After looking for a moment, Sang Wan Ci looked away, even more determined to speak to Lu Zhi Wei that night.

But before that, she might need to speak to Ying Xi Ze.

Lu Zhi Wei’s warmth and sincerity made Ying Xi Ze even more guilty and awkward.

He felt that he was utterly despicable.

Look, take a good look.

She’s such a good girl, how could you one-sidedly decide she was a man!

If your eyes are useless, then just donate them, Ying Xi Ze!

Forget it, nobody would want these eyes even if they were donated.

He battled with his own thoughts forlornly.

Seeing that he didn’t dare to happily run over and greet her as he usually did, Lu Zhi Wei felt for him and shamed the system: 【Lao Wu, see what troubles you guys caused.
He’s gonna be able to carve out Barbie’s fantasy castle[1] soon!】

【?】 Lao Wu pushed up his spectacles.
【Don’t try and shift the blame like that, it wasn’t us that made your world have an accident.】

That’s what he said, but he wouldn’t tell her the detailed reason when she asked.

Lu Zhi Wei pouted. Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

Lao Wu acted as if he didn’t see her reaction: 【Alright, Ying Xi Ze needs you now, go on.】

Lu Zhi Wei raised an eyebrow: 【We agreed on the free punishment pass yeah.】

Lao Wu: 【Got it, got it.】

Ying Xi Ze’s bug had been fixed, but this time, there was no way to put a memory-fixing program in as well.
So he still remembered himself thinking of Lu Zhi Wei as a man, and he would feel ashamed and upset over it.

If his character kept on doubting himself and it was serious, he might end up doubting the world he lived in.

So Lao Wu immediately made a deal with Lu Zhi Wei.

For her to guide him through this difficulty and dispel his suspicions.

And when a character encountered a problem that involved the system, they would be more willing to accept hints from outside the world, merging them into their own actions and making sense of it.

In a nutshell, it’s basically —— easily bluffed.

As thanks, the system was willing to gift Lu Zhi Wei with one pass to avoid punishment.

Lu Zhi Wei originally wanted to take it one step further and ask for a mission point, but Lao Wu rejected her.

He also had the ability to go over his host and help Ying Xi Ze get rid of his suspicion, but seeing as Lu Zhi Wei was scared of pain and pitiful, he decided to compassionately open the back door[2] for her once.

One punishment pass, that was the limit he could give as a mother fan.

This sort of high-importance tool like a mission point…… just obediently rely on clearing Sang Wan Ci’s missions to obtain it.

Although she couldn’t get the mission point, Lu Zhi Wei was also happy to be able to get the punishment pass.

Something is better than nothing.

Pull up her sleeves and do it, the Ying Xi Ze now was easily bluffed anyway!

Ying Xi Ze watched Lu Zhi Wei walk towards himself, feeling helpless immediately and too ashamed to talk to her.

He might be able to hide for this moment, but he couldn’t hide forever.

Lu Zhi Wei treated him so well, he treated her as an older brother and she really acted as an older brother to him, guiding him, accompanying him and giving him warmth.

Such a good person, how could he make a mistake and run away without even apologising?

That’s not what a man should do!

Thinking about it, he willed his legs to stay still as he clenched his fist.
When Lu Zhi Wei had walked to his side, he finally opened his mouth and softly said: “Sorry.”

He lowered his head in shame, like a kid who had done something wrong: “Jie……”

Lu Zhi Wei paused then smiled.

“What are you apologising for, what did you do wrong?”

Ying Xi Ze saw her smile, then he looked around, there was nobody.

With an embarrassed expression, his voice got even softer until it was almost inaudible: “I thought you were a man for the last few days……”

“Sigh.” Please read at jiulian lian .
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Lu Zhi Wei patted his back, almost as if to comfort him.

“Isn’t it just thinking I’m a guy, what sort of big issue is that.
Plenty of people thought I was a boy when I had short hair as a kid.”

Ying Xi Ze: “But you have long hair now……”


Lu Zhi Wei patted his shoulder helplessly: “It’s alright, I heard your assistant say you’ve been extremely exhausted this year.
So I can understand, it must be hallucinations from lack of rest.

“In the past, when I worked too hard, I would start hallucinating too.”

Hearing that, Ying Xi Ze’s eyes lit up slightly as he felt a bit relieved: “Really? What did you hallucinate about?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “I saw money flying in front of my eyes, as if I was going to strike it rich.”

She looked up at the sky, and her tone was incredibly sincere: “If only it wasn’t a hallucination.”

She really wanted to be a rich person……

Even if she was invisible.

Ying Xi Ze: “……”

He patted her shoulder assuringly.

