This new-age idol drama could be summed up in just four words: male lead is embarrassing.

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With this slap from the female lead, the male lead’s embarrassment reached new highs.

Although it was a good thing they didn’t kiss, but Lu Zhi Wei still wanted to be alone and calm down.

What an unexpected pebble.

What a sudden turn of events.

What a goddamn show of arm strength.

Was this really the female lead that was incredibly soft and weak in all the male characters’ eyes in the original storyline?

They might not even believe it, but with this arm strength, the male characters would probably all lose to her in a match of arm wrestling.

Lu Zhi Wei held miserably onto her neck which hurt a little.

Sang Wan Ci had acted out of instinct, after she realised what was going on, she put down her hand with a look of surprise.

Seeing Lu Zhi Wei’s face of pain, she carefully supported the back of Lu Zhi Wei’s neck as she looked guilty: “Are you okay? Sorry, I didn’t mean to……”

Lu Zhi Wei, who feared pain, cried tearlessly as she held onto her neck and forced a smile: “It’s okay……”

Sang Wan Ci: “……”

That’s not what your smile is saying.

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“Sorry teacher Sang, I’ll leave first.”

She walked around Sang Wan Ci, forgetting what she had wanted to say, only thinking of finding a place to calm down first.

As she walked, she carefully moved her neck.

—— It’s okay, she was still alive.

“Where are you going?” Sang Wan Ci asked with a frown.

“The toilet.” Lu Zhi Wei answered smoothly.

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Shouldn’t you go to the medical bay?

After Lu Zhi Wei had walked a distance, Sang Wan Ci finally remembered something.

Wasn’t it Lu Zhi Wei who had called out to her first just now?

Did she have something to say, but got distracted because of this incident?

At this moment, Wen Yao walked over from the other road.
Seeing Sang Wan Ci alone, she froze, looking left and right with no sign of Lu Zhi Wei.
So she asked politely: “Sorry to disturb, teacher Sang, but have you seen my artiste?”

Sang Wan Ci turned around to look at the petite manager, only to see that she was holding on to Lu Zhi Wei’s beige coat.

Thinking about it for a moment, Sang Wan Ci asked: “Are you bringing her coat for her?”

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Wen Yao nodded: “Yes.
It’s been cold these two days, and Zhi Wei jie forgot her coat when she left the house today.
I just brought it over for her, but I heard you guys left together so I rushed over.

“Oh, Director Li said there was a small problem so filming can’t continue for now.
So she asked you two to take a break, she’ll give you a call once they’re ready.”

As if afraid Sang Wan Ci wouldn’t believe her, she added: “It’s been sent in the group chat.”

Taking her phone out, Sang Wan Ci took a look and found it was true.

She reached out a hand: “She went to the washroom.
I’m going to look for her, I’ll help you bring the coat over.”

Wen Yao suddenly felt worried: “Ah, this…… would be too much to ask of teacher Sang, wouldn’t it?”

Sang Wan Ci calmly said: “It’s not, it’s on the way.”

Wen Yao thought of Sang Wan Ci’s typical actions, then thought about how Lu Zhi Wei would always praise Sang Wan Ci, before handing the coat over.

“Then thank you, teacher Sang.”

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Lu Zhi Wei walked along towards the washroom.

The autumn wind was howling fiercely today.
Once she walked into the building, the constant noise beside her ear turned into a deathly silence.

But her ear wasn’t silent at all, because there was still Lao Wu’s voice.

【Hahahahaha, this is too funny.

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【It’s totally like a redefined meaning of an idol drama!】

Help, it was so funny he was laughing too hard to fix the bug.

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

She rubbed her neck, a helpless look on her face.

【The joy and sorrow of humans aren’t the same, I just think that you’re being noisy.】

【Hahahahahaha ——】Lao Wu laughed even harder.

Lu Zhi Wei couldn’t be bothered.

Anyway, once she went into the toilet, the system would automatically lock itself.
At that time, they couldn’t hear each other and Lao Wu couldn’t see her.

This was to protect the privacy of the host.

Lao Wu had told her before, aside from these, there was another layer of privacy protection.

It’s basically whatever the host doesn’t want to let the system see.

As long as the host doesn’t want it, the system would be unable to access any audio or video.
To her, this was simply technology that was too advanced.

But there are limits to it.
If the host turns the camera off and then secretly sabotages things, it wouldn’t be good.

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Lu Zhi Wei was just about to walk into the female washroom when she suddenly heard someone behind her shout: “Hold it, Lu Zhi Wei!”

She got a shock, turning around to look.

—— What the hell, Ying Xi Ze.

When Ying Xi Ze saw Lu Zhi Wei walking towards the female washroom, he quickly walked up then looked around his surroundings, which were quiet and devoid of others.

He frowned and asked: “Lu ge, you’re going to the washroom?”

Lu Zhi Wei’s lips parted slightly as she said: “No, this……”

This blasted, miserable “male protagonist halo”!

Ying Xi Ze saw that there was nobody around so he asked carefreely: “Ge, did you walk to the wrong one?”

A cross-dressing man was still a man, how could a man go into the female washroom!

He wouldn’t allow it, even if it was his brother!

Lu Zhi Wei slowly raised her head to look at the female washroom sign, and thought: didi, I really didn’t walk to the wrong one……

The next second, Ying Xi Ze grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward a few steps then stopped and released her hand.
Walking in, he checked the cubicles then came out and said: “Ge, there’s no one in there, go ahead.”

Lu Zhi Wei raised her head and looked at the male washroom sign.

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

—— Ying Xi Ze is killing me!

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