iled, but still have to be done.
But don’t worry, because the punishments have been given, you won’t be punished anymore.

He cheered her on: 【Baby Lu, continue working hard, mommy believes in you.】

Lu Zhi Wei: “……”

She decided to knit a sweater to calm down.


Soon after the script reading, filming started.

Lu Zhi Wei’s character had a stutter.
Because she was always laughed at when she spoke, she had an inferiority complex, so the older she got, the more she didn’t dare to speak.
In the end, she kept silent most of the time and she was only willing to speak when she was with the female lead.

The dressing of the character was very plain, there was only a single shiny pin in her hair and it was a birthday present given by the female lead that was cherished like a treasure by the girl.

After Lu Zhi Wei got her hair and makeup done, she left the room, bumping immediately into Ying Xi Ze.

He immediately patted her shoulder and raised a thumb, speaking in a voice only the two of them could hear: “Lu ge, awesome, it’s totally impossible to see you’re a guy.

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“From this day onward, you’re the best cross-dressing actor in my heart!”

If it was a few days ago, Lu Zhi Wei would have been speechless at this praise, unable to even say a “thank you”.

But after being “poisoned” these few days, her internal OS had been upgraded.

It’s alright if she’s a little tired, she should just smile and go on with life.

So she immediately raised her thumb: “Thanks, didi[1].”

Since you took the initiative to call me your ge, then jiejie will accept you as a didi.

When she saw Sang Wan Ci in historical costume, she was utterly stunned.

There were no luxurious satin or excessive accessories.
It was just a set of white garments that brought out her pure, calm, elegant softness.

Just a set of plain clothes was already so good-looking.
She didn’t dare to think how attractive Sang Wan Ci would be once she started wearing the elegant and luxurious palace costume.

She walked up and praised wholeheartedly: “Teacher Sang, it’s really good looking.
It really suits you.”

Sang Wan Ci replied: “Thank you, you look very good too.”

She even smiled politely.

Seeing this situation, Ying Xi Ze immediately followed suit: “Teacher Sang, I think you’re good-looking too!”

He had been observing Lu Zhi Wei these few days and trying to learn from her.
It was almost to the point that he had learnt how to become a cross-dressing actor.
Even his assistant said he was acting quite gay lately, wondering if his sexual orientation had changed.

It was only then that he realised he was an idiot.

Why did he have to learn everything? He just needed to learn how Lu ge treated Miss Sang and analyse that.

Like this, for example: Praising.

Praise is one of humankind’s motivating factors, nobody would not like to hear nice words.

He learnt something again today, thanks Lu ge!

When Sang Wan Ci replied to him, it sounded like she was a master who cared for the whole world: “Thanks, everybody looks very good.”

Ying Xi Ze: “?”

It felt like he was being treated differently?

Lu Zhi Wei realised something as well —— Ying Xi Ze was copying her actions.

Then came the problem.

What was he copying her for? What was there to learn from someone who was broke and hadn’t had any success in her career?

Unless…… Ying Xi Ze wanted to be a cross-dressing actor???

After thinking about it, Lu Zhi Wei had a “my god, so the person who actually wants to be a cross-dressing actor is this kid” expression while looking at Ying Xi Ze.

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He was confused and specially went to look for her during lunch.

The two of them sat in the small canteen, their backs toward the door.

“Ge.” Ying Xi Ze called out to her in a small voice.
“Why were you looking at me in shock today?”

Lu Zhi Wei held on to her plain, boring lunch as she said: “Because I discovered something.”

Ying Xi Ze: “What?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “You want to be a cross-dressing actor.”

“Cough! Cough cough ——”

Ying Xi Ze choked.

Lu Zhi Wei quickly handed him a bottle of water: “This kid, eat slowly.

“So be it if you want to be one, it’s not some sort of disgraceful career, why are you being so sneaky about it?”

Ying Xi Ze’s face was all red and after he managed to catch his breath, he said: “No, you’ve misunderstood.
I don’t want to be a cross-dressing actor.”

Lu Zhi Wei’s eyebrows knitted together: “Then why are you copying my actions lately, aren’t you learning how to be a girl?”

Ying Xi Ze laughed: “I know you’re a man, how could I learn from you? If I wanted to learn, I would observe a real girl.”


Hearing it, Lu Zhi Wei patted his shoulder compassionately.

Truth be told, your ge is really a girl.

Ying Xi Ze: “I just……”

He lowered his head and moved his food around with his chopsticks, suddenly embarrassed: “Because Miss Sang likes someone like you, so I……”

Lu Zhi Wei: “?”

Wait, when did Miss Sang like someone like me?!

Ying Xi Ze: “What’s wrong, don’t you like Miss Sang?”

Would Lu Zhi Wei dare to say she didn’t like her?

The production team was only so big.
If she said something today, it would be spread to Sang Wan Ci’s ear tomorrow.
How could she continue to try and leave a good impression on Sang Wan Ci then?

Besides, Sang Wan Ci was the first one to be nice to her, how could she say she didn’t like her?

So she said decisively: “Like.
Teacher Sang is so good, so outstanding, I really like her!”

Those words floated into the ears of the person behind them.

Sang Wan Ci stood there silently, watching them.

Lu Zhi Wei actually confessed her feelings for her in front of Ying Xi Ze……

She finally understood —— Lu Zhi Wei really did like her a lot.

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