own sand sculpture self.

Of course, there was something that was the most important ——

“Hurry up and fix him!”

She didn’t want to be pulled to the men’s washroom again by Ying Xi Ze!!

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“Where did you go?”

Zhang Xian Rui asked the person who was slowly walking towards her.

“I chatted for a while with miss Lu.” Sang Wan Ci lifted her skirt slightly as she replied.

Zhang Xian Rui supported her arm and helped her into the car.

“Lu Zhi Wei? Oh, I remember her.

“I heard she’s quite close with Ying Xi Ze? What’s going on, does she like him?”

Sang Wan Ci: “She doesn’t like Ying Xi Ze, she likes me.”

Ying Xi Ze couldn’t compare to her.

Lu Zhi Wei even praised how pretty she was when smiling.

Ying Xi Ze had definitely never been praised like that by Lu Zhi Wei.

She didn’t know why either, but she suddenly really liked Lu Zhi Wei’s praise.
It was comforting and powerful.

Zhang Xian Rui: “???”

She said it before, her artiste was appealing to both men and women!

But she didn’t expect Lu Zhi Wei would directly confess to Sang Wan Ci.

“…… She actually directly confessed to you? She really has the courage to come out of the closet.”

Sang Wan Ci: “?”

At this point, she finally realised what sort of “like” Zhang Xian Rui had meant and she laughed: “No, Zhang jie, I was talking about the sort of like a fan has towards her idol.
She’s just friends with Ying Xi Ze too, there’s no romantic feelings there.”

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The wise do not partake in rumours, she had an obligation to help her true love fan clarify.

Zhang Xian Rui leaned on the car door, a hand on her waist as she raised an eyebrow and smiled: “That’s for the best.
I can tell that kid Ying Xi Ze likes you.
If Lu Zhi Wei likes him, she’d most probably get hurt.”

This sort of situation where feelings developed from acting but had no good ending, she had seen it all.

Broken-hearted men and women both, seeing it would make anybody sigh.

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Thinking about Lu Zhi Wei’s smile, Sang Wan Ci couldn’t help but look in the direction she had come from.

She didn’t want such a lively person to be hurt.

Without waiting for her to speak, her head suddenly started hurting, as if needles were poking into her brain.

She held her forehead as her eyebrows knit together.

Zhang Xian Rui quickly reached out to support her: “Is it another headache?”

Sang Wan Ci stayed silent, enduring the pain as it suddenly disappeared.

Her expression slowly became normal as she reassured Zhang Xian Rui: “Don’t worry, Zhang jie, I’m fine.”

Zhang Xian Rui sighed, not knowing what to do with her.

Sang Wan Ci’s headaches were incredibly odd.
She had gone to the hospital and the doctors had said nothing was wrong and that there was no need for medication.
At most, she just needed to rest and not become too tired.

Zhang Xian Rui could only reach out a hand and squeeze her shoulder: “Rest more, don’t tire yourself out.”

Sang Wan Ci smiled slightly and said nothing.

Only she knew that this headache was not something that could be cured via resting.

But there would come a day when it would get better.

Zhang Xian Rui handed a cup of hot coffee to her: “You have to take better care of yourself.
If your family knew about it, they would be worried about you.”

Hearing “your family”, Sang Wan Ci’s eyelashes trembled slightly amidst the steam rising from the coffee.

“He wouldn’t worry about me.

“He only worries that I can’t become a nationally renowned piano player like my mother.”

As it turned out, his worry did come true.

She became an actress.

Zhang Xian Rui wanted to say that there was no parent on Earth who didn’t care about their child, but seeing Sang Wan Ci’s refusal to continue the topic, she could only sigh and leave the matter alone.

Lu Zhi Wei removed her makeup and changed out of costume, carrying her bag as she went to look for Ying Xi Ze.

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Ying Xi Ze was sitting by the small pond near the crew, looking lonely and distracted, no different from a man who was dumped.

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

A perfectly fine kid, he hadn’t even gotten into a relationship, how did he get broken up with first.

Just as Ying Xi Ze was nursing his broken heart alone, his shoulder was suddenly tapped lightly and someone appeared by his side in the next second.

“Ge, you’re here.”

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After that short exchange, it went silent.

It was so depressing it felt stifling.

Lu Zhi Wei took the initiative to start the conversation: “Can you tell me now why you like teacher Sang?”

Ying Xi Ze didn’t reply.

Lu Zhi Wei wasn’t in a hurry either, waiting patiently.

After a long while, she knew Ying Xi Ze wouldn’t reply so quickly, so she opened her canvas bag and started rummaging, planning to use the time while waiting to prepare her winter clothes.

Ying Xi Ze didn’t know how to talk about this matter.
He didn’t know how to tell others that he actually didn’t like Sang Wan Ci, but a woman who looked like her and had already flown to another country.

He was clear about where his like for Sang Wan Ci came from, but even so, he would still be disappointed and upset at Sang Wan Ci falling for someone else.

Even he couldn’t figure out what his heart was thinking.

He felt like he should really talk to someone about it, and this person was just conveniently by his side.

Let him gather his thoughts and figure out how to say it.

He thought about it for a long while, and Lu Zhi Wei waited by his side for a long while.

Until he stopped being silent and wanted to talk.


He broke the silence and looked at Lu Zhi Wei, then suddenly his throat clammed up at the sight of what she was holding.


He saw two knitting needles in Lu Zhi Wei’s hand, with a few bundles of yarn in the bag.
Seeing as he finally wanted to talk, she put down the needles and looked at him encouragingly: “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Ying Xi Ze had a shocked expression: “?”

Why did this brother carry yarn and knitting needles around?

Wait, no.
I’m being all upset here, and you’re knitting beside me???

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