the cultural difference of that era and their birth situations, the maid had never thought she was on equal footing as the young miss.

The young miss was a young miss, the young miss was also her goddess.
How could a human compare to an immortal?

Lu Zhi Wei grasped this feeling steadily as she looked at Sang Wan Ci walk in slowly.
She immediately put down the brush and sat upright, like a puppy waiting for their owner’s command.

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Sang Wan Ci’s eyes were filled with warmth, unlike how she was when not acting.

She calmed the maid then, then handed over the wooden box.

Looking at the wooden box, Lu Zhi Wei’s gaze was calm.
She was just a bit curious where she would have to deliver the box to: “Who do you want, want me to send it to?”

As she spoke, she reached out to take it.
Her gaze fell onto her ink-stained hands and she quickly withdrew them, giving them a good scrub on her plain-coloured skirt before reaching out again to take the box.

“It’s alright, it’s not dirty.” Sang Wan Ci laughed lightly.
“It’s for you.”

The stammering maid froze for a moment.

The young miss said warmly: “Thank you for our little miss He growing another year older safely.
I hope you’ll always be happy.”

Lu Zhi Wei looked at Sang Wan Ci before she lowered her head slightly.
Her eyes turned red quickly as her tears dripped down and splashed onto the wooden box.

She quickly wiped them away the next second, almost as if she was afraid her tears would dirty the first present she had ever received in her life.

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She suddenly envied Xiao He a little.

The young miss would remember her birthday and give her a present.

In the future, there were many people who would give Xiao He birthday presents too.

Unlike her.
After working so hard for so many years, only she could remember herself.

She recalled when she was young, to let her parents remember her birthday, she would always use a crayon to draw a big circle on the calendar a few days before then tell her parents: “You guys can’t forget.”

Her father and mother would always say, we know, we know.

But in the end, they would always forget.
After forgetting, they would say: “We’ll remember next year, we’ll definitely organise a big party for you.”

But it would be the same line again next year.
Time seemed to always revolve around this point.

Slowly, she stopped being excited for her own birthday.

Her parents didn’t treat her sister this way.
They would always give her the best, the most exciting and happening birthday party.

But the older sister would always be the one who was forgotten.
Even if she sat in her own room, nobody would remember to invite her to attend the birthday party.

The way she lived, it was more like she was dead.

The more she thought about it, the sadder she got.
Tears are like the outlet for emotions, once opened, they couldn’t be stopped.

The grievances she had suppressed suddenly shot out of her heart, swirling around in her eyes.

She didn’t want to expose her tragic past, but since she couldn’t control it, she might as well use this scene to let it all out.

Sang Wan Ci hugged her.

“Never, never has anyone remembered……”

She stammered through her lines.

“No, nobody can, can remember……”

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And nobody remembers Lu Zhi Wei.

“There is.” She heard Sang Wan Ci’s warm, gentle voice by her ear.
“In the future, I’ll remember.”

She froze before burying her head even lower.

Director Li felt that Lu Zhi Wei’s emotions at this moment were at their peak, so she didn’t stop the cameras.
All the way until Lu Zhi Wei’s tears stopped, then she shouted “cut!” in satisfaction.

“Xiao Lu’s crying scene was good!”

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Lu Zhi Wei wiped her tears away as she smiled embarrassedly at Director Li.

—— Sorry, I brought my own personal baggage into those tears just now.

Sang Wan Ci had been brought along by Lu Zhi Wei’s emotions as well.
In that moment, it felt like the person in front of her wasn’t Lu Zhi Wei but Xiao He.

Xiao He, whom nobody doted on or loved.

“Xiao He” had cried so terribly, because someone had given her a birthday present, because someone had remembered her birthday……

Sang Wan Ci looked at Lu Zhi Wei unwittingly.

Director Li handed a tissue to Lu Zhi Wei as she joked: “Look at this child’s crying, I even thought nobody had celebrated your birthday with you before.”

After she said that, Sang Wan Ci astutely caught a flash of shock on Lu Zhi Wei’s face before she schooled her expression back to neutral and laughingly changed the topic.

Blinking slowly, Sang Wan Ci looked away.

Director Li decided to let them take a short break as the production team were moving on to shoot the next scene.

The two of them nodded as Lu Zhi Wei followed behind Sang Wan Ci.

The two of them walked on the dirt road.

Extracting herself from Xiao He’s emotions, Lu Zhi Wei realised there weren’t many workers around her.
Looking at Sang Wan Ci’s back, she realised this was a good time to talk.

She rehearsed her lines in her head and plucked up her courage, walking forward as she called out Sang Wan Ci’s name.

The moment Sang Wan Ci turned around, Lu Zhi Wei suddenly felt something was wrong.

The next second, a pebble flew out from under her left foot.

She couldn’t help herself as her body lurched towards Sang Wan Ci ——

The two of them widened their eyes in shock.

Following the script of an idol drama, once the leading character fell, they would definitely kiss the love interest straight on the lips.

Lu Zhi Wei started to panic.

She even started praying for a flash of deliverance from heaven.

—— And then her face was stopped by Sang Wan Ci’s hand.

The air solidified as the world fell silent.

Lu Zhi Wei saw Sang Wan Ci through the gaps in her fingers.

She never expected the storyline to develop like this.

Was this a new-age idol drama?

She was in love with it.

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