Lu Zhi Wei had pulled Ying Xi Ze out from his misery forcefully with her nonsensical logic.

Although Ying Xi Ze was upset, but thinking of the fact that he had a gege who cared so much for him, he felt slightly better.

Just like Lu Zhi Wei said, there was plenty of fish in the ocean, and staying single was fine too.

Besides, there were so many people who loved him by his side, why did he have to do so much for someone who didn’t love him?

Seeing how clear he was, Lu Zhi Wei felt relieved.

If he could think clearly, he probably wouldn’t be dragged back by the terrible storyline.

When he could walk out from the “although we didn’t date, but I already lost her” attitude, he would definitely be a good sand sculpture again.

Of course, hopefully, Lao Wu would have fixed him by then.

Lu Zhi Wei packed her bag and stood up, patting him on the shoulder: “It’s good that you’ve gotten over it.
We probably need to start shooting again soon, you need to adjust your emotions so you don’t affect your work, yeah?”

Nobody wanted to see a single person affect the whole production’s progress.

Finishing the shoots earlier so that they could wrap up earlier and go home for the new year, wasn’t that even better?

Ying Xi Ze nodded: “I know, ge.”

“It’s good that you understand.”

Looking at the pond, a bit of worry arose in her heart and she pulled Ying Xi Ze to his feet, urging him to return quickly.

“What’s wrong, ge? I still want to sit here for a bit.” Ying Xi Ze got pushed forward.

“You can go back and sit down, lie down if you want.”

Patting his back, Lu Zhi Wei had an “I’ve really spent so much energy worrying about you” expression.

“I don’t want to see you get fished up from inside the pond.”

Ying Xi Ze’s eyes curved as he laughed.

It was really good to have such a sincere and genuine brother who truly cared for him.

He turned around and raised his arm, hooking it around Lu Zhi Wei’s neck.

“Aiya, don’t worry.
I’m not so stupid as to kill myself over a failed romance.
Or else when she left the country, I would already have found a rope to hang myself.

“I still need to work hard and earn money to buy myself a Lamborghini!”

Lu Zhi Wei was shocked by his actions, but hearing that he still wanted a Lamborghini, she was assured.

It’s better than having no desires or dreams.

But ——

“Get your hands off, you can’t treat girls like this!”

Ying Xi Ze was obedient, retracting his hands with a “I understand” expression.

“Sorry ge, I forgot you were cross-dressing now.

“Men and women can’t be too intimate, don’t worry, I know!”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

—— No, you don’t know anything.
You’ll only make me embarrassed in public!

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Lu Zhi Wei walked with Ying Xi Ze for a bit before he waved and walked away.

At that moment, she suddenly thought of her own sister, Lu Si Jiao.

When she was still in middle school, she would send her sister to school.

At that time, she had also stood on the spot like this, watching Lu Si Jiao wave to her and sweetly say bye jiejie before walking in with her bag.

Actually, she had always thought that Lu Si Jiao was very cute and likeable.

She had even made a small bear soft toy for her before, but perhaps it had long been thrown away.

Like her, never being viewed importantly.

But all that didn’t matter anymore.

Speaking of which, she was a bit curious.
The system didn’t try to do anything today.

In the past, whenever she saw Sang Wan Ci, the system would definitely jump out and gift her an embarrassing mission.
Almost as if it wouldn’t be comfortable if she wasn’t awkward.

But it was actually so quiet today.

It’s not scientific.

In the control room.

Looking at the screen, Lao Wu finally sighed in relief.

Once the buffer bar filled up, the gender bug would be fixed.

He stretched his waist as he relaxed.

Then he heard Lu Zhi Wei ask: 【Why has the system been so quiet these days, it actually didn’t give me any new missions.
Is the primordial chaos war coming soon? Can I finally expect a domineering CEO to punch monsters to death?】


Lao Wu: 【You’re not used to us letting you rest for a few days?】

Alertly, Lu Zhi Wei said: 【I don’t dare to get used to it.
The system is so quiet, there must be something fishy, what if you guys give me a big problem!】

Lao Wu: 【We’re an auxiliary system, not a prank system, wake up.】

Lu Zhi Wei: 【Do some reflecting on yourself, which mission didn’t seem like a prank?】

Lao Wu: 【……】

He really had no way to rebutt this.

