Sang Wan Ci stood silently in front of Ying Xi Ze.

Two hands folded across her chest, her expression calm.

The autumn wind rustled through her hair as the plain-coloured sleeve under her coat swayed in the wind.
Clear and refined, just like an immortal.

She looked beautiful and proper.

But such a beautiful and proper person had just said something that made Ying Xi Ze unable to respond.

Even in his dreams, Ying Xi Ze had never expected someone that he previously liked to spread rumours about him.

She even made up two rumours at once.

He couldn’t continue the conversation.

—— Teacher Sang, you’re the real conversation killer, my respects.

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly, like butterfly wings as Sang Wan Ci’s clear eyes shone and reflected the speechless expression of the man in front of her.

She furrowed her eyes as well.

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It was a simple question.

But if it wasn’t because he liked her, then why would he be so close to another girl when he had someone else he liked?

And he was gentle and incredibly considerate to her as well.

It was hard for others not to suspect he had other motives.

Ying Xi Ze’s heart felt tired.

Look, because he was so tired he hallucinated that Lu Zhi Wei was a man, they were both misunderstood now.

And it was even misunderstood by Sang Wan Ci!

He swore that he would definitely take better care of himself in the future.

“It’s not like this, teacher Sang misunderstood……” He rubbed his forehead frustratedly.
“Lu jie and I are innocent, I absolutely don’t have that sort of intent towards her.”

He quickly raised three fingers to the sky: “I swear!”

Sang Wan Ci’s eyes were measuring him up: “You don’t have that sort of intent towards her, then why are you being so nice to her and getting so close?”

Being overly nice and ambiguous would also make others misunderstand.

Now Lu Zhi Wei had fallen into that trap and become the person who had one-sided feelings.

If he didn’t like her, then he should have said so from the start and maintained a distance, not getting too close and giving people the chance to hope.

Ying Xi Ze’s expression suddenly became complicated.

Sang Wan Ci: “?”

What’s with his expression?

Did she hit the nail on the head, and he started to feel guilty?

Ying Xi Ze considered the issue of damaging Lu Zhi Wei’s reputation and his heart sank, so he decided to just reveal his own embarrassing secret: “I won’t hide it from you anymore, I got close to Lu jie previously because ——

“I thought she was a man.”

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Such a cute girl, you thought she was a man?!

Ying Xi Ze felt embarrassed and didn’t dare to look Sang Wan Ci in the eye, his gaze avoiding her: “I’ve been exhausted these few days, my eyes and my brain weren’t working too well, so I……

“I admit this reason sounds really outrageous, but it really is the truth.
Teacher Sang, please believe me!

“Lu ge and I —— No, Lu jie and I really don’t have that sort of relationship.
I’ve been treating her as my own bro, no, own sister!”

He was sincere and urgent, every word, every action, each tone was as if he was worried Sang Wan Ci wouldn’t believe him, worried that he would implicate the innocent Lu Zhi Wei to be misunderstood as well.

If that really happened, then he would truly be a sinner.


Sang Wan Ci lowered her eyes as she rubbed her forehead with her fingers, “I am utterly speechless” was written all over her face.

The atmosphere suddenly went silent.

Even the autumn wind blowing past their ears were trying to depict this silence.

Ying Xi Ze suddenly really wanted to live on another planet.

Ying Xi Ze: It’s too awkward, please save this child.

After a moment.

“I understand it now.” Sang Wan Ci opened her mouth.

Four words that came out of the blue and were incredibly peaceful.

Ying Xi Ze paused for a moment, shock and joy appearing on his face: “You believe me?”

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Sang Wan Ci looked at him calmly.

“If I don’t believe you, I’m afraid you’ll kill yourself to prove it.”

Ying Xi Ze: “?”

Was I so exaggerated just now?

Suddenly, he thought of something and had to ask: “But why did you suddenly start caring about us out of the blue?”

Sang Wan Ci corrected him: “I don’t care about you.”

Then she used a tone that couldn’t be refuted with and said naturally: “I only care about Lu Zhi Wei.”

Lu Zhi Wei was her fan and gave her so much support.

By right, she couldn’t watch Lu Zhi Wei jump into a fire pit and get hurt as her idol.

Ying Xi Ze rubbed his head in confusion: “?”

Why could she say this sort of stuff in such an obvious tone?

He felt like something wasn’t quite right somewhere???

After shooting the scenes for that day, Lu Zhi Wei had already gone back to the hotel to eat, shower, memorise her lines and knit.

And wait for Sang Wan Ci.

She didn’t walk out of the room at all the entire night.

She didn’t have much to do in terms of entertainment, and no matter what she did, it would certainly only be with herself.

So she could stay at home for long periods of time and entertain herself.

And Sang Wan Ci had said she was going to come over to find her.

Thus she didn’t dare to run around, waiting obediently in the room.

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The sky outside the window had gotten dark quite a while ago.

Lu Zhi Wei stopped knitting and looked at the time.

She didn’t know what time the filming crew would wrap up.

And she didn’t know if Sang Wan Ci actually remembered their promise to meet.