“Ge —— No, jie, you will be rich, you definitely will be.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “I’ll borrow your auspicious words then.
You too, I hope you can drive your Lamborghini soon.”

Ying Xi Ze: “Alright alright, thank you jie.”

At this point, Lu Zhi Wei saw his mood had lifted and she changed the topic: “Feeling better now?”

Ying Xi Ze paused and nodded embarrassedly: “I’m better now, thank you.
I mistook you but you still comforted me……”

Honestly, hearing Lu Zhi Wei say that she would also hallucinate when tired, his guilt had indeed dissipated slightly.

As long as there was a reason to explain their behaviour, people would always feel better.

But he was also sincerely sorry towards Lu Zhi Wei.

He was the one in the wrong, but it was Lu Zhi Wei comforting him.

“Don’t be so polite.” Lu Zhi Wei smiled.
“Didn’t I also become your older brother for so many days? But if you’re really too tired, you should take a break.
If you’re not well, go to the hospital.
Work is important, but it will never be more important than your body.”

She spoke seriously, as if Ying Xi Ze had recognised her wrongly because he was too tired.

Going to the hospital would be good too, it wouldn’t be a problem, just take it as doing some tests for peace of mind.

Lao Wu couldn’t help but tsk twice.

—— My daughter really is the best at acting.

Lu jie is really good. Please read at jiulian lian .
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Ying Xi Ze thought emotionally.

In the future, I will definitely treat this older sister well!

“Alright, I know.
I’ll take care of my health for sure, thank you Lu jie.”

Lu Zhi Wei saw that he really accepted this hint and she sighed in relief.

He was really very easily lied to.

“Then, Lu jie, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go talk to Director Li.” Ying Xi Ze was very obedient in front of her now.

Lu Zhi Wei: “Go ahead.”

Ying Xi Ze: “I’ll treat you to a meal next time!”

Lu Zhi Wei nodded, not being polite with him.

【Punishment pass, I’ve recorded it for you.】 Lao Wu said.

【Awesome!】 Lu Zhi Wei smiled happily, watching Ying Xi Ze’s retreating back.

Punishment pass.

That was something that could save her wretched life.

Thank you di di, Lu ge didn’t treat you well in vain.

Sang Wan Ci finished speaking to Director Li about her scenes and was about to turn around to prepare.

But she unexpectedly saw Lu Zhi Wei standing with her hands behind her back happily and looking in their direction.

—— Looking at Ying Xi Ze’s back.

Sang Wan Ci: “……”

She could be so happy just by looking at his back.

—— She had really fallen into the trap.

… Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

Today’s scene was about the weak female lead being pursued by her enemy.
Xiao He, her maid, had worn her clothes in disguise to be bait and distract her enemies, allowing the female lead to escape while she herself would almost die.

At the most critical moment, the male lead would bring his men and fight his way to her, rescuing Xiao He and telling her an important line: “You can’t die, you’re the most important person to her.
You have to live well.”

This scene was to strengthen the bond between master and servant, and to help improve the male and female lead’s relationship.

It was also to set the scene for when the relationship between the male lead and female lead would, one day, fall apart irreparably.

When Xiao He was leading the enemies away, her shoulder had been slashed once by an enemy, but she held on.

The male lead saw her pale face with sweat all over, but he didn’t have any medication, so he could only wrap up the wound to stop the bleeding, and then treat it when he brought her back to his military camp.

Afraid she was in pain, the male lead even spoke to her to distract her.

Ying Xi Ze, acting as the male lead, tore off a strip of cloth from his clothes and sat beside Lu Zhi Wei.

In her hand, she was still holding on tightly to the wooden hairpin her young miss had given her.
It was hard for her to open her mouth to speak, but the moment she did, she called out for her young miss.

As if she only had her young miss as a single ray of light in her life.

Ying Xi Ze had gotten into character and he laughed, asking as he bandaged the wound: “Every word out of your mouth is about your family’s young miss.
Why don’t you consider yourself a bit more, you almost died.”

Lu Zhi Wei acted brilliantly in bringing Xiao He’s hurt state alive.
She looked at him with an ashen face, but her eyes were determined as she opened her mouth: “I’m not afraid.

“Young miss is righteous and willing to die for everybody in the world.

“I, I naturally also, also am willing to die for young miss.”

After she said that, she squeezed the wooden hairpin even tighter, as if afraid she would lose it.

Her family’s young miss cared for everybody in the world, to the point that she was willing to die for them.

She was nowhere near as noble and self-sacrificing as her young miss, nor was she as intelligent or as capable.
She only had one bit that was unsurprising, the desire and willingness to sacrifice everything for her young miss.

