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After considering it for a short moment, Ying Xi Ze realised it wasn’t right.

Looking around, it seemed like he was the only one who knew Lu ge was actually a man.
At least, Sang Wan Ci absolutely did not know it.

Then how could he be so sure that Sang Wan Ci was interested in a “man” like Lu ge?

She could be……

Touching upon a certain possibility, Ying Xi Ze’s eyes widened and he didn’t dare to continue his thought.

No, it definitely wasn’t like that.

Miss Sang hadn’t even said she liked girls, how could he impose his own suspicions on her?

It has to be that Miss Sang was interested in a person like Lu ge, it had nothing to do with whether the person was a male or female.

It has to be!

After he thought it through, his gaze toward Lu Zhi Wei filled with scrutiny and longing as he secretly made a decision.

—— He would work hard to attract Sang Wan Ci’s attention.

There was no choice.
Sang Wan Ci’s similarity to his white moonlight could already lead his emotions astray, making him happy, sad and uncontrollably desire to be even closer.

So for his love, he would try his best to make Sang Wan Ci more interested in him.

From today onwards, Lu Zhi Wei was the person he would aspire to learn to be!

For now, he would pay attention and learn from Lu ge.

He collected his thoughts and began to concentrate.

At this moment, Lu Zhi Wei heard Lao Wu say: 【I see it.】

Lu Zhi Wei was stunned: 【What?】

Lao Wu: 【Ying Xi Ze was looking at you just now with eyes filled with longing.】

Lu Zhi Wei: 【???】

Lao Wu: 【Oh, I haven’t fixed it yet.
You’re still a guy in his eyes.】

Lu Zhi Wei: 【??????】

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The second male lead staring at the male lead with longing in his eyes, what sort of freaking development is this?

Wasn’t Ying Xi Ze supposed to like Sang Wan Ci?

It couldn’t be that he was acting out of the script?!

This is a goddamn fanfiction!!!

Lu Zhi Wei kept her head lowered as she complained in her heart.

The script reading session for today ended.

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Lu Zhi Wei glanced at her notebook as she started walking back toward the hotel.

She wasn’t the main lead, or anybody important.
She was just an old, cute actor who was new to the industry, so she was staying in a regular hotel.

Sang Wan Ci and the rest were staying in a nice hotel that was on the way, so sometimes they would walk together on the same route.

Looking at her pages of notes, she was indescribably happy.

In her memory, it had been a few years since she had done her homework before filming so seriously.

That her at that time was pretty much the same age as Sang Wan Ci, it was the time when they were young and looking to work hard in their first job.

But her luck wasn’t good, her characters were all small and forgettable.
Soon, she left and the company didn’t even think of keeping her.

She knew what sort of situation it was, and she wasn’t upset either, leaving light-heartedly.

At that time she thought: It was good enough she got to act, it was already a dream come true!

But she didn’t expect that after all the twists and turns, she would still be able to return to the industry, to open her notebook again and note down all the intricacies of a character.

Thinking about it, her eyes brightened up, filling with emotion.

But at this moment, an urgent call came from behind her: “Lu Zhi Wei, watch out ——”

“What ——”

—— She crashed into a tree.

Luckily, she had been walking slowly so it wasn’t a hard crash.
It was just that her nose had a bit of a bump.
Thankfully, the skin wasn’t broken, it was just a bit red.

But even that bit of a bump caused enough trouble for someone who feared pain like her.

Sang Wan Ci watched as she crashed into the tree and her notebook dropped out of her hand and fell to the ground.

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t pick it up, bending over slightly and holding onto her nose without saying anything.

That view of her back was suffused with pain and suffering.

It was quite similar to the day they met……

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Having seen it and even trying to warn her, Sang Wan Ci just walked up and asked: “Are you okay?”

Lu Zhi Wei held tightly onto her nose and didn’t say anything.

Not okay, she was very not okay.

She felt as if her nose was no longer hers, the pain was killing her!

Seeing Lu Zhi Wei on the verge of tears, Sang Wan Ci felt bad and reached out to support her: “Turn around, let me see.”

Lu Zhi Wei slowly turned around and she slowly put down the wrist that had been grasped, revealing a slightly red nose.

Furrowing her brows, Lu Zhi Wei looked at Sang Wan Ci’s face.

It was close.

Sang Wan Ci’s features were all magnified right in front of her, it seemed almost as if her white porcelain skin would shatter if it was lightly touched.

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A sunbeam broke through the leaves of the tree and landed on Sang Wan Ci’s face, almost like a glistening scale, illuminating her skin.

Lu Zhi Wei stared in a trance.

“It’s not too bad.” Sang Wan Ci said calmly.
“Is it very painful?”

Coming back to reality, Lu Zhi Wei blinked rapidly as the tears that had gathered at the corners of her eyes fell.

She removed her hand as if she had been scalded and rubbed her eyes roughly as she said: “I’m afraid of pain, sorry, it’s kind of embarrassing……”

She sighed in her heart.

Honestly, Sang Wan Ci was too good-looking.
She was like a goddess who descended to Earth, so good-looking that nobody could beat her.

“It’s no big deal.” Sang Wan Ci said.
“Remember to look at the road when you’re walking.”

Lu Zhi Wei’s heart was screaming in awkwardness.

Really, she had never thought that she would be asked by someone four years younger than her to look at the road when walking.

Furthermore, Sang Wan Ci’s tone was calm, not like she was scolding her or despising her.
She was merely giving a suggestion, it was up to Lu Zhi Wei to take it or not.
That made her feel even more like she was being educated by a child.

