hing from what he wanted. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Ming Luchuan.

“Why not? Won’t it be good for you two to stay in this house for the time being? I’ll have Aunt Zhang to cook nourishing soup for Wennan everyday, and there’s a driver at his disposal if he wants to go out.
If not, what would he eat if he was left at home alone?”

“I’ve more or less recovered,” Xia Wennan responded quickly.
“I can go to work.”

“Which part of you says ‘more or less recovered’?” Ming Qin turned to him.
“There’s no way you’ll be able to start working again in your current condition.
Shouldn’t you be getting treatment first and foremost?”

Ming Luchuan was silent.

“Do you not want to come home and live with dad that badly?” Ming Qin continued after a brief pause, sounding slightly disappointed. 

This time, Ming Luchuan turned to Xia Wennan and said, “We’ll discuss this later.
For today, come with me to the company first.
Didn’t you say that you wanted to sort through some of your things yesterday?”

“Mm,” Xia Wennan replied.

Ming Siyan was hurrying downstairs for breakfast as Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan left the dining room.

Outside, Yin Zejing was still playing basketball by himself.

Ming Luchuan brought the car around to pick Xia Wennan up, and they drove off after Xia Wennan got in.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Xia Wennan said, “I don’t want to move here.”

Ming Luchuan remained mute.

Xia Wennan shot a glance at him.
“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“What did you want me to say?” Ming Luchuan said unhurriedly. 

“Tell your dad that we won’t be living here.”

Ming Luchuan fell silent once more. 

“What on earth is on your mind?” Xia Wennan cocked his head to look at him.
“Are you too scared to go against your dad?”

Ming Luchuan didn’t answer his question.
A moment later, he asked, “What if I tell you that we’ll be moving here for the time being?” 

“And why should I do as you say?” said Xia Wennan.

“As of now, I’m still your husband.”

“Then how about we get a divorce?” Xia Wennan sounded out, watching his expression.

Ming Luchuan abruptly slammed on the brakes and turned the steering wheel until they came to a halt at the side of the road.
Fortunately, they were still in the suburbs, so the parked car didn’t obstruct the traffic on the main road.

Startled, Xia Wennan said, “What the hell?”

“You want to divorce me?” Ming Luchuan asked coldly.

While Xia Wennan had that in mind, he’d never mentioned it to Ming Luchuan because he couldn’t find the right time.
He hadn’t been awake long; he knew nothing, and he had no idea what had really happened between him and Ming Luchuan.
Divorcing him and abandoning everything in haste was far from a responsible course of action.

When he first awoke, all he wanted was for all of this to never have happened, for those six years not to have existed, for him not to be married to Ming Luchuan, for his grandpa not to have died; but as the days passed, he’d gradually come to accept a few things, such as the fact that he’d lost his grandpa, and even the fact that he had an alpha husband as well as a decent job.
Rather than his initial desire to cast everything aside, he was now more interested in regaining his memories, finding out what exactly had happened, and then divorcing Ming Luchuan and starting over.

Since he’d already blurted it out, Xia Wennan couldn’t just act like nothing had happened.
He could only try to salvage the situation by saying, “Why don’t you think about it?” 

Ming Luchuan’s tone was frostier than it had ever been.
“I don’t need to.
Let’s get a divorce.
Get out of the car.”

Xia Wennan froze.
He reached for the door handle and paused midway, asking Ming Luchan, “Shouldn’t we go to the civil affairs bureau?”

He was met with nothing but Ming Luchuan’s silence and expressionless face as he started the car and continued driving.
Against the morning rush hour, he drove all the way to the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.
Except for when Ming Luchuan told Xia Wennan to get out of the car when they arrived, the two men didn’t say anything the entire journey.

Xia Wennan opened the door and got out.
Once he’d closed the door, Ming Luchuan sped off without wasting a second more. 

Xia Wennan froze in place.
A moment later, he shouted angrily in the direction of Ming Luchuan’s car: “I’ll divorce you on my own, dammit!”

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