Outrageous Ch.15

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10-13 minutes 24.07.2022

This was a loaded question that came like a bolt out of the blue.

She had never thought that she would also have to face such an outrageous situation.

She didn’t even know where this question of Sang Wan Ci’s came from, or why she would be competing against Ying Xi Ze.

Was there anything to compare between them???

Of course, she still remembered Lao Wu’s words.

—— You have to let her know that you like her, that you have her in your heart.

So she answered: “Of course it’s teacher Sang.”

Sang Wan Ci’s eyebrows relaxed a little, but she wasn’t completely satisfied yet: “Then why are you so close with him?”

Lu Zhi Wei felt like this was an odd question, as if she was jealous, but there was no reason she would be jealous.

She didn’t look like she liked Lu Zhi Wei.
Or did the female lead go off-script and pick up another one, going through the hidden crush route to surprise her and the system?

“I’m just friends with teacher Ying.” Lu Zhi Wei explained.
“Normally we’re just joking around, there’s nothing else to it.
Don’t misunderstand, teacher Sang.”

What the hell, they clearly were just colleagues with no relationship, why did it feel like the atmosphere after she explained was even more doubtful?

Was this the male protagonist halo’s magnetic love field?

Sang Wan Ci seemed to have believed it, nodding slightly.

Lu Zhi Wei draped her coat over her forearm then asked carefully: “Teacher Sang…… Why did you suddenly ask such a question?”

Sang Wan Ci suddenly fell silent.

The surroundings grew quiet as well, the wind outside the building suddenly sounded even louder with their shadows contrasting against the clean floor.

At this moment, it felt as if the world only held the two of them.

Lu Zhi Wei waited patiently for an answer, but she started feeling nervous as her thoughts ran wild.

Would it be because of love?

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Because she liked her, so she didn’t want to see the person she liked being too close to someone else?

Could it really be love?

Could the female lead really have silently gone through a big chunk of the storyline and directly liked the “male lead”?

The mission to save the world was immediately half completed, could it really be that easy?

Lu Zhi Wei’s thoughts were swirling around her head when Sang Wan Ci spoke: “I thought you were going to climb the wall[1].”

Lu Zhi Wei: “?” Please read at jiulian lian .
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Climb, climb the wall???

Seeing how confused Lu Zhi Wei was, Sang Wan Ci furrowed her eyebrows: “Aren’t you my fan?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

Am I your fan?

Aren’t I Meng Lian Yu’s fan??

Sang Wan Ci said rationally: “Before, you said you would always support me, and you’ve watched all my works.
And you even told Ying Xi Ze you like me, could it be……

“You were just joking?”

Her tone suddenly became suspicious, confused and there was even a trace of sullenness and unhappiness, making Lu Zhi Wei feel as if she was a despicable liar who had cheated her feelings.

Lu Zhi Wei immediately said: “It’s not a joke!”

Isn’t it just an additional fandom?

It’s okay, an additional fandom wouldn’t hurt, I will immediately become a Sang fan!

From today onwards, praising teacher Meng is my main job, praising you is my side job!

And with this additional identity, she could even be more natural in the future when she wanted to tell Sang Wan Ci she liked her, it couldn’t be better.

So she said genuinely: “I really am teacher Sang’s fan.”

And she didn’t forget to passionately add another line: “I’m really happy that I can work with teacher Sang in the first movie that I’m filming since I returned to the industry.”

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Immediately, Sang Wan Ci calmed down.

Good, she didn’t misunderstand. Please read at jiulian lian .
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Lu Zhi Wei didn’t think she was so terrible that she wanted to climb the wall.

She took two steps towards Lu Zhi Wei and grasped her hand, looking at her with a gaze that would move anybody: “Thank you for liking me.

Don’t worry, I will work hard and not let down the like that all of you have for me.”

Since she started it, she had to see it through all the way.
Since she had chosen this route, she would have to walk to the end.

She had to become an actress worthy of being liked, she had to be the leader in the industry, and she also had to be a daughter who was recognised and affirmed.

Lu Zhi Wei could see the fire in her eyes, that was the determination and courage that was burning in the tip of Sang Wan Ci’s heart.

She was happy that Sang Wan Ci could be so conscious and Lu Zhi Wei also admired her pursuit, but her definition of working hard seemed to be different from the normal definition.

Her goals seemed to be obscured by clouds and mist, nobody could see the starting and ending.
They could only see that she was harshly demanding of herself, breaking through her limits again and again.

It would be great if she could accomplish it, but if she couldn’t, she would be depressed and even doubt her own ability.

But if forcing herself becomes an inextinguishable, burning fire, then eventually, she would collapse one day.

