d managed to save money yet again.

She took out a coin for the bus fare, feeling her luck today was actually quite good.
Actually, with how optimistic she was, every day felt good to her.

Even though the world couldn’t see her, even though she was as invisible as air.
As long as she could live healthily and love herself, life could be just as fulfilling.

But nobody would be able to escape the saying “what goes up must come down[2]” in their life.

She was still feeling happy the previous second, when the next moment, she had just walked to the side of the traffic light when she was knocked over by someone.

Her body flailed as her canvas bag dropped to the ground and a “bang” sounded out——

Even a concert wouldn’t have been as loud as that sound her head made.

A child ran by in a hurry. Please read at jiulian lian .
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He paused and scratched his head, feeling as if he had bumped into something.
Not turning around to look, he ran off again.

Leaving Lu Zhi Wei there, her face contorted in pain.

The crowd surged forward, the pedestrians walking by her without even looking at her for more than a second.
They wouldn’t even think about her, whether she was okay.

Only she knew that it hurt like hell!

She was afraid of pain, she had been ever since she was young.

A slight ache for someone else would be amplified multiple times when it came to her, attacking her nervous system without mercy.
It was as if there were uncountable nails drilling into her entire body without rest.
It hurt so badly she wanted to throw up blood and die on the spot!

Lu Zhi Wei’s heart raged as tears gathered at the corners of her eyes.

Wild children were really too hateful!

They were the bane of the world! Enemies of the entire galaxy!!!

【Zzt zzt—— Zzt zzt——】

【System notification: successful access.】

A foreign voice broke her train of thought as her hand trembled slightly.

Just now…… Did she hear something?

【System notification: data download complete.】

That electronic voice rang out again, as if it was isolated from the world, unable to be accessed or caught.

It was too sci-fi-esque to be believable.

Doubt flooded Lu Zhi Wei’s face, but before she could consider this deeper, a bunch of foreign memories flooded her mind.
It was like a story, with a beginning and an end, with the main character and side characters, but she wasn’t inside.

And as for the main characters, she knew them.
They were a pair of popular, good-looking new entrants into the acting scene this year—— Sang Wan Ci and Qiu Luo.

She was forced to finish watching Sang Wan Ci and Qiu Luo’s life, almost like a TV drama, and she didn’t know what to feel.

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In the heat of the moment, she didn’t know if she should have on a gossipy “oh my god, the two of them are actually a couple” expression or a shocked “what the hell is going on” expression.

At this point, that voice sounded out again.

【System notification: the male protagonist’s halo has been connected.】

Male, male what???

She was utterly dumbfounded, then she heard a clear, soft, mature female voice floating next to her ear: “Are you alright?”

An autumn breeze brushed past as an elegant, fresh fragrance filled the air, gently enveloping Lu Zhi Wei.

She lifted her head slowly as she caught a glimpse of a pair of eyes that was as beautiful as the stars.
The person in front of her was wearing a black mask and a cap, evidently trying to hide her face.

But just based on the half of her face that was exposed, she was already incredibly pretty.
At such a close distance, Lu Zhi Wei could recognise her immediately.

—— Sang Wan Ci.

Her face had been deeply carved into Lu Zhi Wei’s memory, simply because she was too good looking.

She was a slender, ephemeral beauty who had an outstanding bearing.
Even the most beautiful sunshine and the holiest moon couldn’t compare to her beauty.

At such a close distance, her good looks were even more impressive.
Nobody would even dare to photoshop their selfies to look like this, but she could actually be born with a face like this!

Sang Wan Ci didn’t realise her cover had been blown, bending over and stretching out a hand to pick up the canvas bag Lu Zhi Wei had dropped.
Her long hair slid over her skinny shoulder as she leaned over, almost as if she was filming a shampoo commercial.

Lu Zhi Wei was still in a daze.

Sang Wan Ci handed the bag over to her, as she looked down and finally took it.
Inadvertently, she saw a mole on the back of Sang Wan Ci’s right hand.

It was a tiny one, nestled near her thumb.
On the back of her fair and delicate hand, it didn’t look out of place at all.

Sang Wan Ci reminded her gently: “Your forehead’s all red, remember to apply some medicine when you get home.”

Lu Zhi Wei blinked woodenly as she suddenly heard the cold, mechanical voice in her mind issue an order——

【Mission issued: Tell the female lead, Sang Wan Ci, “I like you”.

【Time limit: Five seconds.

【Five, four……】

Wait, mission? What mission?

What the hell is this thing!

Why would she suddenly tell Sang Wan Ci “I like you” for no reason!!!

Lu Zhi Wei’s brain was a mess and she felt like she was suffocating during those five seconds.

When the last second was over, an electrical current ran up from her foot, quickly enveloping her whole body as she felt everything go numb.
Her legs went weak as she fell forward, towards Sang Wan Ci’s embrace——

Sang Wan Ci quickly reached out to catch her.

Lu Zhi Wei was in so much pain she couldn’t speak.
She finally calmed down after a while, looking up.

Sang Wan Ci was silent. Please read at jiulian lian .
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The atmosphere had gotten weird.


Sang Wan Ci looked at the person in her arms, she had suddenly fallen onto her and held on tightly, refusing to let her go……

Her beautiful eyes narrowed as she came to a conclusion.

“Are a scammer[3]?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

What sort of conclusion was that?

This child has just been shocked by electricity, that’s all!

Sang Wan Ci thought she was harbouring bad intentions, so she took a step back.

Losing her support, Lu Zhi Wei’s legs went weak again, as if she was going to kowtow to Sang Wan Ci.

In the nick of time, she quickly forced herself to support herself on one leg.

And then, she performed a kneel with a single knee for Sang Wan Ci.

As if she was proposing.

Sang Wan Ci: “……”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

Their gazes interlocked.

The atmosphere was not only tense, but it was also awkward.

The awkwardness Lu Zhi Wei felt at this very instant was everything that she owed over the last ten years, making up for all of it.

Even worse, she had no way of explaining why she suddenly fell into Sang Wan Ci’s embrace, because she didn’t even know where this electricity shock came from.

The fact that she didn’t wail at the pain was already a major accomplishment for her!

She rubbed her legs that felt like jelly as she started thinking of an excuse when the accursed voice in her mind spoke again.

【System notification: Administrator A5 has successfully connected, wishing you a happy cooperation.】

Then, a male voice rang out.

【System administrator A5, here to serve you wholeheartedly, you can just call me Lao Wu[4].】

Lao Wu was flipping through the files in the control room when he looked up lazily at the screen and froze, saying: 【…… Oho.】

【Seems like I came at a bad time?】

[1] 小梦 – A more familiar way of addressing someone by putting a 小 (xiao), meaning small, in front of their name.
Typically it’s their surname or the last character in their name. Jump back up.

[2] 乐极生悲 – This actually means more like, when you’ve reached the happiest point, sadness will come.
I think “what goes up must come down” is a pretty good phrase to use here though. Jump back up.

[3] 碰瓷 – So this one is interesting.
The term literally translates to “touching porcelain”, but it’s used in situations where people pretend to get into accidents and get hurt/injured so that they can scam money from victims. Jump back up.

[4] 老伍 – This translates to “old five”, but it’s a more casual term used to call someone.
Could mean this guy is the fifth in his family, or the fifth ever administrator, etc.
I’m keeping it as the pinyin version since that’s going to be his name moving forward. Jump back up.

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