Xia Wennan at first thought that the young man in the wheelchair was really Ming Siyan, but seconds after that, he watched as Ming Qin walked over to the young man and said, “Chenchen, what are you doing out here?”

He took another careful look at the young man and realised that, while his face was a carbon copy of Ming Siyan’s, he was much thinner than the latter, and his complexion was wan and gloomy.  

As Xia Wennan eyed the young man, the young man in the wheelchair curiously eyed him back.
Only when Ming Qin reached his side did he angle his head to look up at Ming Qin, an expression of child-like innocence gracing his face. 

“Hey!” Xia Wennan whispered to Ming Luchuan. 

That was when Ming Luchuan spoke up.
“He’s my other younger brother, Ming Sichen.”

Appearing to have heard his name, Ming Sichen immediately looked their way.
After making eye contact with Xia Wennan, he turned away, seemingly a little flustered.
He looked at Ming Qin again and said, “Dad.” His voice was very soft, and his manner of speaking was nothing like an adult’s. 

“Aunt Zhang,” Ming Qin shouted in the direction of the corridor.

The next second, a middle-aged woman appeared from the corridor, her shoulder length hair coiled into a neat bun.
She made her way over to Ming Sichen and took her place behind his wheelchair, bending down to say, “Xiao Chen, why did you run off on your own?”

Ming Sichen didn’t respond. 

“Take him back to his room, let him rest,” said Ming Qin.
“We’ll be having dinner in a bit.
I’m going to talk to Wennan and the others first.”

Aunt Zhang looked up at Xia Wennan and said, “Wennan’s back?”

Uncertain about who Aunt Zhang was to the Ming Family, Xia Wennan could only nod. 

Aunt Zhang wheeled Ming Sichen towards the corridor.
He appeared to be somewhat unwilling, quiet whimpers leaving his mouth.
“Be a good boy, Xiao Chen,” Aunt Zhang said.
“Dad wants to talk to your brother and sister-in-law.
Let’s go play in your room, we’ll come out for dinner later.”

Xia Wennan watched as Aunt Zhang pushed the wheelchair away. Ming Qin invited them to sit in the living room.
Wanting to personally make tea for them, he trotted off to the upstairs study to fetch his favourite tea leaves. 

Xia Wennan took his chance then; grabbing Ming Luchuan’s sleeve, he asked, “Are your brothers twins?”

Ming Luchuan gave a cold “Mm.”

“Why does this brother seem a bit dumb?” After the words left his mouth, Xia Wennan realised how rude he sounded and hurriedly rephrased his question, “I mean—he doesn’t seem too bright.”

“He got into a car accident in Thailand two years ago,” answered Ming Luchuan.
“There was damage to his brain and spinal cord, which paralysed his lower body.
His intelligence was affected too.”

Ming Luchuan spoke in an unwavering tone.

Xia Wennan found it somewhat strange.
“Are you not that close with your brothers?”

Ming Luchuan looked at him and answered, “No.” 

Ming Qin came down with a jar of tea leaves and talked to Xia Wennan about tea for a while grinningly.
He then crossed a leg over his thigh and put his other foot up on the sofa, watching Xia Wennan drink tea. 

Xia Wennan, who had no taste in tea, took a couple of perfunctory sips, and said, “It’s delicious.”

With a weak smile on his face, Ming Qin sighed and said, “How long will Wennan go on like this for…”

“Perhaps he’ll remember tomorrow,” said Ming Luchuan. 

That didn’t sit well with Xia Wennan.
He cast a glance at Ming Luchuan and said to Ming Qin, “It doesn’t seem to matter if I don’t though.”

“But you were so fond of each other,” Ming Qin hugged his legs and rested his chin on his knee.
“Luchuan must be devastated.”

Xia Wennan never thought that he’d ever hear such a thing.
He looked at Ming Luchuan in faint horror. 

Ming Luchuan put down his teacup and said flatly, “It won’t change anything.”

Ming Qin smiled at his words.
“That’s good to hear.”