Lu Zhi Wei: I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed my ancestors!

She hugged her notebook and touched her nose as she smiled awkwardly: “There won’t be a next time.
I was just too happy, so I didn’t look at the road.

Sorry about that.”

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Lu Zhi Wei waved her notebook as she bore the pain and smiled: “This.”

Sang Wan Ci’s gaze fell to the book, it was filled with various colourful post-it notes.

Lu Zhi Wei continued: “Being an actress is my dream, so I’m happy I can act.”

It was only now that Sang Wan Ci realised.

So Lu Zhi Wei didn’t show up here because of her.

She has her own dreams, her own pursuits.
She wasn’t her fan, it was Sang Wan Ci who misunderstood.

“Work hard.” Sang Wan Ci said with a tinge of guilt.

Nodding, Lu Zhi Wei smiled: “You too, teacher Sang.
I’ve watched all your shows, your acting is really awesome.
I’m sure you can win multiple acting awards in the future, believe me!”

—— Because that’s what was written in the original storyline.

Sang Wan Ci had heard plenty of these sort of praise in the past, to the point that she was numb to it.

Whether it would happen, whether she could do it, it was all dependent on her own abilities.
It wouldn’t come true just from other people’s words, and she had a lot more to learn when it came to acting.

But when it was Lu Zhi Wei who said it, it was different.
It immediately overturned her previous assumption that she wasn’t her fan.

Watched all the shows……

She really was her fan.

So the “super charismatic” person Lu Zhi Wei was talking about was actually herself!

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Sang Wan Ci: “……

Thanks but there’s no need, you’re going overboard with your praise.

But thankfully, through the past few days of observation, Lu Zhi Wei was very rational.
She had never expressed any sort of crazy obsession with Sang Wan Ci.

Maybe she was controlling it, maybe she was a rational fan after all, and kneeling on one knee that day really was just due to her legs going weak.

Looking at her, Sang Wan Ci decided to believe the latter.

Because even now when nobody was around, Lu Zhi Wei wasn’t crazily professing her love either.

Sang Wan Ci replied politely: “Thank you.”

Lu Zhi Wei’s eyes curved up as she smiled: “You’re welcome, teacher Sang.”

As she smiled, she rubbed her nose, looking a bit funny.

“If it really hurts, remember to put some medicine on when you get back.”

Sang Wan Ci’s eyes traced across her forehead, clean and clear without even a single pimple.
Withdrawing her gaze, she turned around.

“I’ll head back first.”

“Okay, Teacher Sang.”

Lu Zhi Wei was incredibly polite.

Without a mission issued, she wouldn’t try to get close to Sang Wan Ci.
What if she didn’t manage to get on her good side, but she managed to disgust her?

She stood there, staring at Sang Wan Ci’s back as she started to feel slightly conflicted.

She wanted to get the fifth mission point to draw the prize, but she was afraid of that greasy system making her embarrassed as hell in front of Sang Wan Ci.

Sang Wan Ci might not even just take two steps back in the end, she might just draw a line between them and whoever crossed it would die.

If that happened, Lu Zhi Wei could only wait to see the domineering president punching little monsters to death.

Just as she thought about it, the system’s voice rang out, scaring her.

【Mission issued: Get the female lead Sang Wan Ci’s contact from her.】

【System prompt: Mission has no time limit.】

Lu Zhi Wei: “??”

What was this no time limit?

Lao Wu jumped in to explain: 【It means there’s no time limit for you to complete the mission.
As long as you can get Sang Wan Ci’s contact details, it counts as you completing it.】

Lu Zhi Wei: “!”

She can do it!

Compared to a time limit, this was simply a heaven-sent mission, specially sent to give her some warmth and comfort!

She loved it, please send more time limit-free missions in the future.

Lu Zhi Wei walked ahead confidently!

—— Prize drawing, here I come!

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Hearing the hasty footsteps behind her, Sang Wan Ci turned around and asked in confusion: “Do you still need something?”

“Yes!” She controlled her voice and asked carefully.
“Teacher Sang, can I…… have your contact details?”

It’s fine even if you don’t give it!

I can come and ask again next time!

As long as there’s no time limit, I, Lu Zhi Wei, will be a good person as long as I don’t get shocked!

Of course, if she gave it, it would be even better.
She just needed one point left to unlock the prize.

After she said it, silence fell between them.

They stood face to face, looking at each other.

Sang Wan Ci’s gaze filled with contemplation.

After a few seconds ——

“Sorry, no.”

Before she could ascertain someone’s character and personality, she didn’t like to easily give out her contact details.

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t look crestfallen at all, she had already expected it in her heart.

But it was fine, the system wouldn’t shock her.

She was just happily thinking about it when the system appeared ——

【System decision: Mission get-her-contact-details, failed.

【Punishment will now commence ——】

Lu Zhi Wei: “???”

Lu Zhi Wei: 【Didn’t you say there’s no time limit!】

Lao Wu rubbed his chin as he thought about it: 【There’s no time limit, but I didn’t say there’s no attempt limit?】

Lu Zhi Wei: 【……】

Lao Wu: 【You’re still too young, foolish child.】

Her smile froze.

After a cry, she knelt again.

The two of them were speechless.

What a familiar scene.

She cried in her heart.

Even so, she had to bear the numbness as she lifted her head and gave Sang Wan Ci a weak smile and explained: “Teacher Sang, don’t misunderstand, my legs went weak, trust me.”

Sang Wan Ci: “……”

What a bitter smile.

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