Lu Zhi Wei looked at the “mutually following each other” on the screen.

Four simple words, but they shattered her wishful thinking and didn’t even give her the chance to try and deceive herself that it was an imitation account of Sang Wan Ci.

She looked up at the sky speechlessly, her heart suddenly feeling heavy.

Lu Zhi Wei: I don’t know why the word “danger” keeps circling around me……


Why would a person why was supposed to be filming be looking at her phone?

God, are you doing this on purpose?

Then she could only rely on her wits to let God know that she, Lu Zhi Wei, wouldn’t admit defeat!

She quickly opened a private chat with Sang Wan Ci and started acting out her script with all the professionalism of an actor.

[Lu Zhi Wei]: ? My god, teacher Sang, I didn’t think you would follow me back!

[Lu Zhi Wei]: I was only planning to secretly follow you……

She didn’t know if Sang Wan Ci would look at her messages.

It was more likely she wouldn’t see it.

But she didn’t have any other way to contact Sang Wan Ci.
Running to find Sang Wan Ci now was clearly going to be too awkward, so she could only struggle a bit in this tiny space.

No matter whether Sang Wan Ci saw it or not, at least she tried!

In the end, a new message popped out in the private chat within a second.

[Sang Wan Ci]: ? Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

What a soulful question mark.

Lu Zhi Wei was speechless.

But she could still try to quibble.
She could definitely keep her side job of being a Sang fan!

[Lu Zhi Wei]: Teacher Sang, you actually do read your private messages!

[Lu Zhi Wei]: Teacher Sang, I have to explain myself.
I only followed you now because I was afraid I would disturb you in the past and make you feel uncomfortable

[Lu Zhi Wei]: But having chatted with teacher Sang today, I found that teacher Sang doesn’t mind that I like you, so I finally found the courage to follow teacher Sang, and silently support teacher Sang

[Lu Zhi Wei]: I really didn’t expect teacher Sang to follow me back, I’m really super surprised 【sparkle.jpg】

Act, no matter how awkward it was she would just keep acting.

She could definitely bluff her way through.

Or else, how was she going to face Sang Wan Ci in the upcoming days, they had so many more scenes together!

Lao Wu was watching the whole thing amusedly.

—— My good daughter, you really are an actress.
Your adaptability is not bad.

Sang Wan Ci leaned against the back of her seat, her long fingers gripping her phone.

The bright phone screen illuminated her clear eyes, shining like a moon on the surface of a pond.

It was currently showing the messages Lu Zhi Wei sent across.

Every word was a fan’s careful love for her idol, herself, and her happiness over a tiny thing like being followed back by her idol.

It was so full that it seemed as if it would spill out of the screen and appear in front of her, asking her to believe it.

[Sang Wan Ci]: It’s alright.

She believed it. Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

[Sang Wan Ci]: It’s just an account, you can follow it however you want.

What Lu Zhi Wei liked was her, a living, breathing person.

An account without someone to control it was a dead thing, what was there to mind?

She was just a bit curious why Lu Zhi Wei only followed her now.
After all, Lu Zhi Wei had made it sound as if she had been a fan for a very long time.

Seeing her reply, Lu Zhi Wei sighed in relief.

A crisis had been averted, she had made it!

【It’s really too difficult.】Even Lao Wu, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but comment.

Lu Zhi Wei replied while sending Sang Wan Ci a cute sticker: 【That’s right, it’s really too difficult for me, even Qiu Luo never encountered such treatment.】

Thinking of the original storyline, she rarely saw Qiu Luo embarrassed.

But when it came to her, awkwardness and embarrassment were like her three meals a day, not missing one at all.

If the female lead was out of line, then the male lead would suffer.

The biggest problem was that she couldn’t directly understand Sang Wan Ci through the storyline.

Some of Sang Wan Ci’s details were unknown, such as how much money her family actually had and what her parents were called, the storyline totally didn’t have them at all, requiring the host to figure it out themself.

Lao Wu called it an immersive experience, the objective was to let her as a host get to know and understand the female lead step by step, slowly realising the female lead’s charisma like the original male lead did and thus fall deeply for her.

【It’s meaningless if everything can be provided.】That’s what Lao Wu said at the time.

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t know if she would fall deeply or not, but she was going to die of embarrassment soon.

She put away her phone and sighed deeply.