Around ten minutes later, Ming Siyan returned. Xia Wennan had wondered why Ming Siyan was so late when they’d both come from the same company, but it turned out that Ming Siyan hadn’t come home alone; he’d brought a male alpha with him.

Lu Huaiye was the name of the alpha.
Ming Qin introduced him to Xia Wennan as Ming Siyan’s fiance.

Lu Huaiye appeared to be twenty-seven years old, and he was dressed similarly to Ming Siyan in a fine-tailored suit.
His hair was combed back, revealing a clean brow and dashing, gentle eyes.
Like all alphas, he had exceptional looks, but he lacked Yin Zejing’s youthful brashness and Ming Luchuan’s fierce sharpness, and was more gentle in appearance. 

Lu Huaiye was obviously familiar with Xia Wennan and was aware of his current situation.
He didn’t bring up Xia Wennan’s amnesia, instead respectfully expressing his concern and asking about his recovery.

Ying Zejing came down in clean clothes, freshly showered.
He took hold of Ming Qin’s shoulders and planted a kiss on his cheek before greeting Lu Huaiye.

Ming Qin laughed and said.
“You young people talk, I’m going to go see if dinner is ready.” He got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen, returning a few moments later to inform everyone that they could now eat. 

Xia Wennan came from a small family.
For years, it had just been him and his grandpa.
Sitting at a dining table with such a large family felt somewhat novel.
Additionally, Ming Luchuan was the sole member of the family whom he was familiar with.
The others were strangers, and no matter how warm Ming Qin was, he still felt like he was here as a guest. 

Another aunt in her fifties was in charge of preparing and serving them meals; Xia Wennan heard Ming Qin calling her Aunt Qin.
Right as they all settled down in their seats, Aunt Zhang wheeled Ming Sichen into the dining room, settled him at the end of the rectangular dining table, and took her place next to him. 

“Sichen,” Lu Huaiye smiled and greeted Ming Sichen warmly.

Ming Sichen didn’t answer, merely looking up at him for a second before lowering his head again and reaching for a metal spoon on the table. Aunt Zhang scrambled to grab the spoon in front of him and said, “Be a good boy, Sichen.
Don’t play with the spoon.”

“Sichen seems to be in good spirits,” Lu Huaiye said to Ming Qin. 

Ming Qin was seated across Ming Sichen.
His hands were clasped on the tabletop as he looked on at Ming Sichen with a smile.  “He’s been really well-behaved recently.
He takes his meds everyday without fuss.”

After their meal was served, Xia Wennan saw that Ming Sichen wasn’t eating on his own.
It was entirely up to Aunt Zhang to feed him spoonful by spoonful, his eyes wandering. He chewed his rice with bulging cheeks and only opened his mouth when the spoon was brought to his lips.
Between him and a two-year-old toddler, there was almost no difference in their behaviour.

As he stared dazedly at Ming Sichen, Ming Siyan, who was sitting in front of him, suddenly mentioned his name.
“Wennan returned to the company today.”

Xia Wennan’s attention was summoned back, his head turning. “Why not rest up a little longer?” asked Ming Qin.
He didn’t wait for Xia Wennan to answer and addressed Ming Luchuan.
“Don’t rush Wennan into coming back to work.”

“I didn’t make him work.
He was looking for me,” said Ming Luchuan. 

“Da-ge, how’s the new product line Wennan’s in charge of coming along?” Ming Siyan asked Ming Luchuan.
“Will we be able to release it in time for Christmas?”

Ming Luchuan didn’t answer him.
Ming Qin, on the other hand, was not pleased, and said, “Don’t talk about work at the dinner table.”

Ming Siyan let out an “Oh”,  then inclined his head towards Lu Huaiye and said, “All right.”

Lu Huaiye patted his shoulder with a smile. 

Ming Sichen raised his head, gazing up at the dining room lights.
The spoonful of rice Aunt Zhang placed by his lips went ignored for a long time. 

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