Once Xia Wennan returned to the lab, he sat there for a while, unable to calm his mind, before getting up and heading back to his office.

Lin Shuqiu called Xia Wennan to inform him that some of Ming Sichen’s preliminary examination results were out, and that in comparison to his previous results, he didn’t find any significant lesions in his brain deteriorating.
Further tests were required to determine why his mental state had declined to this point.

After thanking Lin Shuqiu, Xia Wennan hung up the phone.

Ming Sichen’s car accident and his own car accident were seemingly unrelated, but they also appear to be connected in some way.

At the moment, it looked like Ming Siyan had the most involvement in Ming Sichen’s car accident—but why would Ming Siyan want to kill Ming Sichen? If the person who spiked Xia Wennan’s drink was also Ming Siyan, then what was his reason for wanting Xia Wennan dead?

Ming Siyan once said that he and Xia Wennan were best friends.
Xia Wennan hadn’t taken his claim seriously, but Ming Siyan was probably not lying because his other lab colleagues had mentioned how close he and Ming Siyan were.

Ming Sichen was merely a beta, while Ming Siyan was an omega.
However one looked at it, Ming Siyan’s life should be much better than Ming Sichen’s, so there was no reason for him to harbour a grudge against Ming Sichen.

Was it due to Lu Huaiye? But Lu Huaiye was Ming Siyan’s fiance, and even if they had broken up and called off their engagement now, it was all because of Ming Siyan’s inability to hold on to the man.
What role could Ming Sichen, who was unconscious and bedridden, play?

Xia Wennan thought about it for a long time.
He later wanted to talk to Lu Huaiye, but when he flipped through his contacts, he discovered that he’d never had Lu Huaiye’s phone number.
He thus texted Ming Luchuan and asked him if he could send him Lu Huaiye’s contact information.
Xia Wennan thought about it for a long time.

There was no reply from Ming Luchuan; he was probably in the thick of work.

Xia Wennan put away his phone, intending to visit Ming Luchuan’s office upstairs to see what he was preoccupied with, but right as he got to his feet, his phone suddenly rang, and an unknown number flashed across the screen.

Xia Wennan accepted the call.

“Xia Wennan?” The voice on the other end sounded vaguely familiar, but at that moment he couldn’t recall who it belonged to.

Xia Wennan asked, “Who’s speaking?”

The caller said, “It’s Lu Wenxing.”

Xia Wennan’s initial reaction was bewilderment before he quickly remembered Ming Qin’s provocations from the night before, but he hadn’t expected Lu Wenxing to seek him out so quickly.

He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Lu Wenxing right this second, but he couldn’t just hang up on him either, so without a better option, he asked, “How did you get my number?”

“I got it from someone else,” replied Lu Wenxing.

“What do you want? If it’s not urgent, I’m hanging up.
I’ve got more important things to do right now.” Xia Wennan rattled off this sentence in one breath, leaving Lu Wenxing no room to respond, then made to end the call.

Yet Lu Wenxing reacted quickly, saying, “Don’t hang up.”

“What on earth do you want?” Xia Wennan inquired patiently, but his tone had already lost some of its politeness.

“I’d like to invite you to dinner,” said Lu Wenxing.

“I’m not available,” stated Xia Wennan.
He then added, “Family matters and all.”

“Then, when are you going to be free?”

“I’m not going to be free any time soon.
I’ll reach out to you when I am, all right?” The second Xia Wennan finished speaking, he hung up.

He stared at his dimming phone screen, and instead of getting up straight away, he pillowed his head on his hands as he leaned back against his desk chair.
Although it was a bad time, Xia Wennan couldn’t resist feeling secretly pleased, and his brain supplied: Looking for your son, huh? He’s already way beyond your reach at this point.

Xia Wennan remained in a state of glee until he stepped into Ming Luchuan’s office.
With no intention of informing Ming Luchuan, when he arrived at the door, he swaggered inside without knocking.

Yet the second he walked through the door, he was greeted by the sight of four department managers sitting around Ming Luchuan’s office, apparently in the middle of a meeting.

Xia Wennan, who had no time to retract his limbs, was abruptly embarrassed.

The department managers turned around and greeted him.
“Have a seat,” Ming Luchuan said, casting a glance his way.
“Give me a moment.”

Xia Wennan promptly backpedalled, settling down on the sofa to wait for Ming Luchuan, his back ramrod straight.

The meeting progressed noticeably faster; three department managers stood up and left as soon as they finished reporting their work, leaving one department manager alone who went on to complain about the allocation of manpower and resources.

Ming Luchuan listened to him with an icy face, and in the end, he said, “I understand.
You may see yourself out.”

The manager was reluctant to leave and wanted to say a few more words, but when he looked up and saw that Ming Luchuan’s expression had frozen over entirely, his mouth fell shut, and he got up and excused himself.

When only Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan remained, the former had yet to adjust his bearing.
“What were you so happy about?” he asked.

Xia Wennan, who had been waiting obediently for over twenty minutes, blankly said, “I wasn’t happy about anything.”

“When you came in just now,” said Ming Luchuan.

Because Xia Wennan had no intention of bringing up Lu Wenxing, he simply glossed over it by saying, “Ah? No I wasn’t.”

Ming Luchuan gave him a sidelong glance but said nothing else.

Xia Wennan approached Ming Luchuan’s desk and inquired, “Can you contact Lu Huaiye?”

Ming Luchuan, who had only just had time to check his phone, saw the message sent by Xia Wennan.
Setting his phone down, he looked up at Xia Wennan.
“What do you need Lu Huaiye for?”

“Don’t you think that Ming Sichen’s circumstances are a little strange?”

Ming Luchuan didn’t respond right away.
After some time, he eventually said, “I found someone to investigate.”

“Investigate what?”

“Ming Sichen’s car accident in Southeast Asia.”

Fine creases formed on Xia Wennan’s brow.

Ming Luchuan picked up his phone.
The phone was turned over twice in the grasp of his slender fingers, and when the edge hit the tabletop, it made a loud thump.
“The surgery was performed locally following Ming Sichen’s accident.
Ming Qin flew in the next day, so the surgery had already been completed.
Ming Sichen was already in the ICU by the time he got there.”

“Did you go?”

Ming Luchuan shook his head.
Although he never said it outright, Xia Wennan knew that Ming Luchuan had no strong feelings for his two younger brothers.
His sudden investigation was most likely motivated by the same thoughts as Xia Wennan—he suspected Ming Siyan of being involved in Xia Wennan’s drugging incident.

Xia Wennan crossed his arms across his chest and rested against Ming Luchuan’s large table top, remaining silent for a long time.

“What’s on your mind?” asked Ming Luchuan.

“I just can’t figure out why Ming Siyan wanted to kill Ming Sichen,” Xia Wennan said.

“You’re mistaken, he didn’t kill Ming Sichen.
Regardless of what happened between them at the time, Ming Siyan was the one who brought Ming Sichen to the hospital.
He saved his life.”

Xia Wennan’s doubts immediately grew tenfold.

Ming Luchuan picked up his phone and dialled Lu Huaiye’s number, but Lu Huaiye didn’t answer.

“Ming Qin drove him away earlier today,” Xia Wennan said quietly.
“He’s probably angry.”

Ming Luchuan shook his head, saying nothing.

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