Outrageous Ch.14

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8-11 minutes 21.07.2022

Lu Zhi Wei suddenly really regretted her decision to go to the washroom.

Why couldn’t she have gone somewhere else?

Wasn’t the hotel good?

Why did you have to put yourself in such a situation, Lu Zhi Wei?

Her heart sank as she started feeling that being this male lead was really tough.

She had just been “slapped” by the female lead, then now she was being passionately invited by the male second lead to go into the men’s washroom.

Was this the new-age idol drama?

She was tired of it.

She was just about to open her mouth and fend off Ying Xi Ze, but she saw Ying Xi Ze quickly pat her shoulder with a face of reliability and say: “I’ll keep a look out for you here.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

Ying Xi Ze: “I promised I’ll keep your cross-dressing secret.
I’ll stand here, if someone comes, I’ll be able to tell you in advance.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

Ying Xi Ze: “Bro, you don’t need to be too touched.
We’ll always be brothers.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……” Please read at jiulian lian .
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She was utterly speechless.

You don’t have to be so considerate, or your brother, me, will have an even tougher life as this male lead wuwu……

She took a step back: “This is too troublesome for you, don’t you have a scene to film later too? Go back, I’ll just go to the hotel.”

Ying Xi Ze asked: “Lu ge, don’t you know?”

Lu Zhi Wei was completely confused: “Know what?”

Ying Xi Ze: “Director Li said there was some issue at the filming location, so filming is stopped for now and we can take a break.
It was just announced in the group chat.”

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Lu Zhi Wei: “……

“Sorry, I haven’t checked my phone yet.”

Ying Xi Ze walked behind her and started pushing her towards the door of the men’s washroom: “There’s a toilet here, just use it bro.
Why do you need to wait till you get back to the hotel? A human has three urges, if you keep it in, you’ll fall sick.

“Relax, I’m keeping watch outside, nobody will be able to find out your cross-dressing secret.”

Lu Zhi Wei quickly dodged to the side, her whole body screaming rejection.

She held Ying Xi Ze’s hands away from her: “There’s really no need.
I’ll go to the washroom in the hotel.
I understand your good intentions.”

【Lao Wu, hurry up and fix him!!!】 Lu Zhi Wei complained internally.

Old mother Lao Wu quickly reassured her: 【Yes yes yes, I’m fixing him, I’m fixing him.】

Ying Xi Ze looked at her resistance and curiously stopped pushing her.

Lu ge seemed…… to be opposed to using the men’s washroom?

At this moment, an instantly recognisable voice rang out from behind them.

“What are you two doing?”

Lu Zhi Wei and Ying Xi Ze both froze then slowly looked to the side in complete unison.

They saw Sang Wan Ci standing nearly, a beige coat draped over one of her forearms.

Lu Zhi Wei looked at the coat, feeling it was quite familiar.

Sang Wan Ci narrowed her beautiful eyes slowly, observing the posture of the two people in front of her.

Lu Zhi Wei was pushing away Ying Xi Ze’s hand forcefully, as if she didn’t want him to move.

She expressed her confusion: “What are you two doing outside the men’s washroom?”

The two of them reacted almost as if they were students being called in a classroom, pulling their hands back honestly.

The air was thick with awkwardness.

The two of them looked at each other sneakily.

—— Why was teacher Sang here?

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“Miss Lu?” Sang Wan Ci opened her mouth again, a hint of suspicion in her voice, as if she was waiting for Lu Zhi Wei to give her a reasonable explanation.

Lu Zhi Wei’s brain started running at a high speed: “Ah, we were……”

She raised a hand slowly: “Playing rock paper scissors?”

Sang Wan Ci: “?”

Ying Xi Ze: “?” Please read at jiulian lian .
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“Ah yes, we were playing rock paper scissors!

“Teacher Sang, I was just about to win a meal from teacher Lu.”

Sang Wan Ci’s eyebrows furrowed gently.

“If you’re going to bet on a meal,” she raised a pale white finger and pointed, “I recommend finding a different place to play rock paper scissors.”

Wouldn’t your appetite be affected in front of the washroom entrance?

The two of them looked back, then silently moved away in small steps.

Sorry, I definitely won’t use such an outrageous reason next time.