It was what she could do, it was repaying her young miss.

Lu Zhi Wei’s gaze was as searing as the sun, with a roiling heat that couldn’t be disguised even with the paleness of her skin.

Watching her behind the screen, Director Li felt like she had been sucked in by this character, able to truly feel her dedication and devotion towards her young miss.

At the same time, she felt thankful for Lu Zhi Wei’s arrival.

It was great that Lu Zhi Wei could play the role of Xiao He.

With Lu Zhi Wei’s current acting skills, it was already enough to bring this character entirely to life.

She wasn’t rushed or panicked, and she had a good foundation.

If there was a chance in the future, she would still want to work with Lu Zhi Wei.

On the monitoring screen, Ying Xi Ze was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said his line.

“You can’t die, you’re the most important person to her.
You have to live well.”

Director Li didn’t shout to cut, so the two of them could only keep acting.

Lu Zhi Wei thought about Xiao He’s character setting, and asked doubtfully: “Even more, even more important than you?”

Hearing the unexpected line, Ying Xi Ze paused then smiled helplessly: “Mm, right now, it does seem to be that way.”

Lu Zhi Wei stopped talking, deep in thought.

“Cut ——” Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

Director Li finally spoke, looking pleased.

“This scene is good.
That improvisation was good too, you’ve worked hard.”

The two assistants immediately brought their coats.
Ying Xi Ze reached out to take the coat from Wen Yao and handed it to Lu Zhi Wei: “It’s chilly, don’t catch a cold.”

Lu Zhi Wei took it: “Thanks.”

Sang Wan Ci was standing nearby, watching the two of them.

The more she watched, the more she felt Ying Xi Ze wasn’t right.

If he had someone he liked, then why did he not keep himself in check and maintain a distance from other women, choosing instead to continually get close to her and treat her well?

Wasn’t this the rumoured ruler of the sea[3], treating Lu Zhi Wei as a fish to be raised?

Poor Lu Zhi Wei was even mesmerised by him……

No, she couldn’t let this go on any longer.

“Alright, cut —— This take is perfect, Wan Ci’s acting is very good.” Director Li smiled.
“Okay, let’s all take a break, we’ll resume later.”

As soon as Director Li’s order came down, Sang Wan Ci immediately got out of character.

She lifted her head to see Lu Zhi Wei hugging her yarn and looking toward her approvingly.

This was the approval of a fan towards their idol, the adoration of a fan towards their idol.

In that moment, she became even more confident.

Ying Xi Ze also sighed in relief, acting with Sang Wan Ci was simply too demanding of himself.

But before he could catch his breath, he was taken aside by Sang Wan Ci for “a word”.

After ensuring nobody was listening to them, Sang Wan Ci asked immediately: “Mr Ying, do you like me?”

Ying Xi Ze was stunned. Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

Sang Wan Ci had said it too naturally, without any sort of narcissism at all.
Almost as if her being liked by someone was as common as having a meal.

Coming back to his senses, Ying Xi Ze sighed.

Actually, it wasn’t hard to tell from his previous attitude.
How could someone as clever as Sang Wan Ci not be able to guess?

He didn’t deny that this was something that had existed before.

Sang Wan Ci didn’t lead him on either, saying: “I don’t like you, that’s my answer.”

Ying Xi Ze didn’t feel upset or disappointed at this moment, only an unexpected sense of relief.

To him, Sang Wan Ci was the moon that was out of reach.

Luckily he had already woken up and decided to let go of her.

Who knew that the next second, he would hear Sang Wan Ci ask: “You like Lu Zhi Wei?”

Ying Xi Ze was thunderstruck: “Who spread this rumour, they’re too much!”

Sang – rumour creator but not spreader – Wan Ci looked at him as her red lips parted and she spat out a single word: “Me.”

Ying Xi Ze: “……?”

Her words were clearly so short, but why was it so difficult to reply??

[1] 芭比梦幻城堡 – Literally Barbie’s fantasy castle.
The Chinese have a saying, when you’re awkward, you end up carving out three rooms and a living room because you’re shuffling your toe/feet across the floor.
Imagine how awkward he must be to carve out an entire castle. Jump back up.

[2] 后门 – When you get an opportunity not by your own merit but by connections etc, you’re said to get in via the back door. Jump back up.

[3] 海王 – In China, people who lead multiple partners on as backup plans for possible relationships are said to be “raising fish”.
These people are then called 海王 or “ruler of the sea”.
It’s gender-neutral and can be used for both females and males, although most of the time, it’s used for men. Jump back up.

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