Lu Zhi Wei invited her to speak in a more private setting.

The two of them found a stone bench and sat down.

Amidst the leaves which were turning orange with autumn approaching, the wind suddenly became more subdued, not disturbing their conversation.

Lu Zhi Wei lowered her head, looking at the hand that was grasped earlier and thinking about that promise.
Her hand felt like the warmth from earlier was still there, making her feel like it was burning.

Her thumb brushed against her index finger as she looked up and gazed at the grass patch in front of her: “Teacher Sang, can I ask you a question?”

Sang Wan Ci adopted Zhang Xian Rui’s mannerism, her face stern as she said: “If it invades my privacy, you can’t.”

Lu Zhi Wei laughed, feeling as if she was a child who was pretending to be an adult.

“It doesn’t invade your privacy.” Lu Zhi Wei thought about it then added a line cautiously.
“I think.”

Sang Wan Ci turned her head to look at her.

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Her makeup was yet to be removed, and her waist-length black hair was moving slightly in the wind, brushing against the side of her face.

She was calm and approachable without any sign of aggression.

Looking away, Sang Wan Ci said: “You can ask.
If I can’t answer, I’ll tell you.”

Hearing that, Lu Zhi Wei immediately asked: “Teacher Sang seems to be lacking confidence in yourself, right?”

Sang Wan Ci startled, then nodded and asked: “How did you see it?”

Lu Zhi Wei explained: “It’s obvious from seeing your attitude towards work.
You look as if you don’t know how excellent you are.”

Sang Wan Ci frowned and asked sincerely: “Am I excellent?”

Lu Zhi Wei smiled: “You see, just like that.”

Sang Wan Ci fell silent, her expression revealing she was deep in thought.

If she really was excellent, why did her father always say she wasn’t doing enough? Why did he always ask her to work even harder?

In front of him, she was like a disappointing, useless daughter.

Lu Zhi Wei saw she was suddenly in low spirits, so she stretched her back and looked lazily towards the rays of sunlight peeking through the trees: “Did you know, teacher Sang, that you’re the most impressive, most talented person in the group of new actors?”

Sang Wan Ci looked at her again. Please read at jiulian lian .
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She continued speaking without being stingy about her praise.

“You’re really smart.
No matter what it is, you can get it right in the first try.
Every scene is flawless.
Even the first cut that you disdain, I think your acting is really good.

“You’re especially serious about your work.
You won’t take anything lightly, making sure that you perform even the smallest detail perfectly and without flaws.

“And, you really are incredibly pretty.
The first time I saw you, I was thinking: My god, how could someone really look like a goddess? Nobody would even dare to photoshop their photos like that!”

As she spoke, a gentle laugh came from Sang Wan Ci’s direction.

She smiled unknowingly and looked over: “What are you laughing at, everything I said was true.”

Hearing that, Sang Wan Ci’s laugh grew even happier.

She somehow felt that Lu Zhi Wei’s tone was very entertaining.

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This was the first time Lu Zhi Wei had seen her laugh so happily since they started working together.

The only thing that didn’t change was that she was still as good-looking.

But as long as she was happy, it was good enough.
There’s nothing more important in this world than being happy.

Lu Zhi Wei’s eyes curved in a smile as she tiled her head and said gently: “Our teacher Sang is still as pretty when she’s laughing.”

Sang Wan Ci slowly stopped laughing as she looked at the person in front of her with clear eyes.

Every word that Lu Zhi Wei said was like a spring breeze brushing against the top of her heart.
Sincere, warm and incredibly moving.

This was the first time she was happy because of someone’s praise, and it was the first time she had a real sense of how excellent she was.

“Thank you, Lu Zhi Wei.” Sang Wan Ci looked at her.
“Now can I ask you a question?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “Sure, go ahead.”

Sang Wan Ci’s lips parted as a gentle, mesmerising voice drifted to Lu Zhi Wei’s ears.

“Your birthday, when is it?”

Lu Zhi Wei was stunned for a moment, asking uncertainly: “You’re asking for mine?”

Sang Wan Ci nodded.

Lu Zhi Wei suddenly had a “wow” expression.

This was the first time someone had ever asked for her birthday.

Sang Wan Ci: “?”

What was with this expression?

Did I ask something wrong??

[1] Okay, so I was always translating it as “cheat” before, but I decided to use “climb the wall” here since it makes more sense.
爬墙 is literally “climb/climbing the wall”, but there are different meanings.
In this case, it means for a fan to abandon their original idol and start liking another idol.
There is also another meaning, which is to cheat on your partner, and it’s an adaptation of 红杏出墙, which means red apricot blossoms growing over the wall.
It’s an idiom typically used for a woman cheating. 


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