The scene in front of him was overflowing with citrus power[1].

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Holding onto a romance script, Lao Wu was just about to turn away when he finally reacted.
Wait, these two are the protagonists of this romance story.

Then what was he turning away for?

The job of the system is to matchmake the protagonists, and seeing such a scene was to be celebrated.

Not only was he not going to go, but he was also even going to wave a flag and scream internally for these two protagonists that were progressing at an insane pace.

【Say yes, say yes!

【Where’s your ring? How could you propose without a ring?

【Oh, got it, propose first, ring later.】

Hearing his voice in her mind, then looking at the person in front of her, Lu Zhi Wei quickly decided to settle the problem in front of her first once her strength came back.

Rubbing her knee cap and slowly getting up, her mind whirled as she opened her mouth under Sang Wan Ci’s alert gaze: “Sang——”

Pausing, she didn’t know what to call her, so she stopped.

But without waiting for her to continue, Sang Wan Ci quickly covered Lu Zhi Wei’s mouth.

A clean, elegant fragrance wafted into Lu Zhi Wei’s nose, matching Sang Wan Ci, elegant and attractive, yet aloof and out of reach.

Even if she was standing right in front of Lu Zhi Wei.

Lu Zhi Wei blinked and looked into Sang Wan Ci’s beautiful eyes.

Sang Wan Ci asked in a low voice: “You recognise me?”

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t know what she was trying to do, so she nodded stiffly.

Sang Wan Ci continued: “Please help me keep it a secret, I don’t want to be recognised by others.”

She wasn’t in a good mood.
She had left her house to take a walk and destress, not wanting to be disturbed.

It just so happened that she had seen Lu Zhi Wei get knocked over by the kid.
Sitting there holding her forehead for such a long time with nobody else caring about her, Sang Wan Ci had finally gone to check on her out of the goodness of her heart.

Lu Zhi Wei nodded and agreed, complaining in her heart: Even a fool could tell that you don’t want to be recognised, just by the way you’re wrapped up.

Sang Wan Ci thanked her in a soft voice, as mesmerising as always.

Lu Zhi Wei suddenly thought about her life.

Sang Wan Ci had always been so radiant and beautiful, beloved by the masses.
In the end, she had become a top star, successful both in her career and her love life.

Looking at the person in front of her, her eyes sparkling like stars, her skin white as ivory[2], even her voice felt like it had a charisma buff.
No matter what word she said, it sounded incredibly attractive.

—— She really lives up to the role of a protagonist.

Lu Zhi Wei accepted this outrageous character design without hesitation.

Sang Wan Ci looked up and down: “Are you alright now?”

Lu Zhi Wei froze, unaccustomed to people caring for her, before she nodded.

Sang Wan Ci looked at her red forehead before her gaze shifted to Lu Zhi Wei’s leg, the shock of being knelt to still present.

A stranger pulling this stunt the first time they met, and she didn’t even get an explanation……

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Sang Wan Ci thought Lu Zhi Wei was a bit odd, but she didn’t let it show on her face.
She politely offered a word of advice: “If you’re not feeling well, it would be best to go to the hospital.”

Then she left. Please read at jiulian lian .
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As Lu Zhi Wei watched her walk away, the desire to explain evaporated.

Whatever, she was a transparent nobody anyway.
Sang Wan Ci would forget her soon, along with whatever embarrassing things she did.

Since that was the case, why expend energy and effort to explain?

But this thing in her brain……

Lu Zhi Wei checked that nothing had dropped out of her bag, then hugged it tightly as she rubbed her head and asked as she walked: “Who are you?”

【The system who’s here to help you.】

Lao Wu didn’t beat around the bush, giving her an explanation right away.

【I just checked the system records.
You’ve already accepted the entire script and you know the male lead is a man called ‘Qiu Luo’.
But something went wrong in your world, so the male protagonist halo dropped onto your body accidentally and made you the male lead.

【Now, we can only go along with it.

【Since you’re the male lead, you should do what a male lead would.
Having accidentally changed the world, you need to immediately become the male lead and follow the script, restoring the natural order of this world, or a bug might appear and ruin the world.

