“Teacher Lin is—” Xia Wennan was conscious of how suspicious he appeared in He Yufeng’s eyes, but he genuinely had no clue who the Teacher Lin He Yufeng had mentioned was, and it wasn’t like he could just continue along this vein. 

The area between He Yufeng’s eyebrows creased.
“Are you joking with me, little junior? How could you possibly not know Teacher Lin?”

“I got into a car accident—you knew that,” Xia Wennan started, going for honesty.
“When I crashed, I hit my head.” 

“Then, do you know who I am?”

“Aren’t you Senior He?”

“Since you know who I am, then why don’t you know Teacher Lin?” said He Yufeng.
“He’s our graduate advisor.”

Realisation struck Xia Wennan, followed closely by astonishment.
“We have the same graduate advisor?”

He Yufeng laughed, as if he was finding this entirely absurd.
“You’re Teacher Lin’s last disciple, that’s why I call you little junior.”

“I thought…” Xia Wennan shook his head.
Sorry, I really don’t remember.”

Suddenly, He Yufeng reached for Xia Wenna’s head, upon which Xia Wennan jerked his head aside in reflex to avoid the touch.
The outstretched hand curled into a fist, and He Yufeng retracted it, saying, “Sorry.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Xia Wennan said, sensing that the atmosphere had become a little awkward.

“I just wanted to know how serious your injury was,” He Yufeng continued.
“Why don’t you even remember these events?”

Xia Wennan rubbed his head.
“The doctor said I’d be able to get my memories back.
It’s not a big problem, just temporary amnesia.”

“Really?” He Yufeng said quietly.

Xia Wennan glanced at him and registered his somewhat dumbfounded gaze.
With a feeling that the conversion would only become more awkward, he said,  “Luchuan is waiting for me, I should go back.”

He Yufeng nodded.

Xia Wennan swiftly sidestepped him and proceeded down the corridor.

“Little junior,” He Yufeng called out from behind him.

Turning his head, Xia Wennan heard He Yufeng say, “Give me a call when you’re free, we’ll go to Teacher Lin’s place together.”

“All right,” Xia Wennan replied, and as he turned to go, he left He Yufeng with a parting sentence, “Chocolate truffles are delicious.”

When Xia Wennan returned to his seat at the banquet hall, the charity auction was still ongoing.

Ming Luchuan was quietly chatting with the alpha who was seated beside him.
When he spotted Xia Wennan returning, he lifted his gaze and looked at him.

Xia Wennan’s thoughts were a jumbled mess.
He took out his phone to check his contacts, and sure enough, He Yufeng’s phone number was there.
He then opened WeChat, and while he couldn’t locate He Yufeng’s name in his friends list, he did find someone named Chocolate Truffle.
Tapping on that person’s detailed information, Xia Wennan determined that they were He Yufeng, and Chocolate Truffle was the nickname he’d assigned for him. 

Previously, when Xia Wennan was browsing through his contacts and came across He Yufeng’s number, he didn’t think much of it, simply assuming that the man was just an ordinary senior from university whom he’d lost contact with after graduation.
Only now did he realise that he and He Yufeng were much closer than that.

When Xia Wennan left with Ming Luchuan after the charity banquet drew to a close, he didn’t encounter He Yufeng and Duan Ning a second time, nor did he bump into Lu Huaiye and Ming Siyan.

The driver pulled up in front of the hotel to collect them.
Xia Wennan sat in the back seat with Ming Luchuan on the ride home, remaining silent the entire time. 

Whenever they were together, it was almost always Xia Wennan who initiated a conversation, so with Xia Wennan being so silent tonight, Ming Luchuan was similarly silent the whole way. 

“Did you drink?” Ming Luchuan spoke for the first time since they got into the car as they neared the midway point home.

“Nope,” Xia Wennan replied before falling silent again.
He had a lot on his mind, such as whether or not someone had intentionally slipped him sleeping pills that night, and whether Ming Siyan had actually hinted that there was something going on between Ming Luchuan and Duan Ning.
However, what occupied his thoughts at present was the fact that he and He Yufeng had been assigned to the same academic advisor.

If He Yufeng was Mo Zen’s boss, then why hadn’t he gone to work for Mo Ze and ended up in Ming Yan instead? Could it be that Ming Luchuan wasn’t lying, and that he really liked Ming Luchuan?

“Are you hot?” Ming Luchuan asked.

“No,” Xia Wennan answered offhandedly.
If there really was something going on between Ming Luchuan and Duan Ning, he thought, then why would the man marry him?

The car was decently soundproof, and in the quiet, only the extremely faint sound of the engine was discernible.

“Are you hungry?” said Ming Luchuan.

“I’m not hungry,” Xia Wennan answered.

Around half a minute later, Ming Luchuan coldly said, “I’m hungry.
Let’s get something to eat.” 

Xia Wennan followed Ming Luchuan into a little roadside diner for a late-night snack, perplexed.
As they sat inside the inconspicuous restaurant, still dressed in the evening suits they’d worn to the charity banquet, the first thing a customer did upon entering was shoot a glimpse their way, and one they’d found a seat, they’d continue sneaking looks at Xia Wennan and Ming Luchuan. 

The driver had pulled over on the side of the road, leaning against the car as he smoked in a neat suit. 

Xia Wennan stood by the principle that, if Ming Luchuan wasn’t afraid to lose face, then he shouldn’t be either, and since he’d come this far… He ordered a bowl of wonton noodles.  

Across from him, Ming Luchuan was straightening a pair of disposable chopsticks against the tabletop.
“Didn’t you say you weren’t hungry?”

Xia Wennan looked at him.
“Well, since we’re here…”

The blistering summer had yet to reach its end, and even though the sun had set, the temperature at night was still sweltering.
The modest restaurant was air-conditioned, but as customers came and went, the glass doors kept opening and shutting, and the coolness was only fleeting. 

After sitting for a time, Xia Wennan removed his suit jacket and haphazardly draped it over the back of his chair.
Once he’d unbuttoned the collar of his white shirt, he stopped feeling like a fool in front of Ming Luchuan.

“You’re not full from all that cake?” he asked.

Ming Luchuan didn’t answer. 

Xia Wennan carefully studied Ming Luchuan’s expression.
“Are you mad?” he asked tentatively.

Ming Luchuan gave a faint snort.

“Why are you mad?” Xia Wennan positioned the disposable chopsticks between his fingers.
“I didn’t bug you at all tonight.”

Ming Luchuan remained mute.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be getting any answers for him, Xia Wennan immediately abandoned his questioning and lifted his head to look around.
“Why aren’t my wonton noodles here yet?”

It was already quite late when they finished their meal.
All the blood in Xia Wennan’s body had rushed to his stomach, leaving his head entirely empty.
When he returned to the car, he covered his tummy and zoned out.

Some time later, Ming Luchuan suddenly spoke, “What’s with the silence?”

Xia Wennan turned to look at him.
“Is Duan Ning your ex-boyfriend?” he blurted.

Ming Luchuan was slightly startled.
“He isn’t,” he answered unthinkingly.

“Did you ever like him?” Xia Wennan asked.

This time, Ming Luchuan didn’t say a word. 

Xia Wennan leaned into Ming Luchuan and stuck up two fingers in front of him.
“I’ll give you one chance.” He used his other hand to pull down a finger.
“Shake your head if you didn’t.” He then pulled down the second finger.
“Don’t shake your head if you did.”

Ming Luchuan neither nodded nor shook his head.

Xia Wennan sat back down.
“That means you liked him.”

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