Looking at how concerned she was, Lao Wu explained: 【Relax, as long as you follow the world line[1], there will be no primordial chaos war.】

【Like just now, you consoled Ying Xi Ze and helped him to let go of Sang Wan Ci, that’s also following the world line.】

Lu Zhi Wei was shocked: 【That counts too???】

Lao Wu: 【Counts, why wouldn’t it count?

【What’s the duty of the male lead? It’s to defeat the male supporting leads, protect the female lead and be loving with her.
Now that you’ve made the blackened Ying Xi Ze from the storyline let go of the female lead, isn’t that protecting the female lead from being hurt?

【Silly child, following the world line isn’t only done through accomplishing missions.】

It was only now that Lu Zhi Wei understood.

No wonder she had so much freedom.
As long as she followed the progress of the world line, she could do whatever she wanted.

It was just a bit of a shame.

If there was a mission to pull the second male lead onto the right path, then she would have accumulated five points by now to draw a prize!

Maybe she would already have found out why she was such a transparent entity!

Lao Wu reminded her: 【You still have one chance to escape punishment, don’t forget to use it.】

Lu Zhi Wei nodded.

She was afraid the system would give her an impossible task in the future, so she hadn’t dared to use this precious immunity pass.

This required utmost caution.

Following which, she thought of something extremely important.

So she opened the new Weibo account that Wen Yao had asked her to create.

Wen Yao asked her to use this account as her public celebrity account and even bought some fans for her, so that her account didn’t look too pathetic.

But when she opened Sang Wan Ci’s profile, she still couldn’t escape the fate of being pathetic.

But it was fine, she was used to it.

After all, when she was following Meng Lian Yu, she had already experienced this difference in worlds.

She hit the “follow” button on Sang Wan Ci’s profile.

How could a fan not follow their idol’s Weibo account?

Teacher Sang was so busy and she had so many new fans, she definitely wouldn’t discover that Lu Zhi Wei had only followed her now.

When everybody brought up following each other, then teacher Sang would find out Lu Zhi Wei had long since followed her and her fan identity would be secure.

This plan of acting as a fan was perfectly thought out and seamless!

She switched to her private account and started doing her daily fan supports for teacher Meng.

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Sang Wan Ci was looking at Weibo.

Director Li had just sent the notice that Ying Xi Ze’s scenes would be shot first, and those didn’t have the female lead in them.

So she had been sent to the car to rest by Zhang Xian Rui, in fear that her head would start aching again.

“Rest well, little ancestor[2].”

Zhang Xian Rui did not wish for such a good sapling to go to waste just like that.

Besides, she had accepted the money.

Having taken the money and been tasked by a friend, she couldn’t not take good care of Sang Wan Ci.

So Sang Wan Ci started taking her break.

She looked at her script for a while, then took a break and looked at Weibo.

A red dot popped up beside the number of fans she had.

She tapped in habitually and was about to scroll down when a simple ID suddenly entered her eyes —— Lu Zhi Wei.

Her profile pic was a brown cat head made out of woven wool.

On her bio, it simply stated: Sheng Yue artiste.

Looking at the ID on the screen, Sang Wan Ci’s beautiful eyebrow lifted.

Lu Zhi Wei…… had only just followed her?

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After swiping for a few minutes, Lu Zhi Wei happily switched back to her main account.

This time, a red, round dot had popped up by the number of fans on her page.

It must be fans that Wen Yao bought.

If it wasn’t fans bought by Wen Yao, then it must be zombie fans[3].

She didn’t even need to think too much about it, tapping in immediately to get rid of the notification.

Then she saw three, extremely familiar words.

—— Sang Wan Ci.

Lu Zhi Wei, who completely wasn’t expecting Sang Wan Ci to be looking at her phone: “?”

[1] 世界线 – Basically the path that the world is supposed to take. 

[2] 小祖宗 – This isn’t a respectful term, you typically call someone your little ancestor when they’re being difficult to deal with, throwing a tantrum or basically being unreasonable. 

[3] 僵尸粉 – Zombie fans are accounts that are somewhat similar to fake fans, but not quite.
These are apparently accounts that the social platform itself creates to follow people, and they usually only follow accounts with the V mark (celebrities in other words). 

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