Looking at Lu Zhi Wei who had just confessed her feelings, it would be a lie to say that Sang Wan Ci wasn’t touched.

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She worked so hard, wasn’t it just to be affirmed? The love of her fans and audiences, that was affirmation.

So she decided not to let down the love that fans like Lu Zhi Wei had for her, she had to work harder.

As an idol, she had to be worthy of her fans’ love.

She silently walked out of the canteen, deciding to not embarrass her true love fan who had confessed her feelings.

Actually, she had been quite confused these days.
Why would Lu Zhi Wei, being a fan of hers, walk so closely with Ying Xi Ze.

Was she cheating on her idol in front of her?

Now, she finally understood.

She wasn’t becoming a fan of someone else, they were just friends.
The person Lu Zhi Wei liked was still her.

Thinking about it, Sang Wan Ci couldn’t help but smile, her mood lifting.

Although fans were free to like whoever they wanted, but…… it was good that Lu Zhi Wei didn’t like someone else.

Zhang Xian Rui saw her actress walking away from the canteen, then asked suspiciously: “You’re not going to eat?”

Sang Wan Ci said warmly: “I want to eat in the car.”

It would be awkward if you confessed behind someone’s back and got caught.

So Sang Wan Ci decided to be considerate and pretend she never showed up to not embarrass her true love fan.

Zhang Xian Rui: “Why?”

Sang Wan Ci lied casually: “I left something in the car, so I might as well just eat there too.

“Zhang jie, aren’t you busy? Why did you suddenly come over?”

Zhang Xian Rui: “Oh, I finished my work so I came over to see you.”

Sang Wan Ci wasn’t the same as the other small artistes.

Her ability was different, and her family background was different.

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Most importantly, she had brought Sang Wan Ci under her care because a friend had asked for a favour from her.
Without all the other reasons, just because of this friend, she would have to take good care of Sang Wan Ci.

Sang Wan Ci nodded, acting obediently in front of her: “You’ve worked hard.”

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Lu Zhi Wei and Ying Xi Ze hadn’t noticed Sang Wan Ci’s arrival and departure at all.

After Lu Zhi Wei’s “confession”, the two of them sat there staring at each other.

After a while, Ying Xi Ze opened his mouth.

“If that’s the case,” he said.
“Ge, let us compete fairly.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “??”

“Let Miss Sang have the choice, see who she’ll pick.” His competitive spirit suddenly ignited.
“But I’ll say this first, I won’t give up easily!”

Lu Zhi Wei wasn’t anxious at all, staring at him calmly before asking: “Then will you blacken easily?”

Ying Xi Ze: “?

“Blacken? What’s blacken?”

Lu Zhi Wei thought about it for a moment, using her hands to gesticulate.

“That is, if you don’t get teacher Sang, will you start to go crazy and say you won’t have anybody but her? Then things like forcing her, coercion, mental and physical abuse, all that……”

She gestured with a fierce expression and Ying Xi Ze looked fierce as well.
As an actor who had made his debut in an idol drama, he knew exactly what she meant.

So he quickly replied: “Lu ge, Lu ge, don’t be like this.
You can’t skirt the edge of the law when chasing or dating someone.”

Hearing his words, Lu Zhi Wei suddenly felt better.

If Ying Xi Ze could have this sort of mentality, then didn’t it mean that he was really forced by the storyline to become a villain?

Then she definitely couldn’t let this child go down that route!

She grasped Ying Xi Ze as her eyes lit up: “Didi, promise ge, you absolutely must not become someone like that, okay?

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“Humans can live perfectly fine even without a lover.
Look at me, I’ve been single for 26 years, aren’t I doing just fine?

“The most important thing is to love yourself, do you understand?”

There are many kinds of love in the world.
It can come from parents, from friends, from lovers, and it can also come from yourself.

I love myself, and it’s a love that will last forever.

Lu Zhi Wei’s advice all came from the heart.

After interacting with Ying Xi Ze the last few days, she had already started treating him as her own brother.
She couldn’t bear to watch this polite and eccentric boy get turned into a blackened tool by the storyline.

And this was also to protect Sang Wan Ci.
One more friendly side character was one less threat to her.

Ying Xi Ze blinked slowly before laughing.

He felt it.
Lu Zhi Wei was really genuinely concerned for him, caring for him as if he was her brother.

He suddenly felt like he understood why his neighbour’s child was always clamouring for an older brother or sister when they were young.

