“Ming Luchuan.” 

Xia Wennan was standing before Ming Luchuan’s desk.

Ming Luchuan had noticed him entering the room, but it wasn’t until now that he lifted his head absentmindedly, resulting in several moments of stunned silence.

In his recollection, it’d been a long, long time since Xia Wennan looked like he did now.
He’d been wearing nothing but T-shirts and shorts since waking up in the hospital, and while his hair wasn’t exactly unkempt, it’d never been styled so meticulously.

This afternoon, Xu Feng accompanied Xia Wennan back from a trip out, where Xia Wennan had gotten his hair trimmed and changed into a slim-fit suit.
Perhaps it was the suit, but Xia Wennan’s demeanor had transformed completely; his back was straighter, and his scruffy university student-look had vanished, replaced by the image of a dashing young man.

Despite being a beta, Xia Wennan’s looks were far from average.
His eyes were bright, his nose bridge was high, and the corners of his mouth remained slightly upturned even when he wasn’t smiling.
He wasn’t a big fan of working out, so he hadn’t put on much muscle, but he didn’t seem frail in the least, and instead was slender and had good proportions—he couldn’t be more ideal. 

Xia Wennan was faintly smiling as he asked Ming Luchuan, “How do I look?”

The back of Ming Luchuan’s chair lightly rocked as he leaned back.
“It’ll suffice.
You kind of resemble your previous self.”

Suddenly curious, Xia Wennan leaned forward, bracing himself on the large desk.
“How was I like before?”

“You only spouted half the nonsense you do now.” 

A hint of surprise flashed across Xia Wennan’s face before it took on an enlightened expression.
“Marriage must’ve tortured me into keeping my mouth shut.”

Ming Luchuan snorted.
“You’d better watch your words tonight.” 

“I know.”


“I’ll do as you say tonight.”

Xia Wennan was actually a little nervous, but he didn’t let it show on his face.
When facing a formal situation, Xia Wennan could only hope that he could act appropriately; after all, if he were to embarrass himself, Ming Luchuan wouldn’t be the one losing face—it was his own face on the line.

In the backseat of the car, on the way to the hotel the banquet was held at, Xia Wennan sat with a straight back, his head held high and proper, looking like a stunningly handsome, exceptional youth. 

Ming Luchuan was clad in a black suit.
He sat next to Xia Wennan silently with his back against the seat, shooting Xia Wennan glances every now and then. 

“Ming Luchuan,” Xia Wennan suddenly called, still looking ahead. 


Xia Wennan’s expression was serene as he responded, “Nevermind.”

“…did you get your memories back?”

Xia Wennan turned to meet his gaze and, after a brief moment, said, “No.”

Ming Luchuan faintly scowled.
“Then you must be possessed.”

“Do I seem like my previous self, looking like this?” Xia Wennan said. 

But Ming Luchuan evidently had no desire to answer that question. 

Xia Wennan was a little upset.
“If I weren’t possesed, why would I marry you?”

Ming Luchuan ignored him all the way to the hotel, where they got out of the car. 

As they entered the hotel’s banquet hall, Xia Wennan trailed behind Ming Luchuan, treading on the thick carpet.
A few staff members came up to welcome them at the entrance and invited them to sign their names at the check-in desk.

Ming Luchuan took a pen and bent down to sign his name on the register. 

Xia Wennan stood at his side and hesitated briefly before taking another pen and signing his name.

Ming Luchuan immediately left after signing his name without waiting for him, so Xia Wennan had no choice but to chase him down.

The banquet hadn’t even officially begun yet, but the lights were shining brightly inside the hall, and a large number of guests had already arrived.

As soon as Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan set foot inside the hall, many guests carrying glasses of wine approached them to greet them. 

Xia Wennan didn’t know these people, but they obviously knew who he was.
Fortunately, none of them called him ‘Mrs.
Ming’, and instead politely addressed him as ‘Mr.
Standing next to Ming Luchuan, he smiled in response to anyone who greeted him, as if he still remembered who each and everyone of them were.

Someone asked after him, yet Xia Wennan didn’t quite catch their words, and Ming Luchuan took the initiative to answer for him. “Mr.
Ming and Mr.
Xia are so close.”

Ming Luchuan showed a rare smile and lifted a hand to embrace Xia Wennan’s waist.
“You haven’t had dinner yet,” he muttered.
“Why don’t we get a little something to eat first?”

Xia Wennan nodded.
He and Ming Luchuan made their way towards the buffet table, where they could finally get away from the chattering crowds and take a moment to catch their breaths. 

Aside from entrepreneurs, today’s charity banquet was also attended by celebrities, and whether they were wealthy businessmen or celebrities, alphas and omegas made up a sizable portion of the crowd. 

Because the ballroom was a relatively closed off environment, Xia Wennan could smell all sorts of pheromones spilling into the air. 

It was predominantly alpha pheromones, as omegas would usually try to suppress their own pheromones to protect themselves, especially in public places like these.
Alphas, on the other hand, were much more willing to release their pheromones in order to demonstrate their charm and power, be it when facing omegas or other alphas. 

Ming Luchuan, however, was the picture of calm as he stood next to Xia Wennan.
When Xia Wennan turned to face him, he found that the man had unexpectedly taken a slice of cake and was currently eating it.

Astonished, Xia Wennan nudged Ming Luchuan with his elbow. 

Ming Luchuan’s brows furrowed.
“What did you do that for?”

“You’re eating cake at a time like this?”

Ming Luchuan glanced at the cake he was holding.
“You want some?”

“No! I don’t! Aren’t you seeing all these alphas and omegas? How are you so composed?”

“I’m hungry,” Ming Luchuan answered coldly.
He’d rushed here as soon as he clocked off this afternoon, and there had been no time to grab a bite. 

Xia Wennan gazed out at the lively banquet hall, which was when he caught sight of a newly arrived guest who was attracting countless people’s attention. 

He grabbed Ming Luchuan’s arm.
“That omega is so good-looking!”

Ming Luchuan ignored him.

Xia Wennan suddenly felt somewhat uncertain.
“I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

It was only then did Ming Luchuan raise his head. 

The guests who had just entered were a pair; a fair, slim omega youth dressed in white with wavy hair dyed a light brown, the diamond stud-earrings adorning his ears glittering under the bright lights.
He was accompanied by an alpha who was, predictably, tall and handsome, and exuded an imposing demeanor.

“Senior,” Xia Wennan said dazedly.

“What did you say?” Ming Luchuan asked. 

Xia Wennan turned to Ming Luchuan, seeming as if he hadn’t completely snapped out of his daze yet.
“That alpha is my senior in uni.”

Ming Luchuan’s expression grew grim.
“Who? He Yufeng?”

“He Yufeng,” Xia Wennan said, almost at the same time Ming Luchuan mentioned the name.

Meanwhile, the omega in white was already heading their way, softly calling out, “Luchuan!”

Xia Wennan looked over and, as he watched the omega walk closer and closer, he abruptly recalled where he’d seen him before—this omega was the fourth person in the photo Ming Luchuan had placed on his bedside table back at the Ming family house.  

He Yufeng, who had arrived with the omega, was also heading their way, his gaze landing on Xia Wennan. 

Just as Xia Wennan was about to shout out “senior”, Ming Luchuan wrapped an arm around his shoulder, drawing him close.
The gesture was especially intimate, and nothing came out of Xia Wennan’s lips in the end, but he heard Ming Luchuan call out in a low voice: “Duan Ning.”

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