Sang Wan Ci wasn’t convinced.
She was worried the tall and strong Ying Xi Ze was threatening and forcing Lu Zhi Wei, who was soft-spoken and didn’t dare to fight back.

She walked forward and pulled Lu Zhi Wei behind her body as she raised her eyes to look at Ying Xi Ze calmly: “Did you have something to say to her?”

Ying Xi Ze shook his head honestly.

Sang Wan Ci continued: “I have something to say to her, we won’t disturb you, feel free to go.”

Then she turned around and handed the coat to Lu Zhi Wei: “Your coat.”

Lu Zhi Wei accepted it in a blur: “…… Thanks?”

That’s not right, why is my coat with Sang Wan Ci?

Wasn’t Wen Yao supposed to help me take it??

Ying Xi Ze was shocked speechless.

A woman taking the initiative to get a man’s coat for him, what else could that mean?

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Especially when it was Sang Wan Ci, a woman who looked like she wasn’t interested in anyone at all.

After his brain repaired itself, it was simply as shocking as witnessing lightning and thunder on a sunny day!

He absolutely did not expect that before he started competing with Lu Zhi Wei, he had already lost so thoroughly.

With things as they are now, what else could he do?

So he turned around and left forlornly.

Lu Zhi Wei saw Ying Xi Ze’s face suddenly turn ashen, as if a clear day had suddenly become stormy all of a sudden.

It looked like he had broken up.

Her eyebrows knit together in confusion.

This kid hadn’t even had a relationship, where did this breakup come from?

She followed Ying Xi Ze’s line of sight to the coat she was holding, and she froze.

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No way?

Didi, did your brain just fill something in on its own?!

My god, you wouldn’t jump to conclusions then blacken, would you!

She was panicked, preferring Ying Xi Ze to progress quickly on the road of being a sand sculpture rather than watching him blacken to become a tool that would only harm Sang Wan Ci.

So she asked Sang Wan Ci to wait for a moment as she chased after him and slapped him on the back, just like they would when they greeted each other.

“Why do you look so unhappy?”

Ying Xi Ze’s eyes were lowered, and if he had dog ears growing on his head, they would be pulled down as well.

He looked back at Sang Wan Ci who was waiting for Lu Zhi Wei and his heart suddenly hurt.

He couldn’t hold on to his white moonlight, and he couldn’t hold on to Sang Wan Ci as well.

The only consolation was that Lu Zhi Wei still had a bit of brotherly regard, not throwing him aside for a woman.

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“I’m fine……” The corner of his mouth twitched.
“She’s waiting for you, go on, don’t let her wait too long.”

Lu Zhi Wei was used to him being lively and comedic, not as despondent as he was not: “What are you thinking about?”


Ying Xi Ze forced himself to look away.

“Ge, being liked by teacher Sang is a very blissful thing.”

Lu Zhi Wei had no idea where his conclusion came from and laughed: “You think teacher Sang likes me?”

Ying Xi Ze nodded.

Lu Zhi Wei continued on: “Why do you think she likes me?”

Ying Xi Ze pointed at the coat.

Thinking about it for a moment, Lu Zhi Wei asked: “I’ve never asked you this, why do you like teacher Sang?”

Pausing for a moment, Ying Xi Ze had no answer.

Lu Zhi Wei raised her hand and ruffled his hair, as if she was his sister and said: “Think about it, give me the answer when I come back, okay?”

Ying Xi Ze stayed silent for a second, then nodded lightly.

Sang Wan Ci couldn’t hear what they were chatting about, but she could see their actions.

Especially Lu Zhi Wei touching his head, it was filled with intimacy.

Why didn’t she treat her idol with such intimacy?

Did she think Sang Wan Ci wasn’t as good as Ying Xi Ze, she didn’t perform as well as Ying Xi Ze, so Lu Zhi Wei wanted to switch fandoms?

After placating Ying Xi Ze, Lu Zhi Wei went back to Sang Wan Ci and smiled: “Teacher Sang, I’m done, what did you want to say to me?”

“Lu Zhi Wei.”

Sang Wan Ci looked at her unblinkingly, then suddenly opened her mouth.

“Between me and Ying Xi Ze, who do you like more?

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

Was there such a line in the original script???

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