ometimes if it was related, but it wasn’t too important or closely related, it would be omitted as well.

Wen Yao continued: “《Questioning Deity Sect》 still hasn’t selected their leads yet……”

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t have any expression.

With her current status, she had no way of getting a leading role.
As long as she could get a role in the show and make her first steps, it was most important.

And the female lead, Sang Wan Ci, according to the script, she should be getting ready to shoot a variety show with the original male lead, Qiu Luo.

So Lu Zhi Wei would have to work hard as a male lead, or she would never get the chance to work together with Sang Wan Ci and she could never fulfil her mission to repair the world’s storyline.

And she would have to be shocked.

—— She didn’t want to be shocked!!!


The next day, it was a pleasant, clear morning with a slight autumn breeze.

The van was on the road, with Sang Wan Ci sitting behind watching a fan video on her tablet.
It was about her and another male celebrity.

—— Qiu Luo.

The two of them had looks that had been claimed to be the best in the industry, but as new celebrities who debuted at the same time, they had never worked together till date.

But this didn’t stop the fans from cutting videos.
A particular site had plenty of such videos with many looks fans[4] screaming they were hungry, wanting the two of them to work together.

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Sang Wan Ci looked at it impassionately, not feeling anything inside.

Her manager, Zhang jie, hung up the phone and seeing as she wasn’t talking, she looked over and smiled: “the fans were just playing around.
What, you watch these too?”

Zhang jie‘s full name was Zhang Xianrui and she was a professional manager.

She had short hair, she dressed professionally and she was pretty and mature, dedicated to her work and conscientious.

Sang Wan Ci had been under her ever since she debuted, and Zhang jie was one of the few who knew Sang Wan Ci’s true identity.

Zhang jie held her phone and suddenly thought of a possibility, so she looked at Sang Wan Ci who had an unchanging expression and asked half-jokingly: “Or, Wan Ci, do you——”


Sang Wan Ci knew what she was going to say next, and she immediately denied it.

“He’s not my type.
If I liked him, why would I need to reject the variety show with him in it?”

The TV producers these days were like hunting dogs, able to sniff out prey no matter how far away it was.

On the web, someone had shipped her and Qiu Luo and the production team had invited them onto the show, wanting to borrow their popularity to boost the ratings of the show.

But she refused.

Right now, she had to shoot shows, it was more important to elevate her own abilities.

Zhang Xianrui thought that what she said made sense, so she raised an eyebrow and asked casually: “Then what is your type?”

Sang Wan Ci stayed silent for a moment then replied: “I don’t know, it’s not someone like him, in any case.”

Zhang Xianrui didn’t know where her strong opinions of Qiu Luo came from, but she still offered a warning: “Jokes aside, right now, your career is more important.”

Sang Wan Ci nodded: “Relax, Zhang jie, I know.”

It was too foolish to ruin her own career over a man.

Besides, she had to use results to prove to her father that her decision was right.
How could she let a smelly man ruin her efforts?

If she really did that, not only would she look down on herself, her father would look down on her too.

《Questioning Deity Sect》was a show with a strong female protagonist, and the main storyline was about “my life is my own”, talking about how the female lead, Qiao Jing, went from an ordinary sect disciple to the leader of an immortal sect.

The role Lu Zhi Wei was auditioning for was the role of Qiao Jing’s junior sister, the innocent sect leader’s daughter.
She loved to follow behind her sect sister like her tail.

This was the best role that was most suitable for her that she could get at the moment.

An ordinary person in the entertainment circle, it was good that she had a role, she didn’t have the right to be picky.

The audition process was quite normal, there wasn’t anything special.
Get into character, say a few lines.
It’s just that the director’s head nods were a bit more, as if he was very satisfied with her.

She didn’t dare to be 100% sure, even with the male protagonist halo.

The male protagonist halo could accidentally crash on her, who would know whether it would make another mistake.

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After the audition, she walked out and sighed in relief.

Her expectations were low, it was good enough that she tried her best.

【Believe in yourself.】Lao Wu encouraged her.

Wen Yao came up and asked concernedly: “How does it feel?”

【System decision: Mission “audition” completed.

【Mission point +1

【Please work hard, host.】

Hearing the system’s voice, Lu Zhi Wei calmly took her bag and clothes and smiled: “I tried my best.”

As she changed, she took a look around the area, looking at the role indicators on the heads of others.

They were pretty much all a warm, pale yellow colour.
As compared to the outrageous dazzling halo, this was much friendlier to the eyes.

At this moment, a buzz started amongst the crowd.

Lu Zhi Wei turned her head to look and she immediately saw the person who had used her beauty to kill her had arrived.

Sang Wan Ci’s hair was jet-black and her eyes were like stars, and when she walked, her clothes rustled as if she brought the wind with her.

Without any excessive makeup, her perfect skin was revealed and she was indeed more beautiful than anybody in the world.

The people around were all exclaiming in shock.

Only Lu Zhi Wei was different.

She was almost blinded by the female protagonist halo.

She quietly covered her eyes.

Everybody had a duty to take care of their eyes.

After ten seconds, the world looked different.

Rubbing her overstimulated eyes, Lu Zhi Wei froze as she made eye contact with Sang Wan Ci.

After quickly flipping through the script a few times to make sure Sang Wan Ci truly wasn’t in this show, she looked dumbfoundedly at the female lead in front of her.

—— Hold on, this female lead was really too much.

[1] 船到桥头自然直 – Essentially means that things will eventually work themselves out when it comes to it.

[2] 仙侠 – Xianxia is a story genre, where there’s magic and cultivation and you’re basically cultivating to immortality through martial arts etc.

[3] 问仙门 – Tried my best to translate it, but it’s pretty literal lol.

[4] 颜粉 – Basically fans who are fans because of their looks.
There are other fans like wife fan, career fan, true love fan, etc etc. 

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