【And I am the system administrator who is responsible for helping you to finish your missions and follow the script.】

Clearly, it was the standard hero-saves-the-world shtick.

Lu Zhi Wei lowered her head and grumbled, complaining it was like a scam.

An invisible nobody becoming the male lead, it was outrageous.
Just the gender not matching up was outrageous.

—— Even if it’s an accident, it’s also outrageous!

Lao Wu was familiar with the suspicions of new hosts, and he asked calmly: 【Whether it’s a scam or not, didn’t you already experience it just now? Which scammer can give you an electric shock out of nowhere?】

Lu Zhi Wei couldn’t help the surprised exclamation that came out of her mouth: “What, it was you guys!”

“Do you know, that really hurt!”

If it wasn’t for her innate desire not to embarrass herself in front of a pretty girl, she would have been wailing in pain!

Although she had already embarrassed herself in front of Sang Wan Ci……

【I know.】Lao Wu said.
【Or else why would it be called a punishment?】

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

This was completely weird!

Lao Wu continued: 【If the host completes the mission, there’ll be a reward from the system.
If you don’t do it well, or if you take too long, then there’ll be a punishment.
It’s fair.

【But that mission that caused you to be shocked just now, it was wrongly issued by the system and not part of the normal procedures.
I’m very sorry, in the future, I’ll give you a free pass to avoid one punishment.】

It was a bit of a shame.
He had originally thought that this world was advancing so quickly without the need for the system, with the two protagonists able to run towards their happy ending hand in hand and he could get off work earlier and rest.

He didn’t expect it to be a mistake.
He sighed.

What a pity, why didn’t they just get married on the spot!

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Who cares if they’re male or female, restoring the world’s storyline was most important!

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Lu Zhi Wei: “No thanks, you can continue letting Qiu Luo be the male protagonist.
I’m afraid of pain, I can’t do it.”

【You can, you can.
Listen to me.
Besides, the male protagonist halo is already bound to you, it can’t be changed.】

“…… Ridiculous, I’m a woman!”

【I don’t care.
If you don’t complete the missions, I’ll shock you.】


What sort of domineering electric god is this system?!

She was stunned and indignant, so she could only say——

“Okay bro, no problem bro.”

Sorry, Lu Zhi Wei’s fear of pain would make her willing to listen to anyone.

Lu Zhi Wei: 【I won’t cry for too long, just one or two months.JPG】

【There’s another thing.】

Lao Wu lifted his hand and covered his lips, looking at the screen.

【You can talk to me mentally, I’ll be able to hear it.
Otherwise, you might be seen as a crazy person who talks to yourself.】

Having heard that, Lu Zhi Wei came back to reality and looked around her, realising everybody was staring at her weirdly and keeping their distance.

There was even a person wondering if they should call the mental hospital and ask if a patient had escaped.

Lu Zhi Wei looked away calmly: “It’s fine, I’m a transparent existence, they’ll forget about me soon.”

Thankfully, she had her transparent existence to save her from embarrassment.

【Wake up,】Lao Wu said.
【You’re the male protagonist with a halo now.】

This meant she had escaped from her transparent existence and she could now live like a normal human being.
Nobody would ignore her again, and nobody would forget her in the blink of an eye again.

Lu Zhi Wei stopped, looking in front silently.

Being able to live like a normal person, this was the miracle she hoped for ever since she was young.
But after waiting in vain for so many years, her heart had grown cold and she stopped believing in miracles on this earth.

Even if miracles existed, it wouldn’t happen to a human made of air.

But today, this miracle……


“You mean…… they can see me now?” She asked, uncertainly.

They weren’t just looking at air, but they were looking at a human, made of flesh and blood?

Whatever she did, other people would remember it?


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With such a certain answer, her absurd and ridiculous life was suddenly turned upside down.

Lu Zhi Wei stood on the spot, her lips curling up in a smile without her knowing.

This was unbelievable.

But she still felt pleasantly surprised by this illusion.

Until she realised one thing——

“Then won’t Sang Wan Ci remember me suddenly kneeling on one knee?!”

