“Didn’t you see? Bai Meng being proposed to by a fan on one knee is still trending on the hot search.
So, I think maybe that girl really is your fan, the crazy devoted type that wants to get married to you.”

With her actress’s face, both men and women weren’t exempted from being attracted.

Slightly startled after hearing that, Sang Wan Ci said uncertainly: “She…… shouldn’t be my fan.”

What’s a single sentence of support, it could just be politeness.

Zhang Xian Rui smiled and changed the topic, handing her phone over: “Let’s not talk about it, come look at your fans’ greasy pickup lines.”

Sang Wan Ci took the phone and looked at it.

@Stop Raining!: @Sang Wan Ci Kiddo, I went exercising today.
What sort of exercise, exercising my heart beating for you

@Can I go to your house to eat two big spoonfuls: @Sang Wan Ci Baby, I went to plant a field today.
What kind of field, a field of undying devotion to you [dog head]

@Sang Sang Look At Mommy: @Sang Wan Ci Kiddo, do you know the difference between you and the stars in the sky? The stars are in the sky, you’re in my heart [Shy]


At that moment, Sang Wan Ci suddenly thought of the two lines Lu Zhi Wei had said.

—— Miss Sang, you’re a bit freakish today.

—— Freakishly good-looking.

It was the same style as the confessions from these fans.

Kneeling on one knee.

A greasy pickup line.

“Always support”.

These clues suddenly joined together and the truth was right in front of her eyes.

Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise.

—— So she was actually a crazy devoted fan who wanted to propose???

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