post mentioned that Ming Qin hadn’t been married at the time, and the identity of Ming Luchuan’s other father was unknown.
However, while the poster didn’t state anything explicitly, they hinted that on the year before Ming Luchuan was born, Ming Qin had been secretly photographed by the paparazzi while on a date with a top-tier male celebrity—a ‘heavenly king’—alpha surnamed L, and there were even a few blurry pictures attached.
Ming Qin had been an underaged omega who was still in high school at the time, so when the photos were taken, no one had known who he was.
The public’s focus was on the fact that ‘L’ was in a secret relationship.
It was only when the young and beautiful omega founded a famous perfume brand and gained a name in the industry did people discover that the omega youth in those photos was Ming Qin. 

Xia Wennan’s curiosity was piqued.
According to the information in the thread, if you looked up ‘heavenly king alpha surnamed L’, you’d find one with the surname Lu, full name Lu Wenxing.
He’d already retired, and he hadn’t made a public appearance in years.
The movies, videos, and photos of him in his younger days were all easily accessible on the internet; Xia Wennan couldn’t be sure if it was just his preconceived notion, but he couldn’t stop thinking that there was a shadow of Lu Wenxing’s looks in Ming Luchuan’s features.

Moreover, did the ‘Lu’ in Ming Luchuan’s name have anything to do with Lu Wenxing, or was it purely coincidental?

*Lu Wenxing’s name – 路问行, Ming Luchuan’s name – 明鹭川.
Same sound, different characters. 

Xia Wennan’s attention was drawn back to Ming Qin.
According to the forum post, Ming Qin met his former husband at the luxury brand company where he worked when he was around twenty years old.
The man was a beta, but he was extremely talented and had already risen to the position of company executive before the age of thirty.
Ming Qin married him, had twins when he was twenty-two, and later resigned from the company to co-found a new brand.

Ming Qin drew a lot of attention because he was the perfumer behind Summertime Snowfield and also a beautiful omega.
His beta husband was comparably more low-key, always quietly assisting him from behind.

In the fifth year of Ming Yan’s founding, the beta was imprisoned for embezzlement.
He and Ming Qin divorced, and nothing more was known about him after that.

This beta was none other than Ming Siyan and Ming Sichen’s biological father. 

Ming Qin was in charge of Ming Yan for many years, until about half a year ago, when he handed over management to his eldest son, Ming Luchuan.
However, he was still in possession of the majority of the company’s shares. 

Based on Xia Wennan’s calculations, Ming Luchuan assumed the role of Ming Yan’s president not long after they got married.

Suddenly somewhat anxious, Xia Wennan gnawed on his nails, stood up, and shut down his laptop.

After a simple lunch outside, Xia Wennan took the subway to Ming Yan. 

When he emerged from the subway station, he fixed his gaze on the scorching sun, and on his walk to the Ming Yan building, he happened to witness a minor tailgating incident on the road.

The incident reminded him that he’d been in a car accident himself.
And what of his car? Had it been completely totaled in the crash? Why couldn’t he drive? Why did he have to walk through all this heat? 

In the end, Xia Wennan picked up a big leaf from the side of the road and held it up to his head to shield his face from the glaring sunlight.
When he arrived at Ming Yan’s entrance, he caught sight of two people talking beside a taxi.

One of them was an unfamiliar male alpha, his buff body wrapped in a fancy shirt and long legs encased in cropped jeans, and on his feet were a shabby pair of slides.
The alpha had a head of long, wavy blond hair extended almost to his shoulders, a high nose bridge, and deep-set eyes.
His appearance seemed that of a mixed-race person.

The person he was talking to was an Omega in a body-hugging suit—Ming Luchuan’s little brother, Ming Siyan.

He had no idea what the two men were saying.
Ming Siyan pulled open the door of the taxi and ushered the alpha into the car. 

When the taxi drove off, Ming Siyan turned his head and glimpsed Xia Wennan holding a leaf to his head.

☆ ☆ ☆

t/n – xia wennan wyd…
anyways! the word that was used to describe ming luchuan’s supposed alpha dad was 天王, which literally means ‘heavenly king’, as in ‘the four heavenly kings/四大天王’ if you’ve heard of them.
this term is used to refer to the best of the best in pop culture who dominated the industry.
so we can all conclude that mlc’s dad was absolutely huge back in his day.
i wonder if he’ll show up later on

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