【Ah, yes.】


Lu Zhi Wei: “Will I have to meet her a lot in the future?”

Lao Wu: 【If the male lead doesn’t meet the female lead more, then who else would you meet?】


Lu Zhi Wei: “Alright, my three rooms and living room have been carved out[3].”

After getting off public transport and walking home, Lu Zhi Wei was still digesting the news that she had gone from being invisible to this world’s male protagonist.

As for explaining her kneeling on one knee, leave it till the next time they met.

And the system had issued a new mission.

【Mission issued: Sign on as an actress and fulfil the first encounter with the female protagonist, Sang Wan Ci.

【Time limit: One month】

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

They still had to have an encounter? Hadn’t their first encounter already been very memorable with her kneeling on one knee!

The system seemed to have heard her complaint, refreshing quickly.

【System decision: Mission “first encounter” complete.

【Mission point +1】Please read at jiulian lian .
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【Please work hard, host.】

She knew this “mission point”.

Lao Wu had explained, this was almost like a game.
With enough points saved up, the system would reward her by letting her choose a random reward.

There were all sorts of prizes, and as long as you picked them, it would come true, even if she managed to pick the dream of every modern human—— becoming obscenely rich.

It was incredibly alluring.

So the next step, she had to go to an entertainment company to audition.

As for which company, wait till she did a bit more research.
If nothing else was good, she could go back to her old agency, Sheng Yue Culture,

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Although it was to complete her mission and save the world, but to be able to go back to her dream of becoming an actress, she was secretly quite happy.

She fished out her keys and opened the door.

Lao Wu looked up to see a piece of paper taped to her door.

Four words were written on it in black marker pen—— Somebody is living here.

Lao Wu furrowed his eyebrows: 【Someone played a prank on you?】

Looking at the piece of paper, Lu Zhi Wei replied collectedly: “No, I wrote this myself.”

Lao Wu was mystified: 【Why would you write this for?】

Lu Zhi Wei replied calmly: “Sigh, I have no sense of existence.
Sometimes the landlord will forget about me, so I wrote this note to remind her.”

【……】After a moment, Lao Wu finally opened his mouth again.
【Did you live all these years like this?】

All the hosts that he had come into contact with previously were either protagonists or important characters, not people who lacked attention.

It was the first time he was meeting someone like Lu Zhi Wei, who was so small and invisible.

He had never even imagined how people like this would live.

Lu Zhi Wei’s tone was composed and steady: “Yeah, I lived like this.”

She even laughed: “Nobody to dote on me, nobody to love me.
I was like a lonely cabbage.”

Lao Wu didn’t reply, a tiny shred of uncontrollable sadness blooming in his heart.

He suddenly thought about his ex-colleague, his white moonlight.

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t continue speaking, humming a tune as she went into her house, almost as if the poor cabbage wasn’t her.

After a while——

【It’s alright,】Lao Wu’s loving voice rang out in her ear,【from now on, mommy will love you.】

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

Lao Wu: 【Lu Zhi Wei has a great future ahead, Lu Zhi Wei will be successful!】

Lu Zhi Wei was stunned: “How are you so well practised?”

Lao Wu smiled slightly: 【As a high ranking administrator, what world have I not taken care of before? Even if I’ve never eaten pork, I’ve surely seen a pig run, right?】

【Baby Lu, work hard for mommy!】


Lu Zhi Wei: “—— I don’t want a male mother.”

[1] 橘势 – This is actually a reference to the yuri manga Citrus.
It literally means “orange power”.
Jump back up.

[2] 肤色如象牙般洁白 – The first time I read this, I actually translated it as “skin colour was as white as teeth” lmao.
Until I threw it into Google translate and realised it was a shortening of 象牙 or ivory. Jump back up.

[3] 我的三室一厅已经抠出来了 – Literally means three rooms and one living room have been carved out, but this came to mean someone being in an extremely awkward situation.
When you’re awkward and unable to speak, you’ll shuffle your toe along the floor long enough to cause indentations/carvings on the floor. Jump back up.

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