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Outrageous, it was too outrageous.

Sang Wan Ci, you really are smart.

So be it if you changed the script on your own, you even came up with fanfiction for the male lead and second male lead.

Is this the new age idol drama female lead? I’m in love with it.

Lu Zhi Wei smiled helplessly: “Teacher Sang, you’re mistaken, I don’t like him.”

Sang Wan Ci looked at her, expressing her confusion: “If you don’t like him, then why would you say you’re happy to see him, and even smile while looking at his back?”

Although she had never dated, she could clearly see through such obvious actions.

If this wasn’t love, then what was?

It was only now that Lu Zhi Wei realised today’s events had been misunderstood by Sang Wan Ci.

No wonder Sang Wan Ci was staring at her so sternly just now……

Now she was curious.

Did Sang Wan Ci come to speak to her because she thought she liked Ying Xi Ze?

Was it because she didn’t want her to like Ying Xi Ze, or for another reason?

This curiosity won out over the desire for an explanation.

She couldn’t help but ask: “Teacher Sang came to speak to me because of this?”

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Sang Wan Ci didn’t deny it, forthright as always.

She stared unblinkingly at the innocent-looking person in front of her, looking calm and serious.

“We’re working together now, and you’re my fan.
No matter what, I don’t want you to be hurt because of romance.
And you have the right to understand exactly what kind of person you like.

“Ying Xi Ze ——”

Sang Wan Ci paused, giving her some time to digest the news, before she frowned and continued: “He doesn’t like you, he has someone else in his heart.

“He just treats you as a jiejie, don’t be too upset.”

The last line, even Sang Wan Ci felt was too cruel, so she changed “gege” out.

Being treated as a gege by the person you liked, which girl would want to experience such a wretched thing?

This was a bit of dignity she could help Lu Zhi Wei keep.

She didn’t expect Lu Zhi Wei’s expression to be calm beyond belief, and she was even able to smile.

“I know, Xiao Ying likes you.

“I also know he treats me as, um…… as a jiejie.”

As she spoke, she complained about the system in her heart.

Broken system, stupid system.

She didn’t even dare to be honest to the female lead about being mistaken as a man.

She was afraid Sang Wan Ci would think she was ridiculous!

Sang Wan Ci looked at her calmly.

There was no sadness or resentment in Lu Zhi Wei’s demeanour.

There was only plenty of calmness and amusement.

Almost as if it was a jiejie talking to others about her didi‘s love life.

Sang Wan Ci was dumbstruck.

Could it be…… she had really misunderstood?

Her eyebrows knit together gently as she sank into self-doubt.

Hidden under the beautiful skin, there was a certain cuteness.

Lu Zhi Wei smiled as she watched. Please read at jiulian lian .
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She took two steps back and sat on the bed as she looked at Sang Wan Ci, calmly stating: “Don’t worry, teacher Sang.
I don’t like him, I only treat him as a didi as well.

“I have no other intention when I said all that.

“I’m happy when I see him, I’m happy when I see Director Li, I’m also happy when I see our teacher Sang.

“As long as I can see everybody healthy and safe, I’m happy.”

In her life, even if there weren’t any happy surprises, as long as she could make it through the day safe, she would be happy and satisfied even if it was a boring day.

One had to learn to be content first, before they could be happy.

“As for smiling at his back……” Lu Zhi Wei thought about it and randomly found an excuse, “It’s because he wasn’t in a good mood yesterday, but he managed to get over it today, so I was happy for him as a jiejie.”

Combined with Ying Xi Ze’s reaction, Sang Wan Ci finally decided that she was the one who had misunderstood.

“Sorry, I misunderstood.”

Lu Zhi Wei hurriedly waved her hands: “It’s okay, it’s okay.
Teacher Sang was just concerned.”

She embarrassedly looked down at the hotel slippers as her heart felt warm: “I just didn’t think that teacher Sang would care about my affairs……”

Nobody had ever cared about whether or not she would be hurt, much less specially make a trip to advise her.

She was a ball of air, floating outside everybody’s world, forever silent and invisible.

But Sang Wan Ci had done it.

Perhaps it was because she had the male protagonist halo so Sang Wan Ci could see her, but Sang Wan Ci had really done it.

In her busy schedule, during the time she was supposed to go back and rest, she had come because she was scared Lu Zhi Wei would get hurt.

So it didn’t matter what reason Sang Wan Ci noticed her for, it wouldn’t stop Lu Zhi Wei from feeling she was good.

She was content. Please read at jiulian lian .
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Sang Wan Ci was very good.

The effort she put into correcting Ying Xi Ze wasn’t in vain!

Sang Wan Ci looked at her, red lips parting: “Every person’s liking is a precious gift.”

Lu Zhi Wei raised her head, making eye contact.

Sang Wan Ci continued slowly: “I just don’t wish for you to love someone who doesn’t like you, only for you to waste your feelings.”

Hearing that, Lu Zhi Wei paused.
She understood the logic, but she couldn’t help but laugh and joke: “This sounds pretty hard.
Liking someone isn’t a multiple choice question with the ability to choose whatever you want.”

But seeing Sang Wan Ci’s serious expression, her gaze turned incomparably gentle.

“But I believe it must be easy for teacher Sang.

“Because you’re so good, nobody would not like you.”

Detailed, kind, upright and adorable.

She was so beautiful nobody could refuse her, and she was even the female lead.

Sang Wan Ci was the exact opposite of “refusable”.

Sang Wan Ci tilted her head slightly as she looked at Lu Zhi Wei, not replying, as if she was trying to figure out the meaning behind her words.

Her final conclusion: It was a bunch of rainbow farts from a true love fan.

Rainbow farts were always exaggerated.

She got to her feet calmly.

Since it was a misunderstanding, then she had no need to continue disturbing Lu Zhi Wei’s rest.

“I’ll go back first, go rest.”

Lu Zhi Wei got up as well, preparing to send her to the door.

As soon as she lifted a foot, the silent system finally issued a mission ——

【Mission issued: It’s late, let the female lead Sang Wan Ci agree to stay over.

【Time limit: One minute】

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

I think this system is trying to end my life at 26!

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