Because she was used to being forgotten, she didn’t believe other people’s promises easily.

Luckily, there was still a Lao Wu accompanying her.

【She still hasn’t come.】Lao Wu said.

“Mm.” Lu Zhi Wei replied, her face unchanging.

Seeing the situation, Lao Wu joked: 【You don’t seem anxious at all, aren’t you scared she forgot?】

Lu Zhi Wei said calmly: “So be it if she forgot, it’s not the first time I’m encountering such an issue.

“Even if she forgets today, we can still meet tomorrow.”

Lao Wu asked: 【Not the first time? This happened to you before too?】


Lu Zhi Wei distractedly spoke of the past.

“When I was still studying, a classmate invited me to have shaved ice after school so she asked me to wait for her at the shop entrance.
I was really happy then, thinking I could finally have a friend.

“So once school ended, I carried my bag and rushed to the shaved ice shop to wait.
In the end, I waited until the owner closed the shop, I waited until the moon was high in the sky, but I didn’t see her at all.

“The next day, I asked her why she didn’t show up.

“And she said: ‘I forgot.'”

She laughed: “Sigh, she didn’t even remember that she invited me out.”

【……】Lao Wu suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“After that, other people invited me too, but I was stood up every time without fail.

“After that, I got used to it and I got smarter.
Either I rejected them, or I just went home after school ended.”

Lu Zhi Wei tore off a small fluorescent sticky note and stuck it by the side of the paper, patting it with a relaxed expression.

“As long as I don’t go, as long as I don’t have expectations, the person hurt won’t be me.”

As she said that, her expression suddenly changed, as if she was a kid who was praising her own cleverness.


Lao Wu stayed silent.

This was the life of a transparent entity.

Perpetually being forgotten.

Perpetually being hurt.

Unlike normal people, they had no power to change this sort of situation.
And nobody would be there for them to vent or complain to.

Because nobody would believe them, and nobody would remember the pain they’ve suffered.

But Lu Zhi Wei had lived well.

No extravagance, no expectations, she was optimistic and hardworking, shining on herself like she was the sun.

【If Sang Wan Ci also forgot, you really won’t be upset?】 Lao Wu sighed, his expression filled with compassion.
【Not even a little bit?】

Lu Zhi Wei’s expression stiffened for a second before relaxing: “I’ll still be a bit sad.

“Someone who’s already become the male lead but still remains so transparent, it’s a bit saddening to hear.

“But thinking about it, if teacher Sang forgot, then I can……”

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“Go to bed earlier!”


That was all she was good for.

At least sleep would make her happier, she didn’t have to care about anything when she closed her eyes.

At this moment, a knock came from the door.

Lu Zhi Wei quickly got up and looked out through the peephole.

Sang Wan Ci.

Sang Wan Ci who didn’t forget their promise to meet.

A tightly coiled string inside Lu Zhi Wei’s chest relaxed as she couldn’t help but smile, a gentle and happy light shining from her eyes.

It was the first time someone had showed up when they said they would.

Even if it was the most ordinary meeting.

So this was the feeling of not having to wait for nothing.

It was really nice.

Thinking about that, she opened the door for Sang Wan Ci.

Sang Wan Ci spoke first to explain: “Sorry I’m late, filming just wrapped.
Did I disturb your rest?”

—— At least you didn’t forget.

Lu Zhi Wei smiled: “No, I wasn’t sleeping yet.

“And it’s alright, teacher Sang has worked so hard, I’m really glad you could come.
Please come in.”

The hotel she was staying in naturally couldn’t compare to how nice and big Sang Wan Ci’s was.

But at least it was clean and quiet with an okay environment.

She washed a cup and poured a glass of hot water for Sang Wan Ci: “Careful, it’s hot.”

Sang Wan Ci sat down on the sofa by the window and took the cup, thanking her.

She was impeccably elegant.

“You’re welcome.”

Lu Zhi Wei stood by her side, looking all around for a moment before opening her mouth: “What does…..
Teacher Sang want?”

Sang Wan Ci put the cup down and looked up at her.

Those eyes hooked Lu Zhi Wei’s gaze as if they had magic.
rendering her unable to look away.

Lu Zhi Wei suddenly fell silent, praising Sang Wan Ci’s beauty in her heart.

How could there be someone as beautiful as Sang Wan Ci on this earth?

How exactly were her genes arranged?

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Her whole name being suddenly called brought her back to her senses as she looked at the pretty woman on the sofa.

Only to see her red lips part as she said: “You lied to me.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

Sang Wan Ci had a straight face on: “You said you were only just friends with Ying Xi Ze, but you actually fell for him.

“You fell into his trap.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “Ah???”

Who said she liked Ying Xi Ze?

When did she fall into a trap, how come she didn’t know?

Where did Sang Wan Ci come up with such an outrageous idea!

Lu Zhi Wei opened her mouth confusedly: “Who said that?”

Sang Wan Ci was truthful: “I found it out myself.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

The female lead wasn’t just not following the script, now she was even beginning to write her own script???

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