It was pretty cliché to save the world, but it really wasn’t easy……

Seeing the situation, Lao Wu reassured her: 【Alright, seeing how miserable you are, I’ll tell you a piece of good news so you can cheer up.

【Ying Xi Ze’s bug will be able to be fixed really soon.】

Lu Zhi Wei stopped in her tracks and looked up.

Lao Wu’s voice clearly landed in her ear: 【You won’t have to be eagerly invited to the male bathroom by him anymore.】

Lu Zhi Wei: “!”

This is a piece of excellent news!

“Approximately when will it be fixed, is there an estimate?”

She was so excited she asked her question out loud.

Looking at the slow-moving buffer bar, Lao Wu lowered his head as he started peeling an orange: 【Probably tomorrow.】

Lu Zhi Wei’s eyes widened into two circles as they sparkled as if they were hiding stars.

Great, she was starting to look forward to tomorrow!

… Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

Sang Wan Ci was bored, so she opened Lu Zhi Wei’s profile.

It was empty, there was nothing advertised there.

There were only a few posts, and it was all showcasing Lu Zhi Wei’s handmade trinkets and crafts.

Those unaware would think that Sheng Yue Culture had signed a livestreamer who did handicrafts.

She accidentally tapped into Lu Zhi Wei’s following list.

There weren’t many people there, just a few dozen or so accounts and Sheng Yue’s artistes made up the bulk of them.

She scrolled a few times and quickly reached the end.

She saw the first-ever person Lu Zhi Wei had followed.

It wasn’t Sheng Yue’s official account, nor was it an artiste from Sheng Yue.

It was Meng Lian Yu.

The famous film empress Meng Lian Yu.

Her finger stilled for a moment as she started scrolling up, her expression not changing.

Film emperor.



Ying Xi Ze.

Her gaze stopped here.

She didn’t care when Lu Zhi Wei had followed Ying Xi Ze, and she didn’t care if they followed each other.

At that moment, she only had Zhang Xian Rui’s words in her mind.

—— I can tell that kid Ying Xi Ze likes you.
If Lu Zhi Wei likes him, she’d most probably get hurt.

Get hurt……

Her beautiful eyes froze over.

Lu Zhi Wei, she…… probably didn’t like Ying Xi Ze right?

She wasn’t 100% sure, and after a moment, she decided.

It was time to make things clear to Ying Xi Ze.

And she had to remind Lu Zhi Wei too, she can’t watch as her fan jumped into the fire pit[1].

…… Please read at jiulian lian .
wordpress .

The moon tonight was exceptionally bright.

After the last scene, the production crew started packing up.

Ying Xi Ze bowed humbly to the crew as he thanked them: “You’ve worked hard.”

And then, his assistant accompanied him back to the hotel to rest.

“Ying ge, have a good rest.
Call me if there’s anything.”

Ying Xi Ze nodded.

“I’ll go first.
If you want breakfast, let me know, I’ll send it over tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, you’ve worked hard, goodnight.”

After his assistant left, Ying Xi Ze wasn’t in a rush to sleep.
He showered and then pulled open the curtains, standing there alone for a long time looking at the moon.

The moon was white, perfect and flawless.

This was moonlight, forever high in the sky and difficult to touch.

Humans shouldn’t obsess over something that was out of their reach.

He pulled the curtains together, blocking out the soundless moonlight.

It was time to sleep, what was he doing late at night.

He still had to work hard for his Lamborghini.

Oh, he had to treat Lu ge to a meal tomorrow too, to thank him for his guidance today.

Thinking about it, he washed his face and got into bed.

Just as he was on the edge of sinking into slumber, Lao Wu’s buffer bar finally reached 100%.

The bug was fixed immediately, just like the moonlight today, silently.

It was as if nothing had happened.

The next day, Ying Xi Ze got out of bed and washed up.

As the cold water hit his face, his memory was awakened.

He suddenly realised something.

Did I do…… something utterly ridiculous yesterday?

He looked at himself in the mirror.

Pushing aside his lethargy, his memory played back in his consciousness.

He remembered ——

He called Lu Zhi Wei, Lu ge.

And he even asked Lu Zhi Wei to go to the male bathroom.

But Lu Zhi Wei was a woman……

His assistant had just walked up to his door with breakfast when he heard the sound of someone having a mental breakdown behind the door ——

“Am I f-cking sick!!!”

Assistant: “?”

What happened???

[1] 火坑 – Basically means a torturous place or a place of suffering.

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