It was so nice to have an older brother who cared for him and who he could talk to.

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He suddenly became very obedient.

Looking at him, Lu Zhi Wei unknowingly got into the role of an older brother and continued: “I can’t let you call me ‘ge‘ without any benefits.
If you have any problems, let me know, got it?”

To prevent the side character from blackening, this male lead was really putting in plenty of effort.

Ying Xi Ze nodded obediently: “I got it, I got it.”

“Eat up ge, have more meat.”

Lu Zhi Wei finally relaxed.

Immediately, Ying Xi Ze started asking curiously while holding back a smile: “Lu ge, you’ve never dated anyone before?”

Lu Zhi Wei was stunned.

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Bro, I just said so much, and this is the only point you grasped?!

After that, she heard Ying Xi Ze continue: “It’s hilarious, me too.
We really are brothers.”

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

That’s not how it works……


This is the first show since Lu Zhi Wei re-entered the entertainment circle.
Because of the changes to the storyline, nobody could predict how 《Phoenix》would perform once it started airing.

But regardless, since she had gotten this role, she needed to perform to the best of her abilities and not leave any regrets behind.

The director explained the character design for her role.

She had been bullied since young, and when she was old enough, her father sold her off to be a slave.
She was tortured in many ways, and it took plenty of twists and turns before she became the maid for the female lead.

The female lead taught her how to read and write and was good to her.
She gave the maid warmth that the maid had never had before, so the maid treated the female lead as the centre of her universe.
The female lead’s safety was her paramount priority, while her own life and death didn’t matter at all.

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This sort of character where nobody loved her or doted on her was simply a breeze to perform, and Sang Wan Ci was also the first person to show her any kindness, so it wouldn’t be hard to get into character.

Lu Zhi Wei’s acting was completely satisfactory to the director.

Especially that pair of innocent and expressive eyes.
It was like they were able to express thousands of words, letting the little stuttering maid’s expressions come to life.

Lu Zhi Wei had a good foundation when it came to acting, and in recent years, she had watched various film emperors and empresses explain their acting techniques whenever she was bored.
After a while, she also had her own understanding.

Meng Lian Yu’s teachings had a particularly great effect on her.

—— She truly was her goddess, she was even great at teaching!

The director was so happy he even praised Lu Zhi Wei to Wen Yao: “Your artiste is a good bud.
With care and guidance, she will definitely shine in the future.”

Wen Yao was elated, treating Lu Zhi Wei even better.

This was also Lu Zhi Wei’s first time working together with Sang Wan Ci.

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From the storyline, she knew Sang Wan Ci was a serious person, but she didn’t expect her seriousness to be different from other people.

It was almost a bit harsh.

Lu Zhi Wei and everybody on set could feel Sang Wan Ci’s talent in acting.
She was smart too, picking up everything almost immediately.

But Sang Wan Ci clearly wasn’t satisfied.
Or rather, she didn’t know how excellent she was.

She would always feel like she didn’t do a good enough job, asking to reshoot a scene again and again, until the director couldn’t pick on anything any longer.

Lu Zhi Wei’s stammering character was in almost all of Sang Wan Ci’s scenes, so she could see how Sang Wan Ci looked when she was working.

There was a contradicting thought in her heart that couldn’t help but float up.

She felt…… Sang Wan Ci didn’t have confidence in herself.

Sang Wan Ci had always been calm and collected when being praised previously.

It was almost as if she really didn’t know how excellent she was, how much people liked her.
She just felt like she didn’t do enough, she wasn’t good enough, so she strived to be even better and even more perfect and flawless.

But how could a human be perfect? To be imperfect is to be human.

Lu Zhi Wei was worried about her state of mind.
To go on like this wasn’t going to be a good thing.

She decided to find an opportunity to speak with Sang Wan Ci alone.

After a day of shooting, she finally found the chance, rushing to speak to Sang Wan Ci: “Teacher Sang, hold on, I have something to tell you!”

Sang Wan Ci turned around and spoke first in a determined voice: “Don’t worry, I will work even harder.”

—— I won’t let you like me in vain.

Lu Zhi Wei came to a stop as she watched Sang Wan Ci leave.

Standing there, her face was the epitome of confusion: “?”

Did she misunderstand?

Why did it feel like Sang Wan Ci’s words meant that she was going to work hard for Lu Zhi Wei???

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